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  2. Honestly why do you guys get worked by people like this. You know that they are just try to piss your'll off. Ofcourse he knows that Michael Schumacher is the BEST THERE IS AND THE BEST THERE EVER WILL BE. Some people say stats do not matter. Well my friends it is the most important. In the future generations there will be no one to tell how well Senna or Prost raced. There will only be the mark left by this great man to show his sheer dominance at his time in the sport. People who try to say otherwise are lying to themselves and are very jealoes of his £70m salary.
  3. Well REEK, it's only for the number of championships mate, which I'm sure he will be most likely to equal and if he doesn't retires will break. Other record which isn't schumi's is the no of pole positions, which some distance away (held by senna). When you take the number of recs under michaels belt it's unbelievable.
  4. Yeah I'm confident Schumacher will equal, even break Fangio's record of 5 Championships, what I'm saying is percentage-wise statistics favour Fangio.

    Fangio 24 wins + 11 further podium finishes
    29 pole positions + 19 other front-row starts
    23 fastest laps

    all these from only 51 Starts (admittedly 2 of those wins were shared)
  5. he is #$%#ing retard I hate that mother#$%#er
    and i hate the whole team
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  7. Umm yeah.. M.Schumacher sux... umm 4 champions? hmm... #$%# u.. he cant suck... hes 1 of the best drivers ever.. and oh yeah.. he won in australia now with like 30 sec.... u stupid #$%# u are nothing... dont blame Mr.Scumacher that u are a looser... And it aint just the car cause, he won with benneton 95, 96 so..

    Bout the car.. Wonder how easily M.Schumacher will win with this 1... (30 sec with F1 2001 car) =)
  8. Yeah I'd love to see how much his driving will suck when they let him loose in the 2002 car...
  9. i have to agree with schumi69 he is the best and knowone is better then him adn that cant be argued
  10. Actually, if you even follow F1 at all. There is no proof that Ferarri has the superior car, except the wins it collects...wins by Schumi. So that in itself proves that Schumi doesn't suck, perhaps your jealous...probably. Well I hope you come to your senses man, and stop stirring up trouble-if you don't have any thought out and sensible contributions don't contribute. Thanks
  11. How can you say that, you *****!

    He's the best F1-driver ever, he even became worldchampion in a Bennetton!! A f*cking Bennetton!!

    Coulthard's the really bad driver, he can't even finish!<!-- Signature -->
  12. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Snitzu666</i>
    <b>How can you say that, you *****!

    He's the best F1-driver ever, he even became worldchampion in a Bennetton!! A f*cking Bennetton!!

    Coulthard's the really bad driver, he can't even finish!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Pardon me there boys, but I have to inform you that MS is not the best ever. The best was Senna, no one knows what he could have done had he still been alive. I do not think that Schumacher sucks however, he is definitely one of the best. Senna was the best and if it were not for the poorly designed steering column that Adrian Newey designed he would still be alive today. And who knows what he was capable of. He had 65 pole positions, 21 more than Schumacher, and he was only 32 when he died. He had it all and more, if Senna had not died Schumacher would just be a foot note. And if you know anything about F1 you will know that the Benetton team was very good in the early 90's. peace<!-- Signature -->
  13. just a note regarding Senna vs Schumacher.

    Senna and Schumacher raced each other 41 times between 1991 and 1994, Senna driving for McLaren and Williams, Schumacher for Jordan and Benetton, So I think you'll agree with me that the car advantage was with Senna, Senna had already won 2 world championships and was on his way to his 3rd when Schumacher raced an F1 car for the first time, So I think you'll agree with me that Senna had the experience advantage.

    despite this, in 41 grand prix races together, the score is 21-20 to SCHUMACHER. (Check if you don't believe me)

    Senna had the fastest QUALIFYING car for 6 straight years (Lotus '86-'87 and McLaren '88 to '91) which may go a long way to explaining his Phenomenal Pole Position record (which I might add, is not as impressive as Fangio's or Clark's)

    Schumacher won 2 world championships driving the "not-fastest" car, nobody else has, ever.

    don't get me wrong, Senna was my hero too. But I honestly believe Schumacher is better, and I've not heard anyone here or elsewhere offer a valid argument to change my opinion.

