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Discussion in '2003 Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe' started by vacanyols, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Thats great, and in America you can pick up a Z06 for $51,000 and its has 405hp stock and weighs 3000lbs. BTW your 0-60 time is wrong its more like 5 seconds and the skidpad is .95Gs.
    THE VERDICT: A stock Corvette produces more power and is just as heavy, its more agile and will putup a better fight against a skyline than you assume.
  2. im not going to argue about 0-60 times, it always varies with any car, but a GT-R will pull a higher g on the skidpad than a .95, i can gaurentee you that. nismo stated up to .98.

    what it really comes down to is that the GT-R Skyline and the Z06 are almost a perfect match up.
  3. im not going to argue about 0-60 times, it always varies with any car, but a GT-R will pull a higher g on the skidpad than a .95, i can gaurentee you that. nismo stated up to .98.

    what it really comes down to is that the GT-R Skyline and the Z06 are almost a perfect match up.
  4. The price range of the GT-R is double the Corvette because the GT-R has to be shipped and emission changes need to be done before the car is legal in America.

    If the GT-R were produced in America, the car would cost around, if not lower, than the price range of the Corvette.
  5. You are the one that is wrong, if anyone! Most, if not all, of your facts are wrong!

    The Corvette 0-60 mph, done by Motor Trend, is around the 4.0s range! Not to mention, the .99g skidpad figures!
  6. I was refering to the GTR Nur, and if it was sold in America it still would be more than double that of a Corvette because its a limited production car, and highly modified.
  7. I know a guy who has one.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  8. this will never end. Does anyone realize that maybe Nissan doesn't
    put a big V8 in their cars for a reason? I would love to see a 450hp V8 in this car that could waste your precious vette.
  9. Yeah, nissan doesnt put a "large" V8 in there car for reasons, because they dont have the technology. In there Titan they have a 5.6 litre V8 with only 340lbs of RW torque and 350hp. A 450HP V8 sklyine would still get smoked by a vette, because the sklyine still wouldnt have enough torque, and they would try to make it a high reving engine too.
  10. That is possibly the most retarded comment I have ever seen anyone say.

    "Nissan doesn't put a 'large' V8 in their car for reasons, because they don't have the technology." Are you seriously messed up in the head?

    Do yourself a favor and look up the specifications of the trucks that the Titan is running with. If you look closely, you will see the Titan is running pretty close with the specifications of those trucks.

    You just overall assume too much and need to shut your hole.
  11. if u wanna bring up more models

    how about the upcoming Corvette ZL1

    at least 500 lbsft of torque

    sub 3000 weight

    it would rape any factory produced street going skyline out there
  12. he is talking about a stock corvette, he is then right because Motortrend is full of shit
  13. Why should the Skyline be the one to be imported, the Normal GtR-34 is cheaper in Japan then ANY corvette, even the Nur goes for around 48K in Japan

    And for whoever called the Skyline Nur some highly modified car, should be called a fool, there's no modifications, only changements or should I say removements of the limiter
  14. This car is not in the Corvette's league.
  15. This car is getting started with under 300hp. The Vette is already at 405hp. Why in the world would anyone think that this car should even threaten a Corvette. Whoever thinkd that this supposed Skyline is so bad is creating factions in their mind to believe the Skyline is going to come to America with some extreme amount of power. If Japan was actually bringing a high hp car to america, then 275 hp is not the ideal bench mark to set when coming after the Corvette.
  16. how dare u compare this with the vette!this car is tight no doubt but pls!
  17. I refuse to read all of the 93 posts above me so if Iam repeating somebody I apologize.

    The G35, will never...I repeat never out perform the Vette. Despite the fact that I would make sweet love to this just cant compete with the C5, Zo6, or even any configuration of the '05 Z51.
  18. I owned a 2001 c5 for 3 years and i hated it. My 330 ci was a much better car. The vette always had electrical problems, the interior was hideous and at times it felt as if the car was just a big engine on 4 wheels, which i learned in time it was. I am currently waorking on a new deal to get a g35 and I would much rather have this car and work on it simply because i know that with infiniti i will never have nearly as many issues as i did with the c5. I like wat gm has done with the new corvette but their few touches to the interior still look like ugly pieces of plastic from a dollar store. The one good thing about the vette is its engine, but after driving one for 3 years, the engine wasnt enough to keep me interested. And wats with the rag top, C'mon for that amount of money i want a nice luxurious hard folding top. I hated having to pull over, open the hatch, lower the top, close the hatch and drive again, i mean damn,,,wtf
  19. quote from Grizz2K4~~~~~"if America got the Skyline, the Corvette indeed should worry."

    i agree with this quote!!!! LONG LIVE SKYLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) but it was a bad idea to make the G35 look the same as skyline. now u cant see the difference unless u look at the badge.the 34 was a nice looking car

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