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Discussion in '2002 Cadillac LMP-02' started by locoako786, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. in general u all suck my ballz this is much more different if u look at the pics
  2. looks like a panoz lm
  3. no it doesn't. the panoz has a really long front end. the driver sits way in the back. it is the most unique looking LMP.<!-- Signature -->
  4. Caddys rule the road and now they are spory to<!-- Signature -->
  5. oh ya it looks exactly like the panoz the engine in the front, giant front splitter, person sitting way bad. u must get some new glasses man, it looks like an R8 exactly!
  6. LOL i know i went over the edge but it def does not look like a panoz.
  7. Yeah...whoever said this looks like a Panoz has obviously never seen a Panoz. It doesn't look THAT much like an Audi either; although you can definitely see the design influence from the Audi in the Caddy's high nose configuration. But the Cadillac's headlights are standing more straight up than the Audi's and the body work over the engine bay and on back looks much different than the R8. Plus there's that rear wing tucked very close to the body. The two cars are probably more similar under the shell since they both run 4-liter, twin turbo, V8s. I bet the new induction work on the Caddy engine is something akin to the RFI on the Audi...maybe now the American car too can get mythical amounts of gas mileage...Hell, maybe now the American car will be fast enough to dice with it's not so similar cousin the Panoz...
  8. In general all lemans cars have the same look but i think this caddy has its own look. like come on look at the lights, single top row but the panoz has 2. the panoz driver is on the other side and the chrysler has a way longer front end. and last but not least the body curves are different. but this is just my opinion.<!-- Signature -->
  9. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from You smell like a$$</i>
    <b>Everyone's stupid on this site. </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Your the biggest idiot I've ever seen.<!-- Signature -->
  10. What kind of idiot would start this thread. Thats all i want to know. I guess it does look like a Panoz if it had a front engine layout and a different body. Yeah, i can see it.

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