    oh and he was 34 when he died, not 32.
  14. Obviously, no F1 driver sux. I think he's just upset that Michael has everything basically handed to him. Barichello alwayz creates opportunities for him, he has the best car on the circuit, and possibly the best pit crew, but you still have to be a great driver to succeed in F1, no matter how much help you get.
  15. the F2002 might not be the ebst car actually, it's pretty tied up with the william BMW! some people say the BMW team has the ebst engine but the ferrari team has better aerodynamics, traction control etc... however i Juan Pablo Montoya is getting in there and might win the world championships but today kinda sucked for him in the brazilian grand prix! though he finish 5th! that's #$%#ing awesome and RS did awesome too finishing in second! and coulthard finally made it to the podium! it's about time! haha<!-- Signature -->
  16. shut up all of u....
    this guys is a tool
    and i mean if schumacher was shit then he wouldn't be driving F1 and winning all the time. regadless of the car. don't ***** about some little guys comment on a man who doesn't need little #%$s bitching about him.
    i dun really like the bloke but i don't diss him..
    later<!-- Signature -->
  17. yeah, thats why he beats him in every race he finishes.
  18. It was '89 when Senna got disqualified at Suzuka (2nd last race of the season. And Yeah the Lotus was fuel-drinking nightmare on raceday, but my point was that Senna racked up 62 of his 65 pole positions when he had the fastest car in qualifying.

    Senna vs Prost makes a good comparison, I mean they had the exact same car for 2 years, both got 1 championship each, Senna won more races but Prost racked up more points.

    In fact if the current scoring system was used during the 1980's, Alain Prost would have been world champion in '83,'84,'85,'86,'88,'89 and '93 - SEVEN TIMES WORLD CHAMPION. And he would have beaten Senna BOTH years they were at McLaren. It is my opinion that Senna was faster in out and out speed terms, but Prost out-thought him and held his car together (mechanically) better, Prost hardly ever spun-off while leading a race, Senna seem to do it a lot.

    I found it interesting that when Senna went to McLaren the team sort of focused around him, and forgot about Prost, Prost who had served McLaren well from 1984 (2 world championships!), all of a sudden the team was focusing around Senna, what's even more puzzling is that Prost racked up more points than Senna in both '88 and '89 and thus was a greater contributor towards the Constructor's Championship - And Ron Dennis has said that the Constructor's Championship is more important to him, I wonder why then, the Team was always focused on Senna's needs and wants more than Prost?

    now that I've got that off my chest, I will stop typing.
  19. without Schumacher, Ferrari will be long gone in F1<!-- Signature -->
  20. I dunno who's the moron that started this forum and quite frankly i dont care. I do sympathise with the fact that schumacher is on the top of his game right now and he IS the man to beat. However I strongly suggest to whomever thinks that M.Schumacher sux to actually watch the races and only after that they will be able to post a reasonable opinions about this driver. Quite frankly i dunno who else in f1 won more than 100 races and had more than 100 podiums. He also has the most pole positions, the most laps lead, he has the most world championships won only next to "el Maestro" Juan Manuel Fangio, and yes i think that he is going to win his fifth world championship or even his 6th, you never know. In case you are thinking that Ferrari is the only reason why he is winning. Oh that's why schumacher won his first championship with a benetton powered by a cossworth. ok,if you still insist, fair enough, but i hope you realise that ferrari wont be able to make the cars better if they dont have drivers who exploit their potential. so if that is your theory then montoya would suck too because he wouldn't be anything without the williams.
  21. after Brazilian GP,

    Most Championships:
    Fangio - 5
    Schumacher - 4
    Prost - 4

    Most Wins:
    Schumacher - 55
    Prost - 51
    Senna - 41

    Most Podiums:
    Prost - 106
    Schumacher - 100
    Senna - 80

    Most Pole Positions:
    Senna - 65
    Schumacher - 44
    Clark - 33
    Prost - 33

    Most Fastest Laps:
    Schumacher - 44
    Prost - 41
    Mansell - 30

    Most Points:
    Schumacher - 825
    Prost - 798.5
    Senna - 614

    It may take Schumacher a few more years to get to 100 wins!
  22. i beg to differ. schumacher has 57 podiums
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    I don't know where yo get your information from, but first you say Schumacher has 100 wins and now you say he's got 57 podiums?!?

    Schumacher has 100 podiums made up from 55 wins, 29 seconds and 16 third places.

    follow this link for a complete list of all his podium places.
  24. oops my bad i meant pole positions. sorry but thanks for the attempt to correct me
  25. great input shuemy-haters....HAHAHAHA
    sure he sucks and its all the car, the winningest driver in F1 history "just got stuck with a great car" OHHH now it all makes sense! when he and rubens had identical car Shuemy still whooped barrichello's lap times....AND everyone elses!! don't get me wrong, Rubens is the man, but Shuemy is a racing god, you cant deny it<!-- Signature -->

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