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Discussion in '1994 McLaren F1' started by McLarenF1Chick, Aug 10, 2002.

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    dumbass....u get the car for free for a hour
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    So what!
    There are thousand cars that can beat the McLaren in some ways!
    But u have to see the complete car!
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    The Mclaren is a mad car but it's too impracticle. one seat. No luggage space at all. It's pointless driving it on the road. It's too bloody fast.
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    A car is never too fast, and this one has three seats btw. So you viper freaks think US cars rule the world because of one aftermarket boosted viper? Think again... What about German, English and Italian supercars? Most of them kick your asses sky high. All you can do is make a car go 'fast' on a straight road and the only engine you have is the V8. No rafined one though, no just little bhp/liter and lots of displacement. Yep, you're right... US cars rule us hahaha
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    Well,saw the TopGear tests?LOL!SLR is quiet fast,the GT even 330km/h!!!NICE!On the track,okay the GT is the fastest on slow tracks with many corners....but the Enzo rules them all!Up to 300km/h the Carrera GT loses 8 SECONDS compared to the Enzo!!!!#$%# that is too much!!!
    And the Koenigsegg is the most unnecessary car all over the world (besides an Viper!!!!HRHR) because it is beaten by Pagani Zonda,Lambo Murcielago,360 CS,GT3Rs,and so on on the track!!!H4h4!
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    To Viper 1426, adding twin turbo to Mclaren F1's BMW S70/2 V12 engine to boost up power to around 1000 hps will rape your Viper easily.

    Compare with a road car with a tuned car is completely idiot.

    Get over it.
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    So you're saying the F1 tech Mclaren can't compete with a tuned viper, unless the mclaren has twin turbos aswell?

    I mean, if someone compared the Mclaren to a porsche GT2, would you say the same thing, that the mclaren needs twin turbos because the GT2 has twin turbos????????

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    A lot of cars go faster than the McLaren, but the F1 is still a legend and a great supercar.
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    Sex...F1...F1...Sex. Boy that's a tough one. Oh, I forgot that I can have both.
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    Hmm..The mclaren was made when? Oh yes around 1994-95 I believe. When it first hit the streets it did to most of us enthusiasts what the 959 did to us kids of the last stretch of the 80's. It stayed on its pedestal for years without any takers to topple it. It smoked just about every other car in its time, WITHOUT the aid of pressure inducing gizmos. No other car has ever stayed on top for so long without someone whizzing past with a more futuristic replacement. So to compare it to any of the new school newcomers is meaningless. No piece of tech, no matter how high, can stay on top forever. But one thing is certain, the Veyron, Enzo, and all the other hypercars will never have such a track record simply because there's too many of them now. So many supercars are pumping out, all there is is a blur of custom colors and an overabundance of oversized engines which now ends with a SIXTEEN cylinder monster in the range...Jeebus. But anyway, the point is to be happy to bask in the glow of so many halogen lamps and leer at ourselves in a simonized carbonfiber reflection while the wealthy within tell us to get lost and drive away.
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    This is why I love the McLaren

    Listen to this guy, he's totally right...
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    If you were in an F1 nothing would stop you from getting road head from that chick anyway.
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    I would pick the McLaren, but Carmen Electra would be crying because I dumped her.
    And why the hell are you argueing over a typo when you can discuss McLaren and sex!?

    (My first post on Supercars ever!)
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    ugly dauer?? HOW DARE YOU??!! you just can't get over the fact that it has better performance. and how come the F1 is already 10yrs old? is it 2007? must have missed the last couple of years...
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    ok, i have to apologise.. you were right about the 10yrs old part. seems have the wrong date (it says 1997 on the info).. but dauer 962 is still an excellent car
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    The Dauer is a f-ucking race car modified to be street legal. It's not a real production car.
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    Actually, the Mclaren was created around the MID 90's(94-95). So, it is about a decade old about now. Anyway, the Dauer is a fantastic car, but i truly think its creators had a far different goal in mind. The Mclaren, despite what its looks may say, is a super grand tourer. The unique 3 seat arrangement and surprising dual luggage compartments gave it away. The Dauer is, like another said in this thread, a race car modified for the street, whereas the Mclaren is a road car that was eventually modified for the track.
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    Actually, the F1 development was started in in 1989 as McLaren Cars, Ltd.'s "Project 1." XP1 was the first running McLaren completed just before Christmas of 1992. 1993 saw the building and duty of the other four XP roadcars. Also in 1993, the first McLaren F1 for customers was built.

    Going by the completion of XP1, the McLaren F1 is almost 12 years old; 11 years if you go by the completion of the first customer car.
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    Look I would still rather have the mclaren even if it was beaten in speed. Because when you think about if you get lucky and get one of these cars, you'll be extremely lucky if you can get it going that fast without being arrested, so it doesn't really matter.

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    Hard choice, but for ONE HOUR, I would choose Jakki Degg <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    and to add to what I said earlier the only reason the Bugatti Veyron is any good is because it has that F***ing bis a$$ engine in it, and what should we care we won't get it in america any way the only ones who can are celebraties, and even if they get them look at so many good euro cars that if we get in America we'll have them for a year then have to send them back to europe and pay for it all over again just not as much.
    Take for example the BMW M3 CSL nice car but we in America are stuck with those oversized Chevy mothers, Big a$$ SUV's and gay modern american muscle you see the old american muscle was cool you know dodge chargers, Chevy Nova SS, Pontaic GTO see those were cool but the knew Gto is not nearly as cool as the old one and mustangs don't really have much to there name. the only American car I would want at this time would be the Ford GT40
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    and I am currently working on a car that would kick the hell out of everything else
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    viper 1426, I must admit, you are pretty intelegent for an American. I am glad that it makes you happy that one American car can beat one European car.
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    The F1 is round 11 years old. Just because a car has better performance, doesent mean that it is a better car. It is 2004.
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    Quote from MT900S:

    sex is over-rated. id definantly pick F1 for an hour. there are millions of beautiful women out there, you can go pick one of them up and have their company for the whole night. but there are only a little over 100 McLarens, you have more of a chance seeing one in person than you do driving one. unless you are an owner or know a generous owner, driving a McLaren is a rare opportunity.


    I agree with you...there are a lot more hot chicks than there are McLarens.

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