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  1. my honest feelings are that the elise and the Boxster S would be fairly even on a track the elise would have an advantage if it was a tight technical course and the boxster would have a slight advantage if it was a track with more straights. i have no doubts that the elise is supperior in the handling department, and i have no doubts the porsche is faster in a straight line, all in all i think the elise is more of a drivers car. if offered both cars i would take the Porsche simply for the fact that in my oppinion it has better looks than the new elise and that is has far more luxary.
  2. most comparisons anoy me but i think this is a good comparison...
    however i must agree i get quite pissed off when i see comparisons like Z06 vs 911 turbo or something along those lines
  3. But then you can compare it again with a S2000 and a BMW Z8. I have seen one program of Top Gear where they have tested the three cars, excluding the Elise, and the S2000 came up the fasted. So maybe a better race would be between the S2000 and the Elise.

    Out of all of them i would pick the Elise without a blink of an eye, it's just that much more sexy than all the others, not just that, it's a Lotus Elise you can not beat them on the country roads!
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    (sorry for my english)
    Juste to bring my advice :
    I'm the owner of a Porsche Boxster S 987 3.4L and a friend of me have a Lotus Elise 111R. Here what I can say : I do not agree with you when you say Elise can't be compared to boxster because it is so much more powerful, faster etc. It is not exact at all.
    I'm not a super driver, but on track no lotus have caught me (sometimes 4 lotus in the same time on the rack behind me), I've ever caught several lotus on the track.
    On the road the acceleration between 0 to 150 km/h is exactly the same. But after 150 km/h the lotus is lost. The flat 6 is more powerful in high speed, this is a fact, and I tested it in real!

    All that to say : I love these 2 cars and I'm not here to say boxsters are better. They are very very near concerning performances and are excellent cars. After that you can choose especialy one for other reasons (design, image, etc.), no problem, but you can't say the elise is more powerful.

    A little video from our rides :

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