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Discussion in '1998 Emme Lotus 422T' started by ghost of freedom, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. looks to normal
  2. Too normal? You call that NORMAL?! Its look is intruiging, not normal. Oh, and you made a grammatical error. It would be looks TOO normal, unless you were saying its looks are at or are to normal. I can't tell because you posted nothing other than the topic title.
  3. You tell him, Bugatti! I actually think this car looks kinda nice. There are, of course, better-looking sedans than this one, but I really dig the front. It's quite stylish.<!-- Signature -->
  4. All of the people making threads about this car are really dumb. maybe they forgot to read the specs or something
  5. I think it looks kinda cool...but kinda nasty too...but the engine bay is gorgeous
  6. This car looks nice
  7. really nice

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