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    Nope, its not all capitalized McLaren F1 lol <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Lol hey, i never said you were wrong, i just agreed with you lol (but i dont like the mclaren so) Wow, they must be idiots going on for that long. Does the 800tt handle good, becasue i am not very up on them
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    I agree with you totally until the part abvout the enzo, slr and carrera Gt, they lose to thje mlcaren, but the Enzo will win, it does 0-60 in 3.14 seconds, 1/4 mile in 11.1 seconds, 0-100-0 in 11.5 seconds, tops out at 219 MPH 0-100 in 6.5 seconds, and breaks incredible, 60-0 in 112 feet. The Enzo is better than the mclaren, sorry to say, question my info but it is right, and the Enzo handles great
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    HAS ANYBODY read the "for idiots who think thier car can beat this" thread???

    Because there i posted this:

    The Venom 800tt is a Modified Production Car. Yes, it is tuned by hennessey, but hennessey Produces the tuned Venom Vipers, making it a (modified) production car, he physically produces the venom vipers.

    Motortrend, Car and Driver, and Road and Track have always aknowledged hennessey performance vipers as production cars.

    OK, now that the 800tt is a Production car, we can compare it to the Mclaren.

    The 800tt will beat the Mclaren on any 1/4 strip, and on any Road Course or Track.

    HERE'S THE SPECS. TO PROVE IT: (proof is from Motortrend, road & track, and car & driver)

    Venom 800TT:
    0-60: 3.21
    0-100 mph: 6.6 sec
    1/4 Mile: 10.71 @ 137.6 mph
    Skidpad: 1.06g
    Braking, 60-0 mph: 110 ft
    Slalom Speed: 75.1 mph

    97 McLaren F1:
    0-60: 3.2 sec
    0-100: 6.3 sec
    1/4 Mile: 11.1 sec @ 138 mph
    Skidpad: .86g
    Braking, 60-0 mph: 127 ft
    Slalom Speed: 64.5 mph

    These are the basic performance specs. for the cars, which shows the 800tt can beat the mclaren at a 1/4 mile drag strip.

    As for a handling track, there are three things that make a car perform.

    1. Acceleration
    2. Braking
    3. Handling

    Lets start with Acceleration.

    0-60 and 1/4 mile times help a little here, but for a Track, the most acceleration that's done is from a certain speed to another.

    For example, when a car comes out of a turn it might come out at 60mph or 100mph then accelerate.
    The car that can go from one designated speed to another the fastest would have the best acceleration for track conditions.

    Ironically, the 800tt and Mclaren do the 1/4 mile at the same speed, they reach 138mph. They also reach 200 mph at almost the same time.

    Here’s what the cars do:

    Both: 3.2

    800tt: 6.6
    mclaren: 6.3

    800tt: 10.7
    mclaren: 11.1

    800TT: 28.2
    mclaren: 28.0

    Now, you get what the cars do from one speed coming out of a turn and accelerating:

    800tt: 7.5
    mclaren: 7.9

    800tt: 4.1
    mclaren: 4.8

    800tt: 25
    Mclaren: 24.8

    800tt: 21.6
    Mclaren: 21.7

    On a track, the 800tt has the acceleration advantage coming out of a turn.

    NOW, braking.

    60-0 braking gives us a good idea of what cars Could do on a track, going into a turn, but to verify this we need multiple times and speeds the cars brake at.

    60-0 braking:
    800tt: 110ft
    mclaren: 127ft

    Ok, this might not mean much. what about 10mph faster?

    70-0 braking:
    800tt: 143ft
    mclaren: 162ft

    Still not good enough? what about braking from 100mph?

    The cars do:
    800tt: 6.6
    mclaren: 6.3

    Did I mention the 800tt is faster from 0-100-0?

    800tt: 9.9
    mclaren: 11.5

    That means:

    100-0 braking:
    800tt: 3.3 seconds
    mclaren: 5.2 seconds

    These tests from motortrend and car & driver, show that on a track, if the cars were entering turns from 60, 70, or 100mph that the 800tt could out-brake the mclaren into a turn.

    On a track, the 800tt has the braking advantage going into a turn.

    FINALLY, Handling.

    Handling is what the car does In a turn. If a car has good braking into a turn, and good acceleration off, but can't handle then the driver might have to brake Even more going into a turn, thus slowing down and loosing valuable time.

    The skidpad tells you not only the cars outer limits of handling, but also its controllability as those limits are reached.

    The slalom test quantifies one of the many components of handling: stability during radical transitions.

    For a track, these tests basically translate into, the car with the best skidpad and slalom, can hold better and Faster in a turn:

    Skidpad: 1.06g
    Slalom Speed: 75.1 mph

    Skidpad: .86g
    Slalom Speed: 64.5 mph

    On a track, the 800tt Could out-handle.

    FOR THOSE OF YOU who don't think skidpad and slalom numbers mean anything when it comes to the track, here's some tests that prove otherwise.

