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Discussion in '1998 Bentley Continental T' started by Endocles The Mighty, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. How about i s**t all over your bently, laugh at you as you cry, and peel away in my Maybach... you stupid fruits.<!-- Signature -->
  2. well your not gona make it big so no one cares. bentlyboy is right youve gotta be daed if you arnt gettin any in a bentley. <!-- Signature -->
  3. Ok, ok... my bad. THIS Bentley is not slow by any means. But most are! But if I ever made it Big in the Rap Game, I would NEVER waste my Cash on a Bentley! There are plenty other Luxery Cars that are even Faster! Like that Benz by RennTech!!! Or an M5, or the new Audi S6!!!<!-- Signature -->
  4. humm this or a brand new jag xj220 for 4 grand more? i wonder?????????
  5. This cars is on my top twenty list for greatest cars of all time.It ranks at #11(thus the reason for no top ten)it is the ultimate pimp mobile cause if you don't get laid in this car you're either dead or just plain dead.
  6. look at the weight of this car, if it weighed 3000 pounds it would be one of the fastest 0-60 times in this site <!-- Signature -->
  7. heavy yes, ugly no it's called style, slow, hahahhaha 0-60 in 5.7seconds you knob, read the facts
  8. Know whats funny about Bentleys (the Continental T in particular)? There not the fastest, there not the most technilogical, but for some reason the car is ABSOLUTLY PERFECT! THIS CAR DEFYS LOGIC AND RESONING!!! I sware W.O. Bentley himself is in all Bentleys.<!-- Signature -->
  9. Bentley's are UGLY, SLOW, and HEAVY B-O-X-E-S!!!<!-- Signature -->
  10. love the look of bentleys

    they look mean, i like the headlights, a nice car.<!-- Signature -->
  11. Hey Grizz2k, Bentley's are not slow considering how much they weigh. You abviously don't know anything about style and grace in automobiles; if you did, you would understand that this car in not meant to beat an M5 or 911, it is made to tour any landscape you choose in high style and silky acceleration. The Man/Woman that owns this car most likely has a M5 for everyday work or a Brabus benz sedan.
  12. My favorite is the Arnage t
  13. i like the Personal Commision 1's

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