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  1. That was a really good post AlphaRomeo. I really liked it. You explained things without having to swear and mouth off the cars like some idiots in these forums. The fact is like you said, the Skyline can do so much more than the Hennessey Viper indeed. I personally want to see a picture of this Calsonic Super Turbo. 550Wolves talked about it once and so did some other guy on a Mercedes forum.

    Anyone have any info about this Calsonic Super Skyline because I want to know more. Post stats if possible.
  2. Ok, I don't know how accurate these are because I got them from someone on Messenger.

    To answer your question:

    The Calsonic Super Turbo Skyline is a modification of a R-34 Skyline GT-R.

    The mods were done by Nismo (supposedly) in 2000.

    Car is a yellow color with a Inline-6 Twin Turbo @ 702 HP and weighs 2910 lbs.

    Top speed: 231.15 MPH
    0-60: 2.9 s
    0-100: 5.8 s
    Quarter mile: 8.9 s

    According to the guy, the car's been modified several times and tuned as well. As a result, I expect these times to change regularly. Sounds a bit #$%#ed up if you ask me. I don't know how accurate any of these are but it's the best I can do for now.

    If these are in fact, accurate, then by the looks of it, this car edges out the Hennessey.
  3. Damn, that is one crazy car. 702 HP and it can do the Quarter mile in 8.9 s? How can you tune the gear ratios to a degree where both the acceleration and top speed are so high with a HP rating of 702 HP? That doesn't seem very possible. If this is indeed true, I stick with what I said earlier "The Viper can't compete with these cars".

    Assuming that this car exists and the stats are true; is it the strongest Skyline to date or does the Veilside still stand?
  4. I don't know where he got the stats from but I can ask him. I did stress the fact that "I wasn't sure how accurate these stats are" remember?

    It could be possible. I mean, Skyline has a tendency to churn out some amazing cars with great capability. I wouldn't be surprised if they could up the ante again.
  5. Well I give respect to a Skyline...but you still dont come on here and bash a Viper...have you driven either one, probably not. But you dont understand the point of the 8 liter engine in the Viper do you? I don't think so...the 8 liter is used to make an insane amount of torque...probably more idle torque than a Skyline makes top. I don't know if that is true or not, but could be. That is why Americans use and have used big engines, to make lots of torque and to have the American grunt off the line...not to mention the roar from the throat the sound the American engine makes. And the thing about it, you don't see Skylines or other Jap or for that matter European cars competing in the GTS class in the ALMS series, and that is because the Corvette C-5R, Viper GTS-R, and Saleen S7-R all own it and would own any car that tried to compete in the class. Right now the Corvette owns everything in that class and is pushing better than some of the prototype LMP900 and LMP500 class cars. I don't think your beloved Skyline would touch the C-5R on any race track...maybe the stripe...but not the track. It would run circles around the would the Viper or Saleen. The Saleen will run circles around any production car...that is the the production version of the S7. Well I think everyone bashes American cars because they are afraid that the American car is better and challenges their beloved Ricers and European cars. Sure I give respect to the Japanese cars that deserve it and same with the European ones, its just the American car deserves more. Oh I forgot to mention the GT40, but there doesn't need to be anymore said about explains itself.<!-- Signature -->
  6. Tell me where I said that this car sux , or is a shit...

    The truth is that many guys came on other and said "hey , the 800TT is faster..." or "the 800TT is the best road legal car in the world" , just thanks to drag race times.

    The same call Jap cars "crap" , "piece of shit" etc.

    But some Jap cars are faster , that's what I love to remind them.
  7. Exactly Deug. People complain about how they don't like others bashing the Viper yet they're always criticizing Jap cars because they're so biased towards their country's cars.

