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    oh,there are less than 100 F1s left!
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    Mr FinalTierX you must have visted Heaven because Angelina Jolie and A Mclaren F1 is Practically the Pinnacle of Perrr-fection

    Someone give that man some Karma and a Beer
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    -Well,if I had an F1 and Angelina .....yes I think that must be heaven!
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    Saddest Day - Mc Laren is beaten! )*:

    It is really hard for me but I have to say it:
    >Mc Laren F1 is beaten by the new Koenigsegg CCR....

    -806 bhp and 920 Nm @ 5700 rpm!!!!The car itself weights just 1180 kg!!!

    Topspeed is about 395 km/h or even more and acceleration to 100 km/h is done in 3.2 secs!

    This car is insane!!!

    Now I think we have to accept that the holy Mc Laren F1 is beaten by a Swedish Hypercar called CCR!!!
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    Yeah,same here!
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    wut a sad day... i saw this topic and i wuz like 'no figgin way...' but the mclaren is 7 years old, whereas the koenigsegg is brand new, so even tho the mclaren has been beaten, it still remains the king because no production car 4 7 years has been able to touch it. it is the king, and it alwayz will be.
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    beaten in what? there are more then five cars that are faster then the F1.. It's not in production anymore so it wasn't the fastest production car for a long time.. You should like the fact there are some good sportscarmakers that are pushing the limits.. For me, the F1 is still the ultimate supercar.. Like the new ones though, except Ferrari's.. Still hoping that one day McLaren will make a new model.. And no, not that stinky SLR...

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    let me explain!
    I know that the F1 is beaten by some other cars like the (ugly) Dauer but it still remained as the ultimate road-going hypercar that had not only an awesome look but also incredible stats (like weight/bhp,central driving position,etc).
    Of course the F1 is no pure track car but it handles very good!No doubt!
    And the topspeed was also limited at 374 km/h!
    So,yes the car was beaten before the CCR came up!

    But,when we put that in perspective,there is a new car that may be "king" of supercars for the next decade (probably not that long)!!!

    There is no Enzo,no GT,no SLR that could approximately beat the F1 in any case except comfort (or some nonsense like that)
    but now there is the CCR that has really the potential to beat the holy Mc Laren F1 with stats!

    I really don't know how good this car really is!And I doubt that the F1's quality will ever be beaten (This is just impossible)!

    The F1 is 10 years old and still today all existing cars are really kept in really good condition!

    So for me the F1 will (of course) remain as the ultimate hypercar!
    There is no other car that wasn't beaten for such a long time!!!

    >>>F1 RULES
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    you forgot about the 1 HOUR part of the equation.
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    F1 or sex? thats between a awesome car and a chick who boobs you can squeeze. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    heidi klum (hot swimsuit model) all the way....if ur rich u can buy a mac...but u cant buy the hottest chick
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    doing it with britney spears while driving a mac that gotta be the best.
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    untill it is proven by guiness i dont believe it
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    Saddest Day - Mc Laren is beaten! )*:

    Call me crazy, but I think the Gemballa T50 would beat both of these, and include the new Bugatti Veyron, for about half as cheap. McLarens suck too, ugly ass, looks like a blind man designed this.

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    F1 or Sex?

    None, I'll stick with my Honda! If I had one! Hahahaha... ok no, I would take the R-GT Murcielago, sexy sexy... hahaha, laters gangstas.
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    that's your opinoin, and it seems that you like overpowered lambo's so shut up that sucks even more! All those cars will lose from the Mc on a race track.. They're only fast in a straight line, so you can race at your own driveway...

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    at least some of them then...
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    First this guy spells McLaren, "maclaren" in one of his quotes,
    and then he goes picking heidi klum over a ..."maclaren" (Isn't she the one with the m,m,m,mole). I said it once and I am now going to say it again. He does not belong anywhere near this part of the site!
    Bruce McLaren (RIP), Gordon Murray & Andy Wallace smile down on you no more!
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    Those hyper bhp cars suck!U can drive them perhaps 100 miles then they'll blow up!
    So..there is really no need to discuss!

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    Saddest Day - Mc Laren is beaten! )*:

    Hey, come on now, all you know that the streets arnt a track, but a straight road, that ends, either when you fly off the PCH, or when you brake, now I dont knwo bout you, but I dont think anyone would race any of these cars, nascar style on the street huh? F8ck McLarens, laters gangstas!
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    wow....ur gay...she dosent have a mmmmmole....dumbass...i can go were i want to
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    No, she doesn't have a mole, how don't you know who she is, she is the most famous model should go die you dont no what you are talking about, i side with mac505, i would take Heidi Klum over a POS mClaren any day

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