Re: Look out Corvette, the king is coming.

Discussion in '2003 Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe' started by vacanyols, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. So is buying minivans and suvs. Does that make them better than Ferraris? I guess since not every single kid out there is putting on huge wings and coffee can exhausts on McLaren F1s then they must also be crap too.
  2. As I said, I said "teens", not adults, how many teens do you see around driving SUVs and Vans, Not much most likely imports
  3. The Vette has nothing to worry about AT ALL, this can't touch a Z06, Z06 would take this car anyday!
  4. The Zo6 already lost to the Skyline R34 Nur, Awd, making 450Hp and more torque then the Viper, So I guess if Nissan is smart which they are, they will make then so called "R35" even better then the previous gen
  5. Just imagine, the new Skyline being an optional V6 or V8, imagine the tunning possibilities that Blitz and other tunning companies are going to accomplish
  6. Well, the vette comes stock with a V8 so I know the tuning potential. Especially with AWD the skylines eliminate the weak link in the chain: traction.
  7. The Skyline will have no problem when it comes to traction
  8. I know, that is the advantage it has over many, many, many cars.
  9. So many cars, no number can be given
  10. I suppose that is why the Skyline has such a nice ass. That is all alot of people have ever seen of it.
  11. yeah watch out GTR the blue devil is coming
  12. OK, if you are talking about the GTR concept, then that comes out 2005 at the earliest, more likely to be 2006/7. also you be wanting to watch out for the new NSX, expected to be out around 2006. Im sorry to break it to you yankee's, but the corvette isnt the king.
  13. ok so lets see

    Standard Corvette. 400+ HP

    ZO6. 500hp

    Blue Devil ZL1, 625hp

    If you think the Corvette isint King, then you have a rude awaking coming!!!!!
  14. Is the Blue Devil meant to be a production car?
  15. limited production
  16. Lmao, a corvette worry about a nissan? Please, the corvette has raped every japanese car thats come against it and hasnt even broken a sweat yet. The new NSX has what, 300hp and even less torque, ohh thats scary, the new "GTR" as you like to call it, with a turbo 6 will be close to 80 grand, and the V8 will be even more expencive. Like said above, standard C6 will have over 400hp and be 2800-3100lbs. That thing should be running high 11s in the quarter. Then you still have to worry about the Z06 and blue devil...
  17. You are such a n00b!

    The GTR in Japan, where the car is originally built, costs about $40,000!

    You probably live in America, where the car is $80,000 because of shipping and emissions costs.
  18. Im the n00b? not shit i live in America, and im talking about in America dumbass.
  19. So, if the Corvette were sold in Japan, the Corvette would be about the same price as the GTR here, nearly $80,000. Why is that so hard to understand?
  20. Actually, in Japan the Corvette is only $61,000(US)
  21. Uhmmm no, your a real noob, As far as concerned the Skyline R34 Nur is more powerful and has more torque then your precious Vette, meaning it has 480hp and more torque then the 2004 Viper Str-10
  22. wow, let me brake this down for some of you idiots who think your C5 corvette is gods gift to cars.

    for about $50,000 in Japan you can pick up an R34 GT-R (which they stopped making this year i believe). this car comes with the bullit proof RB26DETT twin turbo 24v inline 6 engine capable of pushing out around 300hp stock. it weighs in at roughly 3,000lbs.

    heres the numbers:

    0-60: 4.3
    1/4 mile: 13.00-13.5 (depending on driver)
    top speed: 180mph
    skidpad: with the help of its superb suspention set up and
    awsome AWD drivetrain, the gtr is capable of pulling .98g's

    ...heres another thing to think about, with the addition of some better-flow mods (exhaust, intake, plenum) and a boost controller, you'll easily have a GT-R dippin in the 12's and its not unheard of in Japan to build the RB26 motor to 500hp with stock internals, and 1000+ hp dyno sheets arent uncommon either.

    THE VERDICT: a stock R34 GT-R will rape a C5 Vette. against a Z06, its a pretty close race. id take the Z06 in a straight line, but despite the vettes handling capabilities, id take the skyline on the track. both good cars.

    and too anyone saying this is "jap crap" your going to get a rude awakening when you have a run down with an STI or an EVO. but hey, its just a 4 door 4 cylinder economy car right??
  23. Wow, 480hp, how much can I get one of these for? There price range is more than double that of a corvette and, and the Viper has 500hp and 525ft-lbs of torque.

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