    By the way, to address the other guys post, yeah I've driven a Viper, two to be exact. Trust me, it's nothing like you think. Sure, the car has power but the handling feels heavy and sluggish. I know it held a slalom record but in order to be able to achieve great handling with that car, you have to be a "different" type of driver. Trust me on this, this car is extremely difficult to adapt to and learn how to control. It is extremely heavy at the back and the front almost literally is off the ground at all times. The problem with this car is that oversteer is a huge problem and can tend to happen a lot.
  8. Moreover a good slalom doesn't mean a good handling , it means that the car has a huge grip.
    It's not surprising for the Viper when you consider its tires size.
  9. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from deuginthesky</i>
    <b>Moreover a good slalom doesn't mean a good handling , it means that the car has a huge grip.
    It's not surprising for the Viper when you consider its tires size.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Which is what I've been saying for god knows how long <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  10. So the Zanardi Edition NSX has more grip than a Viper? LOL!!!
    (Yes, I've previously mentioned that the Viper was once beaten in the slalom by the Zanardi NSX. Where did I see this? MT, those same f*uckers that you think are so heavily biased toward the Viper!!)
  11. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from 550WOLVES</i>
    <b>Trust me on this, this car is extremely difficult to adapt to and learn how to control. It is extremely heavy at the back and the front almost literally is off the ground at all times. The problem with this car is that oversteer is a huge problem and can tend to happen a lot.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    550WOLVES, your credibility is less than worthless. You constantly complain about the Viper's oversteer, yet in the other thread you say it has a bad habit of understeering. Well, which is it? You can't have it both ways.
    Maybe you should stick to driving Yugos instead. The safety of the general public demands it.
  12. Guibo i'm not saying that the Viper doesn't handle well, i'm just saying that tire size has a big role in skidpad G's.<!-- Signature -->
  13. Alright, Now all you people that think that all Jap cars are better then any american car, you can shut-up, You don't know what you are talking about. I like both type of cars, and i love fighting over what type is better. In my opinion, the American cars are, and will always, be better. You have to understand that when they tested the Venom 800TT, the weather sucked. It was going to rain and they had to rush everything. And even with the sorry weather, the viper was almost able to be the first car to do the 1-200mph in 1 mile. It only missed it by 6mph. You also have to understand that the skyline and the viper are in tow different classes. they were both set up different. The Viper wasn't pushed to the limit when hennessy motorsports put the twin turbos in the massive V-10. I will say that that the skyline hp per liter is better then the viper but the viper hp per liter is still hella good for the size of the block. And that N1 skyline didn't pull a 2.4 sec to 60mph and it toped out somewhere around 218 when the viper pushed up past the 240 mark. Now if the gears were set up right on the venom, do you think that the skyline would still beat it in the 1/4 mile? Another advanage that the skyline has is its 4wd. If the viper had that system, there would be no stoping the snake. one more thing, this isn't the fastest viper. If you want to test 1/4 between one of the kings of Japan, the skyline, and the true american sports car, the viper, lets see if you can find any skyline around the globe that will beat Sir Hiss.
  14. LiquidChild:
    No problem. I wasn't addressing you as much as I was addressing deug's claim that a good slalom means the car has huge grip.

    It's not as simple as that. Many things affect a good slalom time. Weight distribution, center of mass, overall weight, the quickness of the steering ratio, the width of the vehicle. Tire width is one of these factors, but it's by no means the deciding factor. If it were, the Viper would be unstoppable. Yet, it has been beaten by the Zanardi. In other words, your claim is false.
    And yes, I'd fully expect a Caterham R500 or Exige to waste the Viper in the slalom. Niether of these cars has impressive grip due to tire width by any means.
  15. Thanks , but I already knew it , having played with Karts.

    Im another forum , I've already told you that the Viper doesn't only rely on its tire size.

    If some other cars have a best skidpad with a smaller tire size , it's mainly due to 2 things.
    1)the cars are lighter
    2)they have a more improved suspension system.

    What piss me off , is that some guys came here and say better skidpad = better handling.
  16. TNR, I understand your passion towards US cars but facts are facts. You can't make up times and stats just to give your car the edge. You have to be realistic and accept what's been given. I have no bias towards either Jap or US cars however, based on what I've seen and continue to see. The Japanese cars do have the edge over US ones.

