Re: Love this car, looks a bit like a F1 car

Discussion in '1999 Mercedes-Benz Vision SLR' started by MaleStripper, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. SRL, How can your moms boss have a vision slr when they havent been built yet? If you read the main page they mention the factory itself hasnt been finished yet. Is your moms boss the CEO of daimlercrysler?
  2. I hope your right and they did make a mistake here. It would be a tragedy to see this car with a five speed auto tranny. This car should be built with nothing other than a 6 speed manual. This is a gorgeous car, I hope it does go into production because I would love to see one on the highway. I'd like to see some more stats but I think this could be the best car Mercedes has ever produced.
  3. Mercedes-Benz owns 20% of McLaren, thats the connection. M-B designed the car and under contract McLaren is going to build it in their new plant that M-B i helping to construct. there is no McLaren F1 street car influence in the design, but M-B has used the influence of the McLarean Mercedes Formula One car.

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