    1997 MotorTrend Comparison:

    Skidpad 1-3

    Dodge Viper GTS 1.01 g
    Ferrari F355 1.01 g
    Porsche 911 Turbo 1.00 g

    600-feet Slalom(mph) 1-3

    Dodge Viper GTS 73.6
    Ferrari F355 72.1
    Porsche 911 Turbo 69.6

    Track Times 1-3

    Dodge Viper GTS 39.4
    Ferarri F355 39.5
    Porsche 911 Turbo 40.2

    The cars with the most G’s, and slalom speed took top positions on the track

    In the june 2003 issue of MT.
    In thier 10 car shoot-out, they do a test on the track, a figure eight course layout.

    The mosler mt900 photon took 1st

    It accelerated the fastest and pulled the most g's. acceled to 83.6mph, and did 1.14g

    Second the viper srt10

    acceled to 79.3mph
    pulled 1.05g

    Third, lambo murcielago


    4th, vette z06


    And so on.

    Each place you go down for a car, like from 5th to 6th the acceleration gets slower, or the cars didn't pull as many g's.

    The figure 8 track also tests acceleration, braking and hard, long turns in both directions.

    But in that comparison, the cars that pulled the most skidpad G’s, took top places on the track.

    In conclusion, i'll sum it up.

    The three things that make a car perform on a track are acceleration, braking and handling.

    The 800tt can out accelerate the mclaren coming out of a turn, it beats the mclaren from 60-138 100-138 And 100-200 mph.

    Those times simulate what the cars could do coming out of a turn at 60-100mph and accelerating to 138-200mph. This would just about be what happens on any track.

    The 800tt can out brake the mclaren going into a turn, it beats the mclaren from 60-0, 70-0 And 100mph-0.

    The 800tt Could hold in a turn, at a faster speed, better than the mclaren. It has a much higher skidpad, and slalom.
    Once again, for those of you who don't think skidpad and slalom numbers mean anything, look at the Two Comparisons i posted which prove otherwise, because the cars in those tests which did the most g's and highest mph slalom, took top positions on the track.

    (in fact, the gts viper in that comparison did the most g's, highest skidpad, and took 1st on the track)


    The 800tt COULD beat the Mclaren on a track.

    If you don't believe me, READ THIS POST AGAIN, AND look at all the FACTS and Information, all the Tests And Comparisons, before you respond and post.

    THIS has got to be the saddest day for mclaren fans, because it's proven that yet another car, a viper, can beat a mclaren.

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    Does the 800tt handle good?????


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    lol..hey...i checked out that thread that was -1 and it was pretty was this guy named ford....and i asked celui to ban he kept postin cause it was -1...but u did prove them wrong even though they didnt really lke<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    this time i wont quote u cause it takes up to much for the info casue now a hate tha mclaren....i think ill go check out that viper forum....oh yeah...u proved them wrong to
  8. Re: F1 or Sex?

  9. Re: for idiots...who thinks there little sissy car can beat this

    Yeah, i think they still don't like me.

    But i wouldn't know, because NONE of them has come back to the forum (because i'm there 90% of the time)

    In fact, i'm the last person to post on 6 threads, On the first page.

  10. Re: Saddest Day - Mc Laren is beaten! )*:

    Yeah, more people should be checking the 800tt forum out, because it's slowly dying. I'm the last person to post on 6 threads, On the first page.

    (but considering no one's going there, i could just start making threads on what ever i wanted, lol.)

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    Wow, u hate the mclaren because an after market viper kicks its ass
  12. Re: for idiots...who thinks there little sissy car can beat this

    nope, not really, too long lol
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    I am not blind u silly little man
  14. Re: F1 or Sex?

    or do u just not have joke...<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  15. Re: Saddest Day - Mc Laren is beaten! )*:

  16. Re: for idiots...who thinks there little sissy car can beat this

    I put forth all that effort, and still no one reads it. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  17. Re: for idiots...who thinks there little sissy car can beat this

    lol...hey...i only scanned it..
  18. Re:
    F1 or Sex?

    This has to be one of the most stupid threads here, but i'll reply to it anyways.

    I'd take the mclaren, and kill myself as i tried pushing it to its limit on the freeway.
    Trading sex for one hour for driving the greatest car ever built? If you mean that you can't really have a serious passion for cars. Seriously, how many times do you plan on having orgasms for that one hour? And how much more enjoyable do you seriously think it would be than just having sex with a normal, very pretty girl?
  19. Re: F1 or Sex?

    shut up....if u read the first said "picture a hot supermodel of ur choice" hour of driving...u could get pulled over by a cop....get stuck in traffic....or just get shot...da girl is yours...maybe she mighta liked the way u had sex or somethin and might come back....
  20. Re: F1 or Sex?

    How about you pick up Mrs. November 1999 in the F1, drive for an hour and then stop and have sex?
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    I have to say that really every US muscle car sucks hard!
    European cars rule them all!Everytime everywhere!!!!
    We have the technology and u have the gasoline!Shame on u!
  22. Re: F1 or Sex?

    Indeed. I can't believe you got into an argument over a typo.
  23. Re: F1 or Sex?

    So you get to pick who you're having sex with, but not where you're driving the car?
  24. Re: F1 or Sex?

    oooo thats a hard 1.

    but i cant aford a mclaren so id have 2 go for the second 1.
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    Look at my post that compares the 800tt viper to the mclaren. The 800tt could "rule" the mclaren, prove me wrong.

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