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  1. Kicks any American Supercar ??

    Who ? The Fippler ? The CLK GTR had borken all the records in Le Mans History.

    They fippled of all their cars in just one Le Mans Championship. 2 in the qualifies and 1 in the race.

    They also broke everytime when they're not flipping, flipping, fippling...

    This is the the greatest car for a circus due this acrobatic capability.

    Had you looked, at least once in the last 30 years, the Hall of Fame of the Le Mans Greatest Cars ?

    The record is with a car which won 4 times in Le Mans, and they won 4 IN A ROW was THE FORD GT40. Sorry an american car...

    But we don't need to compare with American Cars only. Please, there are a lot of great european cars like the Porsches (917 K is an excellent example).

    But, please forget The Flipper...<!-- Signature -->

    This car rocks. It would kill any type of American supercar including that piece of horseshit Saleen S7. Cars may have been invented in America, but they were perfected in Europe.
  3. No replies?? I guess I'm right then!
  4. German cars!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a great car
    Crazy spoiler
    Best Benz<!-- Signature -->
  5. Your exactly right, best Benz.
  6. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from FerrariF40NissanR390</i>
    <b>This car rocks. It would kill any type of American supercar including that piece of horseshit Saleen S7. Cars may have been invented in America, but they were perfected in Europe.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->nah, not every car, the dodge hennessy viper venom 800TT, the chevrolet callaway sledgehammer corvette, ford GT-90, chevrolet camaro ZL1 concept, chevrolet lingenfelter 650 corvette. just to name a few...<!-- Signature -->
  7. Yeah you right ! Even a Corvette CR-5 (who never won a single Le Mans Race) can beat this Mercedes CLK !

    Mercedes is a wornderful company for luxury cars, but you don't need to talk so bad about the american cars. The American Sport/Muscle cars are made for performance and reliablity/<!-- Signature -->
  8. If the stats given are accurate, almost any American Supercar should beat it. Looks nice though!

  9. there are no american supercars except the saleen s-7, which sucks. This car just looks nice, but it sucks.
  10. Ahh exactly how does the S7 suck buddy??
    It has amazing handling, good pick up, and a high top speed. Don't get me wrong I like this car, but where the hell do you go off saying something like that about the S7?! Where's you're proof of this, the idiot who started this whole topic FerrariF40NissanR390 is just one of the biggest morons I've ever seen here. He said shit about the S7 and when challenged to find proof he cried and never responded.

    Look here guys this car is very nice, but don't go around talking shit about American cars, the S7 is an amazing car, and the Mosler 900TT is the second fastest car in the world!

    My god some of you just can't give credit to a car unless it comes from Europe. I bet you if either the S7 or 900TT was from Europe you guys would be praising it like hell. If you guys still think American cars are crap THEN GO OUT AND PROVE IT IS, BUT BY FINDING REAL FACTS!
  11. Seriously Vette1, take a break from this site or something. I saw you and that guy going at it in the S7 forum. The world won't end when someone makes fun of your favourite car. Even though you're right about everything you said in that forum, don't take it so seriously, lay back smoke a jay.
  12. Know what you're right P eightynine, I think I get annoyed to easily sometimes <IMG SRC="">
  13. I love it when people talk about cars they'll never drive. Honestly, there is a Saleen s7 forum to fight in, this here is a place of homage to the incredible genius of the germans. I love everything about this car, and I honestly think that on a track this would give the McLaren F1 a good race. I can't say who'd win, but intuition and history tell me that Germans know how to make cars better than the brits!!! As a sidebar, you cannot compare this to any American car save the vector v12's, but they're ugly anyway. Even a Hennessy Viper with 800hp will probably take licks from this on the track because vipers are pigs, hp doesn't always tell the story okay boys and girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. This is a nice car, but I don't think it will be able to beat a Saleens S7 or Mosler900TT.
  15. The Saleen S7 is a pretty good mid-engined American sports-car which could probably match up
    Other american cars which can quite compare...
    Dodge SVS Stryker Twin Turbo
    Dodge Hennessey Viper Venom 800TT
    Corvette ZL1

    ... ok 'm really a CLK-GTR nut but I'm just trying 2 be fair...
    <!-- Signature -->
  16. IŽve bin in one, and i gotta say... i #$%#ing rocks!!!!!!
  17. Same here... test drove it back in 1997 but I never got past 120 mph... It was kinda scary! <!-- Signature -->
  18. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Classics</i>
    <b>the gt40 is an american supercar. it beat ferrari and all the other cars in lemans for four years. It made ferrari, a premier european supercar maker, leave in disgrace.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE --> The Porsche 956 also won 4 times! <!-- Signature -->
  19. You wish it did, do some history and find out this car isn't very great. Vector, GM, Chrysler, (AC/Shelby), Ford, Saleen, Panoz...<!-- Signature -->
  20. the Benz will still own them...
  21. As much as I love those cars (the Mosler is one of my favorite cars) there has yet to be even any working prototypes of the twin turboed MT900. The Photon might have a chance around a track though.
  22. Me being a classical car owner, the original "SuperCars" of America, I can guarantee to you that if a CLK-GTR were to try my Chevelle (1967, Custom 454 engine, various other mods) on a straight quarter-mile drag it would be reamed a new one. I rebuilt my father's Chevelle after it was struck by a train (My father was killed instantly) and turned it into a 902hp producing beast of a car. I am currently working on an '87 Cutlass. In the mean time, if anybody can afford this car and wants to see how a $20,000 car can beat up even the most modern cars, contact me and we'll play.
  23. This isn't a drag racer...
  24. I doesn't do a 9.4 quarter mile either though. That was the race version weighing 22xx lbs, whereas this is well over 3000 lbs. And no it hasn't won Lemans. It wasn't a problem of speed, but they just couldn't seem to keep the car from flipping.

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