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  1. I am a German and I'm proud of R. & M. Schumacher

    Yes, I am German, my English isn't as well as yours, but I can say what I need to say. Michael is the greatest driver ever. He holds almost every record in Formula 1, although he doesn't really care about them. I pisses me off when I read bullshit like some of you guys write. He drove F1 cars that were so crapy and he was always one of the top drivers. Think about his opponents in the World Championship: Damon Hill, Jacque Villeneuve, Mika Hakkinen, David Coulthard. Michael always worked with his team, he gave the team the spirit it needed, and so is his brother. When Michael will quit racing, Ralf will be Champion in a German cars: BMW.

    And I don't care how bad your reactions about this text will be, I know was/is/will be the best F1 driver ever.

    Lang lebe Michael Schumacher!!!

  2. Alright buddy i retract my earlier statement, r u happy?, how do u make me sound ridiculous?, you keep talkin about urself, u really MUST be self-centered. All u have been talkin about is how u make feel this, u do this, shutup.

    Its true Ferrari is the best in F1, but some ferrari fans are so narrow-minded. There ARE other good teams beside ferrari, but ferrari fans seem to hate all other teams. Its true i know many ferrari fans, and u can just read what everyone has put on this site,....

    "Ferrari is the best", "noone can touch ferrari"

    p.s. JOHN, no offence...IF i offended you in some way, which i probably did b\c all u think is about urself.
  3. HOW can you say that MS sucks? He is defianatley one of the best drivers, better than Irvine or JPM. For all of you dickheads who thinks he sucks heres a fact for ya. In 1994 he took a shitty Ford engine and made it WC, tell me another driver who can do that? So don go sayin he sucks. He is the best today and when he retires ralfie will take over. Ferrari is the best car and MS best driver I wouldnt be surprised if he didnt win te WC again this year.
  4. For those who believe that Senna was a superior driver than Schumacher, I ask you to consider this:

    Senna and Schumacher started 41 Grand Prix races together, Schumacher finished ahead 21 of those times, this at a time when Senna was at the Zenith of his considerable prowess and was driving for the glamour teams of McLaren and Williams (Briefly), while Schumacher was a relative rookie at the start of his career driving for the lowly Jordan and Benetton teams.

    As to Schumachers driving tactics, yes I agree they leave a lot to be desired, but this argument is irrelelevant when you are comparing to Senna, anyone else remember Suzuka 1990?

    Schumacher has won 2 world championships driving the 2nd best car ('94 and '95) since 1976 only Rosberg ('82) and Prost ('86) have won the championship in a car that was arguably not the best.

    Senna has a formidable qualifying record, but do not forget he had the fastest qualifying car for 6 straight years, ('86-'87 with Lotus and '88 to '91 with McLaren) Schumacher has only had the fastest car for qualifying for 2 years (2000-2001).

  5. listen michael schumacher is one of the greatest ever! MS, AS, and AP are the best! and always will be. Hakk isn't even close, give him a car that isn't the best and he runs so low it is even worth mentioning but as soon as u giving him the best car he can run close to schumacher, not beat him but run close. Schumi joined ferrari and brought them up from the midfield! the ferrari wasn't the best car when he joined in 1996 but he made it shine! The ferrari was a superior car last season, what is wrong with that? only people who run minardi's and come in last place are the best? get real man, schumi has 4 championships, no one else in the field comes close! he has 53 wins; no one on the grid comes close, he has the most points ever; no one in the grid comes close, most wins in a season; no one else on the grid comes close! i can keep going but i would run out of space. i am not saying u have to agree with me but no one can deny is an exceptional talent!
  6. Schumi doesnt suck....hes by far the best driver of his time.....but hes certainly not the greatest of all time.All u guys who harp that hes broken this record and that means nothing.....cos hes had to do it without any competition from anyone of his calibre.....look at senna and prost......arguably 2 of the best drivers in history......they had 2 compete against each other....and still managed to break most existing its just been easier for schumi to break them......dont get me wrong....hes a great driver.....but no way the best of all time<!-- Signature -->

  7. heheheh

    Schumacher has the right to be called the "best" because he is the best, not all the time does Barracello give way to him, barracello always has problems anyway i think i've only seen him give way once and i dont think it was on purpose, he #$%#ed up a turn

    Schumacher trains 8 hrs a day 6 days a week to be where he is now.

