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Discussion in '1999 HSV Maloo' started by barefoot driver, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. lose the spoiler
  2. Lose the spoiler? How about lose the car?<!-- Signature -->
  3. What's that spoiler for???<!-- Signature -->
  4. I agree the spoiler looks shit but thats an extra with the car in case you want to be a loser and ruin this cars true looks. You usually dont see many of these with a spoilers here at aussie.

    here are some pics of the new ute
    and the HRT Edition

  5. this car comes with a few spoiler size/options.
    ive seen a custom size spoiler which is bigger on a maloo<!-- Signature -->
  6. Heh, "lose the spoiler"... That was gonna be my topic. I'd say the new Utes look pretty good with the wing on the HSV and the lip spoiler on top of the HRT. It's the weird ones I got a prob with. They're pretty much taller than the roof, and they make any car look dumb. Especially a Ute.

    But I must say, small spoilers do the trick.<!-- Signature -->
  7. Or lower it. It looks awful!<!-- Signature -->
  8. i agree the spoiler looks farken stupid on a ute
  9. The new version is a lot lower. It looks a hell of a lot better.
  10. kinda looks like an old RamCharger or even a Subaru Brat..and yes, lose the spoiler
  11. new ss ute is the best lookign ute IMO

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