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  1. Ligenfelter C5 kit Corvette

    Take a base 2002 Corvette($42,750)

    add the LPE supercharger kit($8399 including installation)

    add LPE intake system($395)

    B&B exhaust($898)

    LPE Boost Gauge($339)

    and a wheel and tire package($5,235)

    The Grand Total comes to a mere $58,016
    For that money, you get a 500-hp Monster Vette, that will eat up the 1/4 in 11.7 sec @ 126 mph, it also scored .97 g's on the skidpad. The Supercharged Vette reaches 60 in 3.7 sec, and hits the century mark in a very impressive 7.7 sec. Not bad at all for a car that costs $58,000.

    Also note that this Supercharged Vette is .1 sec faster to 60, .6 sec faster to 100, and .3 sec faster in the quarter mile than the $185,000 Porsche 911 GT2.

    All information was from the April 2002 Issue of Car and Driver, on page 126(just in case any of you wanted to see for yourselves)<!-- Signature -->
  2. Theres a kit available for the Z06.

    It goes for about $6,400

    and it will give a 125-hp increase, leaving you with one mean 530-hp Vette.<!-- Signature -->
  3. yeah , I saw that too<!-- Signature -->
  4. Umm as a law inforcement officer (pig to some of you...yeah go F*ck yourself) thats really pushing the boundrys on streetlegal.....but hey who cares I love vettes.<!-- Signature -->
  5. same. Thats always what I say.<!-- Signature -->
  6. never heard of that........sounds good though<!-- Signature -->
  7. Imagine how fast the Z06 would be if you put that Supercharger on it............It would be lighter , and have more HP , and would whoop even more ass.<!-- Signature -->
  8. SO TRUE!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  9. Yeah , i used to like imports , but then i woke up. THERE AINT NOTHING LIKE A V8 RUMBLING IN YOUR HOOD!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  10. even better<!-- Signature -->
  11. this may be a supprise to some but chevrolet has a big block in production it is in 1 ton pickups but could easily be converted to car use. it is a monstrous 496 ci. i wish they would put one in the corvette and boost it to 900 horsepower.that would kill all including a certain twin turbo viper.
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  13. you can also get a 427 from doug Rippie and it aint too bad. The lingenfelter guys also have one (Z06 with that and twin turbos......holy sheet)<!-- Signature -->
  14. about the 427 there is supposed to be one as an option on 2003 corvettes that 520 hp.
  15. holy god.......Thats gunna be like being drop kicked by god............I like that. Hope its true.<!-- Signature -->
  16. i agree with me too.<!-- Signature -->

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