Re: It's the Bullitt Legend...

Discussion in '2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt GT' started by V8stangman, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Re: Is it Bullit, or BULLSH*T?

    94 Formula... you're a #%$got.
    Enough said.
  2. Re: Is it Bullit, or BULLSH*T?

    With the people who wont stop disin other peoples favorite car or a car they like, just shutup. You have no business on this website. Yes Im a new member. But I have visited this site many times before I became a member. Yeah Ive dissed a Bentley 1 time on this site, but that was to prove a point. So if youre a biased driver/ethusiast(there lots of none drivers on this site, I know some, and yeah some do no lots about cars), just keep youre opinions to yourself if you dont want to start a fight. If you like jap cars, you like jap cars. If you like Muscle Cars, you like Muscle Cars, etc. Just stop startin retarted arguments about cars you dont like.

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