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Discussion in '1994 McLaren F1' started by McLarenF1Chick, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Saddest Day - Mc Laren is beaten! )*:

  2. Saddest Day - Mc Laren is beaten! )*:

    Yes This may have been a sad day for all McLaren F1 lovers such as myself, but you no that is ok cause it will always be my fav car anyday and i no that if they did make a new Mclaren I would buy that 1 to. I own a Mclaren and it glides like a baby. And by the way Nem when you make a coment where every1 likes Mclaren F1s you look like a real gof ball. Well, That is my opinion<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  3. Lets just say I owned a McF1

    How much would you Pay for it.
    I payed 250mill USD for it
  4. Lets just say I owned a McF1

    Obviously you don't own one. $250 million for a car? Yeah, right...
  5. Saddest Day - Mc Laren is beaten! )*:

    Speaking of goofballs...
  6. Saddest Day - Mc Laren is beaten! )*:

    I take it this "Nem" is supposed to be me - somehow a transformation of my username "menoy36". Do a bit of reading and you'll find that NOT everyone here likes the Mc. It's a forum - people can discuss and post any opinion here; positive or negative. Posting something negative will NOT make me look like a... hm... "gof ball". Only the content of the post itself can make me look like anyone/anything. Something that has been perfectly exemplified by you.

    PS. What exactly is a gof ball? I'm really curious...
  7. Saddest Day - Mc Laren is beaten! )*:

    Just to put my 2 cents in- I don't consider a car worth comparing unless they've built enough to homolgomate under FIA rules. Given that, the McLaren F1 has proven itself time and time again on the racetrack. It remains to be seen how the latest crop of supercars will stack up. In particular, I'd love to see a Porsche Carrera GT out there with the Maserati MC-12 (the closest thing to a Ferrari Enzo we'll see on a racetrack)
  8. Lets just say I owned a McF1

    just testing..(trying to post a pic)
  9. Lets just say I owned a McF1
  10. Saddest Day - Mc Laren is beaten! )*:

    Did you miss that day in school ? It's all PWR ! First of all you are comparing apples and oranges. You are comparing the F1 at 630 to 640 hp to another car with over 800 hp. You might as well compare a 2005 Corvette to a 1997 Mazda Miata. Where is the comparison ? The Mclaren F1 is by far the Best handling car yet today. If you want to go fast in a straight line buy a quarter mile car. But if you want to go quickly, have top speed and still make the turn in front of you, you must except that the F1 is a far more superior car even though it has 7 year old technology.

    So- Who is sad now !

  11. The Battle of the GT-Rs

    Which car shall win in performance and looks? The McLaren F1 GT-R or the Mercedes-Benz CLK GT-R
  12. The Battle of the GT-Rs

  13. The Battle of the GT-Rs

    The CLK-GTR is nothing more than a street legal sportscar prototype like the Nissan R390 GT1 and Porsche 911 GT1. Cars like these eventually led to the collapse of the GT1-Class.

    Though the CLK-GTR BARELY beat the McLaren F1 GTR (which was still orginally built from a road car like a GT racer should be) in the 1997 FIA-GT, Mercedes-Benz used a McLaren F1 GTR as a test mule. The CLK-GTR is a nice machine, but it's a piece of crap compared to the greatness of the McLaren and Mercedes-Benz should have never built it.
  14. Lets just say I owned a McF1

    I can see you like VolksWagens hmmm... yeah right
  15. Lets just say I owned a McF1

    250 million USD Yeah right...
  16. Lets just say I owned a McF1

    Do you think were all as thick as chickens, you could by a two or three private jets for that kind of money! That's like saying you bought an apple for £3 billion.
  17. Lets just say I owned a McF1

  18. Lets just say I owned a McF1

    ur crazy
  19. Lets just say I owned a McF1

    Because the Saleen has broken how many boundries? Oh thats right none. Now shut your face.
  20. List of some famous owners

    List of some famous owners:

    Jay Leno
    Wyclef Jean
    Paul Stewart (driver) - Purchased the F1 from Liam Howlett
    Elon Musk
    Ralph Lauren - Owns chassis #074, #N/A and LM3. The LM was purchased from Frank Selldorff with minor damage.
    Nick Mason
    Hassanal Bolkiah - the current Sultan of Brunei, is rumored to own 7 McLarens, including both black LMs
    Thomas Bscher - the current Bugatti president (and former FIA GT champion McLaren driver) regularly used his F1 to commute from his home in Germany to Bugatti's headquarters in France. Bscher no longer has his road car but he still has 2 GTRs
    Michael Schumacher has a McLaren F1. It is kept in his private garage; he always says that he has not an F1 supercar.
    Ron Dennis
    Juan Barazi
    Frank Selldorff - Owns chassis #007. He formerly owned chassis #068 and LM3. The LM3 was sold to Ralph Lauren with minor damage.
    Rowan Atkinson - Owns a burgundy F1 which he crashed in the late 90s; recent rumors have speculated he also owns a '97 GTR
    Boston-area car merchant Herb Chambers owns a silver F1
  21. I believe you McLaren_Man. You have my back all the way.
  22. Lol this reminds me of the lady who got arrested for trying to spend a $1 million bill at a frickin' Walmart!!!! Same level of stupidity!
  23. I drove it too and it's fast, also LOUD.

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