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Discussion in '2001 HSV VX2 SV300' started by Aych Es Vee, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Well you would expect that, its all relative to the price and money spent.
  2. a 3 series isnt the equivelant of a commodore, a commodore buyer with a family who needs 5 seats with lots of leg room wont buy a 3 series
  3. in europe remember the distances are much shorter, so a bigger person can put up with the smaller space for the short journeys.
  4. your right but if we're talking about australia, pepole with for example teenagers over 6 feet tall who travel long distances all the time then they wont be very comfortable in a 3 series
  5. i find the back seat of a 3 series is fine in the back for journeys under 20 minutes. im 6'3.
  6. for under 20min even an old mini isnt going to get overly uncomfortable but when the trip gets over about an hour a 3 series wont be the best of choices for tall backseat passengers
  7. let me ask you how often you ride in the back seat. The backseat of a car isn't comfortable for anyone, tall or small unless you are in nothing less than a 7 series (which are fugly). People don't get cars because its comfortable to ride in the back of unless you get a maybach. even ppl who have families don't get comfortable backseat cars. i know my parents don't
  8. we have a family of 5 with 3 of us over 6 foot. we go on holidays interstate in the commodore every year so it is important that there is leg room. and im sure we're not the only family to do this. yes its not an everyday thing but it happens enough to consider when buying a car although its definately not the deciding factor
  9. if your the only one in the back u can put your legs up on the seat which is ok...actually come to think of it you can be comfortable with 2 people there but i wont go there...

    commodores, falcs, mazda 6's, libertys, most 4WD's, e classes and 5 series are fine. The 7 series isnt that bad really, it isnt the most attractive car but credit to BMW for having the balls to do something like that.

  10. the 7 series is way to ugly. i no they have to stick with the traditional design but still come up with new ideas butthe back is really one of the ugliest things ive ever seen
  11. the 7 looks good in the darker colours, and the clear tail lights. It has class. But in the light colours and the amber tail lights, it looks awful.
    The interior is well done though
  12. I'm not a fan of a lot of the newest BMW's, I prefer a lot of the last model, in particular 5 and 7 series.
  13. The old 5 series was a well styled car. i really don't know why they abandoned that design theme, it was conservative, but hey, so are most BMW buyers.
  14. Has any one here actually seen the new E60 5-series in the flesh? I'm looking at a black 545i with 18" mags currently and it looks great.

    Pictures are very deceiving.
  15. Very true about pictures. I didn't like the look of the new 5 and 7 series when I first saw them but with most cars I haven't liked to start off with, they eventually grow on me and I can tollerate and often like them.
  16. Now that would be your 545i now wouldn't it, the one with the M body kit and nice cammel leather interior. Much nicer in the flesh i must agree, anyone seen a Bently GT in the flesh, saw one last saturday, b e a utiful, they look very beastly indeed. Cars always look better in the flesh, especially when they are all nice and shinny, a picture can do no good car any justice
  17. ive seen them, i just hate the back of them. everything else is quite nice
  18. I've seen it. I didn't particularly like it when I first something but like all new designs its starting to grow on me.
  19. Yeah, kinda like that 7 series that looked like a bently had humped a beamer and that was its illigitamte love child, i first thought that BMW couldn't possibly make a more uglier car if they tried, its still ugly, but i've gotten used to it
  20. Wow..I keep having to make new accounts on here because I keep forgetting names and passwords..sigh.. But, I just had to reply to something said on here in the earlier pages. The M5 can run the 'Ring in 8:13. The new Ring taxi driver (name is Sabine) drives the M5 taxi around daily, and says that she can pull faster times than when she broke the record at 19. (That record was 8:13) So yeah...the M5 does pull faster times around the ring.

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