    He has to do like x4 his body weight to keep the car uner control aswell as keep poll and not crash

    so think about it
  8. schumacher is da best
  9. he isn't the greatest definitely, but he IS great.

    it's kinda' like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. both dominated golf during their times, but i think Jack's better coz' he had equal and immediate competition from Arnold Palmer and Gary Player.

    so i say Senna is better.......besides, A.Senna won ALOT of races with a car not even half as technologically advanced as Mike's.<!-- Signature -->
  10. He is the man. Given he has the best F1 team behind him but so does Rubin. He is a violator. And by no means does he suck, suck at what? Driving, if you think that you're a fool.
  11. Guess who won the race in which Senna died? It was Schumi... who was perhaps destined to success.
  12. He's not the fastest ,but he's very consistent.

    in my view Senna is the fastest driver.
  13. Do u know anything about F1?.....oviously not! this m,an is a legend...and as for Mika and David "Creaming him" Why haven't they done it before? because there not as good. Ferrari is the best team and this man is a LEGEND !!! As for Maclaran's boss Ron Dennis.when ever he gets beaten he complains that Ferrari are cheating......some Boss !
  14. for all those people sayin that its the car and not the driver, let me remind you that michael won his first two CONSECUTIVE titles with a BENETON!!!<!-- Signature -->
  15. SUPRA RACER. You really don't know much about F1 at all, or your comments would be about F1 and not about bashing Schumacher for no reason! you said you hate him, why?

    you said he has the best F*kin car? maybe in 2001, not in 2000, and he STILL won, and back in 97 when Williams could run circles around Ferrari's he was still in very close contention. F1 Magazine rated him the second best driver of all time (soo far! his career ain't over yet) and i think the representatives of F1 no a little bit more than you! (just a guess) so until you have any valid reasons to say you dislike him, or any evidence to show that he "sucks", please do everybody a favour and keep your comments to yourself.

    Thank you.<!-- Signature -->
  16. It's not just the damn car you retards! i mean it may be the best F1 car this season but tis the driver that makes all the diffrence! your a #$%#ign dumbshit if you think that shumacher sucks! Man think beofre you say something that retarded!
  17. Of course the car matters. I would like to see M. Schumacher win a World Championship, a GP, or even get a point in a GP in a PS01.
    He is however the greatest driver in the sport. Soon all records will fall to him and to my dislike, he will probably take this years drivers championship.
  18. How any one could say that M. Schumacher sucks is a complete moron. He consistently .5 to 1.0 + sec per lap faster than Barrichello at every track. David Coulthard & Jacque Villeneuve better drivers than Schumacher, you people have got to be joking. I will not even bother to comment on David Coulthard, but as far as Jacque Villeneuve goes he is a good driver but if Schumacher was at BAR all those years they would be top contenders for the F1 title by now. M. Schumacher is the best & in the wet I feel sorry for the other drivers because they are not even in the same class.
  20. A driver's car does not put him higher than he should be. On the other side, a driver's car can definitely make him lower than he should be. Many people are saying that the only reason Schumacher wins is because he has the fastest car. Do these people think Marques (Minardi driver for the first 3/4 of last season who hasn't done much in F1 or Champcars) in a Ferrari would have been world champion? I don't think so.

    A car is only as good as the man who drives it.
  21. Sure, like i said, why do u ppl get offended when someone says micheal sux. Oh course the car matters #$%#heads, the car DOES matter...its not the big factor but its one of the main factors, and u say he won in 1994 with a different car...did his car suck then?? i dont think so?!?!

    CKris...whatever ur name is...and all of you since u guys take this topic so seriously and assume that u know more than each other...why dont u guys send ur resumes into FIA! that'd all shut u up.

    Its other ppl opinions...there NOT referring to you, besides u ferrari fans bash other drivers and teams more than we bash shoemaker.
  22. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from MuZZy</i>
    exacly!supra racer you obviusly dont know what the heck you are talking about... so pleaze!!!! do evrybody a big favor and SHUT - THE - **** - UP!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  23. U SUX p#%?k!
  24. Everybody who said here that Schumacher sucks will not see the reality - he is the best driver ever! So shut up you dumb asshole!!!
  25. Ferarri could be doing better things with 40 million dollars a year than pay it Schumacher but he got the Ferarri cockpit because he is a damn good driver. I think if Luca di Montezemolo would see the chance of Marques driving equally good he would gladly invite him to do so, but everyone who knows what Formula One is all about knows that he wouldn't.

    Schumacher is an idiot though.

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