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  2. Jaguar VS McLaren VS Ferrari

    This (in my opinion) is what i rank these cars in order of most successful to least successful.

    1. Ferrari
    2. McLaren
    3. Jaguar

    Ferrari, this year, like every other year will dominate the race tracks with its' rich history, experience and dominance from Michael Schumacher (who never seems to lose). McLaren, is slowly catching up to Ferrari and has the best win to race record of any company in history. What does Jaguar have to prove? That they're underdogs and that underdogs can do anything.

    SUPERBOWL XXXVI: St. Louis 17 New England 20

    This is a perfect example of underdogs pulling out the impossible. By defeating the heavily favored "powerhouse offense" St. Louis Rams, the underdog New England Patriots made history on Feb. 3, 2002 at New Orleans. I myself was quite shocked too. Personally, i had money going on the Steelers but they bombed in the conference finals because they got too cocky. Let that be a lesson to all of you who take too much pride in yourself. This is why i believe that Jaguar can pull off a magical season just like New England. Hey, anything's possible.

    PS. What did you think of Kurt Warner? He sucked, got sacked three times i think. Marshall Faulk is too hyped. It's all about EJ (Edgerrin James).

    I know i got off topic there.
  3. AHHHHH!I can't believe that St.Louis loss the Superbowl!I'd put it in my most favourite,


    Although Ferrari has been winning alot of the recent F1s i think that Mika has alot more driving skill then Michael although he is a great driver, and Jaguar is 2nd on my list because they are only just starting F1 and i think they need time to improve, like Ferrari & McLaren have been it in since it's begining(McLaren anyway) Ferrari came in sometime later to memory(I have an F1 book with every race, every driver, every team & every year plus more additional info on the F1 history.<!-- Signature -->
  4. Hey roaring, I'd like to correct you there but Ferrari did actually come way before McLaren. It's Ferrari who's been in it from the beginning not the other way around.
  5. Devant l'urgence de la situation, Jaguar, dont les XJR-9 connaissent une véritable déroute face aux très efficace Sauber C9-Mercedes dans le championnat 1989, prend la décision d'introduire plus tôt que prévu son nouveau prototype XJR-11 à moteur V6 turbo 3,5 litres ( 3,0 litres pour la version IMSA ).

    Malheureusement ces dernières ne connaissent pas plus de succès, confrontées qu'elles sont à un manque de fiabilité et des problèmes de grip dus à des pneumatiques Dunlop dont la qualité est nettement en retrait par rapport aux Goodyear des Sauber.

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  6. Jaguar number 1 this year? Not with Irvine at the helm.
  7. yeah Irvine is a great driver, but his personality/attitude don't seem to blend well with others at jaguar.
  8. Jaguar competing with Ferarri and McLaren?? Though i'm a Ferrari supporter, I would like to know what happened to Williams? You can't forget them.

    Right now..... Jaguar seems to be a formidable competitor to Minardi rather than the 3 great teams... literally!
  9. ferrari
    Jag just before Minardi.
  10. As far as i can see, jaguar have really only 3 problems, the engine, the chassis, and the people of the team. I can't believe you even try to make a comparison to Mclaren and Ferrari. Not once this season will Jaguar compete with either team if they are running, especially not ferrari. The only way jaguar may come close to winning is if there is a monstrosity of a crash taking out most of the front runners. <!-- Signature -->
  11. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from deuginthesky</i>
    Jag just before Minardi.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Good call on putting williams in there. i dont think jag really has a place with these others. Id place it like this


    1 & 2 being really close. Mike could make it seem like ferrari is better than they are. Williams is a great company for sure.<!-- Signature -->
  12. Actually, the major prob with Jaguar is their car and Eddie Irvine. Firstly, their car is simply not producing enough downforce, while producing lots of drag. The Ford Cosworth engine isn't too bad, but because the car produces soo much drag, the engine has to work real hard to get the car accelerating.

    Secondly, Eddie Irvine. If he put as much time testing as he does talking, he might just be able to improve.
  13. well jag is 6th in point so they are not bad, with like 4 pionts, so they are not at the bottom but they definitly not at top. as much as i like this car, and for some reason lots of people in grand prix do, they won't do any damage to top guys, but they have a chance at podium finish once.
    hey jag is not the only one to use cosworth, arrows does, and highly jordans will switch to it to since honda might pull out of jordan.
    the problem with this car i would say mostly is driver, they are usually the ones to destroy the car but the car definitly has room for emprovment.
    maybe next year we will see the green cat awake.
  14. raoring u natural born dumbass. we all know it would be:

    2) Mclaren
    3) Jag

    but in reality:

    3)Mclaren (questionable now though)
    then bout 9th or 10th sits jag.

    they should stick to their sedans<!-- Signature -->
  15. Nar mart, me an me blak nanna r gunna git owt in me v8 vee-dubleya beeeetel mart, and weese r gunna frash da kompetition inta da grownd, mart. ;)
  16. Nah... seriously...
    Honestly, I love jag, I'm not trying to bag them out or anythang, but its true that they really should stick to their coupes ekt. Plus the guys in the team are a bunch of losers.

    Thats just my opinion
    Im not trying to offend anyone.
    Sorry if I do,
    Please dont cry <IMG SRC="">
  17. Jag will come right eventually, like in 2020.
  18. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from 550WOLVES</i>
    <b>This (in my opinion) is what i rank these cars in order of most successful to least successful.

    1. Ferrari
    2. McLaren
    3. Jaguar
    END QUOTE -->

    1 ferrari
    2 mclearen
    57 jaguar
  19. jaguar is making major strides, and probably will be the most improved team in 2004, with the R4...
    already with awesome track times,
    irvine probably out...
    and supreme amount of improvement...
    jaguar, won't win championships, but it'll leave its mark...
    and that's what ford wanted,
    and that's what jaguar will deliver

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