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  1. Guess what? You just lied. By the way, earlier in this discussion you claimed to be meeting with Prince Albert......such meetings would be kept secret (i.e. both you and your "assistant" would be jailed for compromising the meeting by boasting about it on the internet). There is no way you can or ever will prove the claims you make. Don't try to #$%# with me. I'm one smart bastard.
  2. You mean to say "Models" right? If you do own these machines, then you can tell me the chassis numbers on each one. Thrill me you little fuctard.
  3. Hmmm, are you banned yet?
  4. 1994 Toyota carola is what i own... Supid asses braggin' about cars that they don't even have...You can stick all those tall tales up you ass!
  5. You need to learn how to be honest! This is not some RPG! We're here to talk about facts about supercars and not about some fantasy!
  6. sure, i believe you. i own these cars, and my name is bill:

    1997 Mclaren F1 GT
    1998 Porsche GT1
    2000 Porsche 911 Turbo
    Ferrari F50
    Lamborghini Murcielago
    Mazda RX8
    Ferrari 575 Marranello
    Ferrari 360 Modena
    1995 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa
    1996 Porsche 911 Turbo
    Porsche 550 Sypder
    Porsche 935
    BMW 750il
    Mercedes SLR Mclaren
    and a Lamborghini Countach.

    and i drive them to work everyday, and my last name is gates.

    Maybe i overdid it. ah well.
  7. Why, yes, I own all of those cars and more. i own the Ferrari Rosso concept, a Diablo GTR, and your mom (in fact she's the wildest ride I have). I also own Disney, Microsoft, the state of California, Tahiti, Britney Spears, and a good portion of Europe.

    To all dumbasses out there, the above paragraph does not contain any truth whatsoever, much like the quote, I'm sure.
  8. I also notice you and your business partner are both banned, to the delight of the vast majority of members.
  9. not alot of these cars excist so y'all can just look 'em up to c who owns to prove him wrong...
  10. If you were rich at all, you would hire "assistants" who could actually type correctly! Stupid ass-wang! By the way, if you collect artwork by all those famous artists, then why do you have a truck drawn by a 5-year-old as a sig?!?! Testing your own artistic abilities, are you?!?!

    "The biggest proof that intelligent life does exist out there is the fact that no-one has ever tried to contact us" -Mel Gibson.................and it's because of lying #$%#tards like you.
  11. No you don't.
  12. LOL!!! AHHAHAHA!!! These ignorant little kids make me laugh!! HAHAHAH YEAH RIGHT BUDDY!!!
  13. lets just leave this kid alone even though he wanted us to get pissed at him and everything, hes really not worth the post
  14. Ahahaha I've never heard so much bullshit in my life! Shit! I can smell it in the UK!

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