    The Hennessey has never topped 240 as you claim and it cannot beat the Skyline in the quarter mile as you claim. Facts are there. Look them up on sites and see for yourself. Please don't feed us false information for the purpose of changing our minds. As for your statement of how the Viper would be so much better if it had a 4WD drivetrain... Well guess what buddy, it doesn't and that's how the car is made. You can go on and claim "what if" for anything like what if the McLaren had 1200 hp or what if the NSX came with more stock horsepower than what is claimed or what if... You see my point? It's the way it is and you have to accept that. Skyline's of the calibre such as the Jun, R1 Veilside or the Calsonic are (statistically speaking), stronger than this unless are mods are mentioned otherwise.
  17. To the person who strted this post: Kudos to you for showing these idiots that this car truly is a piece of shit. Overhyped piece of crap which gets its ass rocked by tons of cars. Unfortunately, too many, ignorant stupid people (mostly Americans) don't realize this because of their nature. Thank you for telling us what we already know, THAT THE VIPER SUCKS AND WILL CONTINUE TO SUCK!

    By the way, thanks 550WOLVES for bringing back my original post to that comment. I'm glad you're carrying on the spirit now that I'm banned.
  18. Idiot, don't talk to me Koenig. I'm not your buddy and I don't share your stupid, mentally retarded views.

    The only reason I put that post up there was to see how much criticism and interest it would generate in light of the previous one which was taken off. Sure enough, it worked and generated a lot of commotion. That was my only motive, to attract readers, not to bash the car. It's evident if you read what I said after posting the message.

    This is exactly what I wrote after the post:

    Sorry. I just had to do that. I guess I wanted to find out what people's reactions are regarding the post and the car.

    Any takes?

    Feel free to criticize but don't be rude and back your things up, don't just start bullshitting everything.

    Therefore Koenig, I don't share your views about bashing the Viper. I only believe, to my experience, that the Viper is heavy and tends to oversteer (that's right Guibo, OVERSTEER) a lot. I also think the Viper (stock) is possibly underpowered but that's it.
    Therefore Koenig, you're all by yourself and that's why you're banned.
    Therefore Koenig, no one likes you.
    Therefore Koenig, you're not too bright and should just shut up and leave.
    Therefore Koenig, you should stop posting.
  19. Good job WOLVES, I liked that. And I agree, 550Koenig#%$ should just shut up and stop posting.

    DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU'RE BANNED?!!? Do you maybe wonder that there's a reason for that dumbass?

    BTW, on a totally different topic, anyone got any info regarding the Calsonic Super or do my times still stand?
  20. Going around the Viper forums, I realized something. Most of the posts indicating how much the Viper sucks or how truly the Viper blows, come from 550Koenig. There must be at least 6, 7 or 8 posts from Koeing indicating how much the Viper is a terrible car. Geez, the guy really hates Vipers. It's pretty funny actually when you think about it because I'm sure he'd take one if he had the money for it.
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  22. That's funny. I don't see any mention of the word "oversteer" in the handling department. Steve Millen, who drive all of these cars on the track, said it handled very well. He said the F355 was a handful, and he came back sweating after each session in that car. MT echoed this sentiment, saying they nearly spun the car trying to match the Viper's best lap time.

    Just face it, dude. You can't drive! Get a Pacer or something.
  23. Damn man... you can see the Mustang Boss, and maybe is a concept car, but from 0-100 in 1.9 secs,, is a beast, the engine is 90Degree V-8 10.0Liter with 855bhp.. (100% ford) not Yamaha as on Taurus SHO, so, this mustang is a concept,, so is a dream car, well, my dream car can do more than that!!!
  24. You guys keep comparing these modified Japanese cars that were built for the drag strip to streetable cars. I know this car is a very modified version of the stock Viper, but you also have to remember that this car is built to drive on 92 octane gas. Do you really think that your Skylines and Civics that produce gobs of hp use pump gas and no NOS? This car will beat a Skyline on the track whether the Viper has better handling or not. Good thing about higher displacement engines is the amount of torque that can be created and hp that car be created at low RPM's. This allows the Viper to accelerate out of turns faster. There are many cars I'd rather have, but none of them are Japanese.
  25. 1) slicks tires are not street legal in the EU and in Japan , the times you post are biased.

    2)Read the "read this and cry" thread on this forum , you'll see how wrong you are.

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