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  2. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from ShuemyFan</i>
    <b>great input shuemy-haters....HAHAHAHA
    sure he sucks and its all the car, the winningest driver in F1 history "just got stuck with a great car" OHHH now it all makes sense! when he and rubens had identical car Shuemy still whooped barrichello's lap times....AND everyone elses!! don't get me wrong, Rubens is the man, but Shuemy is a racing god, you cant deny it</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Schumacher is great, but a "god"? wouldn't that imply he never makes a mistake? I've seen him do 2 silly mistakes while leading a race, that for a lack of concentration or whatever prove that even the best can make a mistake.
  3. exaggerate (ig-zag'e-rAt) verb: 1) to think, speak, or write of (something) as greater than it is; overstate. 2) to increase or enlarge to an abnormal degree.

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  4. thanks for the lesson...
  5. "Schumi Sux"
    That's like saying Gretzky can't skate you idiots. He is setting records and you say he sucks.
    Go watch NASCAR moron.<!-- Signature -->
  6. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Bashar</i>
    <b>M. Schumacher sux, his team mate Barrichello is better than him its a sad thing that he has to put him self down so Schumacher could get his points and titles (come on man what happend to good friendly competion) seriously if it wasnt for the nicely set up Ferrari he'd suck as! and lets not forget Hakkinen and Coulthard could cream his ass.....</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    do u ever watch F1 u ass Schumacher wins almost every time he does not suck u suck
  7. gsolinas and Porsche LVR, i agree, thank you!...except LVR, vipers do not suck.<!-- Signature -->
  8. Re: M. Schumacher Sux......UMmmmmmmmm NOOOOO

    Mike kick's ass (sorry for pushing my words). I read a book at Fortino's(good Cappoacion's(Badd Speeling)) The ferrari team has 3rd best Car 1 William's BMW 2 Mclaren Mercedes 3 Ferrari weird aiy?????sounds a lil farfeched. I'm Ukrainian and i like a german race weird. Mike is great Ralf is So is Senna And Prost so there u go can't complain and who ever said something about Mike worse than his brother ahhh for f*ck a shark


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  9. i just went back nd read the previous pages of replies on this forum. I have to say this: Ferrari isn't the best car as of today, the Williams beemers are fastest, thats a common fact. Also, Supra Racer, all Ferrari fans do not spit upon other drivers/teams/fans. I am a die hard Ferrari/Shumacher fan, and i still love the BMW team, not as much as Ferrari, but i love them still. (especially Montoya, damn that guy can drive!) and also, you kept accusing people of just bashing others when almost all your post were doing just that. dont't be a hypocrite.<!-- Signature -->
  10. I'm not a big F1 fan (just because I never catch the races) but I know that Michael Schumacher can't be a bad driver. I heard on Speedvision (The Speed Channel I think now) that he is the world's highest paid athlete. From the little I know about him he seems to be a consistent driver. They said he's already won more races and broken more records than any other driver in history. Just because you don't like the guy dosen't mean he's a shitty driver. You have to give him at least some credit. If you ever want to criticize any F1 driver's skills in an unconstructive mannor ask yourself this, "if I raced him would I win?." You might not think he's the best but he is good.
  11. For all those who think Schumacher sucks...

    Imagine how many races and championships and pole positions he would have won if he had been driving for Williams in 1992-1997 and McLaren in 1998-1999.
  12. There is a reason why Michael Schumacher is the highest paid athlete, in fact, the Italian government pays his salary. And when a very succesful economically country pays someone's salary, you know they can't be wrong.

    And, if Michael Schumacher sucks, why did he win 4 championship titles, and is the record holder for the most number of races won, and just added another race in Imola.
  13. Shuey is damn close to as good of a driver as Senna was. Shuey is not a god, he is human, and of course he makes mistakes. By the end of his career I think he could be deemed best f1 driver ever..possibly. And I do believe Shuey could win world championship in a Mercedes or Bmw car. He's the best racer I've seen in person, so smooth. He consistently went into corners faster and braked later and accelerated earlier out of the corners. I was watching from the infield at Indianapolis and damn does Shuey have balls. Coulthard, Hakkinen, everybody was breaking way earlier at the end of this s curve that ended up in this hard left blast!! Shuey was taking it like a mad man, with complete control. The next driver that impressed me the most was Montoya.
  14. all i have to say is get ur head outa ur ass and think before u post any shit like this again
    u know what...dont even post anything again...cause each time u will u'll just show how F***in stupid u r
  15. skylimit. nice rebuttle, #%$got. instead of whipin u'r ass all over the forum, why not actually make sense and give an argument, or do you lack one?<!-- Signature -->
  16. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from ReeK</i>
    <b>For all those who think Schumacher sucks...

    Imagine how many races and championships and pole positions he would have won if he had been driving for Williams in 1992-1997 and McLaren in 1998-1999.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    now thats juss something stupid to say. its like saying well what if ayrton senna was still alive and didnt retire till 97? i dont think schuey is as good as Senna. Hands down. overall senna is a better driver. what ur saying is why doesnt he just hop in a fighter jet and win everything?
  17. I've already given my reasons why I believe Schumacher is a better driver than Senna.

    here's a recap:

    1) Schumacher raced Senna in 41 GP, the score was 21-20 to Schumacher.
    2) Schumacher is the ONLY driver EVER to win 2 world championships while not driving the fastest car ('94 and '95). Senna won all his world championships driving a practically invincible McLaren.

    Read my other posts in this forum.

    I still stand by my comment that if MS had been driving for William from 1992-1997 and McLaren in 1998-99, he would have won every world championship (barring injury) and no-one would give a second thought about comparing him to Senna.

    and what if Senna was still alive and didn't retire until '97? My Guess is he would have lost the '94 championship to Schumacher, probably won the '95 championship with Williams, then he would have been fired by Frank Williams for asking for too much money (RE Piquet '87, Mansell '92 and Hill '96) he would have been snapped up by a whatever team had a spare seat in 1996, if it was a crap team we might have seen some brilliant driving for a podium place or two. in 1997 he may have gone back to McLaren where they didn't have a competitive car so he retired at the end of 1997. I'm just postulating what could have been, the idea of the post was to get people to think about just how good MS is.

    If my previous post doesn't get people asking "what if?" then yes the post has failed it's intention.

    at least my post was plausible. MS would not have been allowed to race a fighter jet - that's STUPID.
  18. Wow heated debate going on from what I've read so far. One thing that doesn't make sense is to plainly say MS sucks. Lets face it, you might not like the guy and/or Ferrari, but he is a damn good driver, can't deny him that. He's proved it time and time again. However, by just chalking up numbers/wins/championships then saying he is better or equal to Senna is a bit hurried. Where MS is now is his peak, he is done growing, and he has shown that at his peak he kicks some major ass. Where Senna was before his death, was nowhere near his peak, and even then he had a certain frenchmen crashing into him all the time out of envy and jealousy.
    MS has nearly flawless technique and a refined talent not to mention some balls. Senna had good technique that much is true, but he also had immense raw talent that still needed refinement and time to grow. If you could remake Senna in present day just the way he was before he died, MS would get a run for his money, no more win after win. In 3 to 4 years, Senna would peak and drown MS. The bottom line is Senna had more natural instinct and talent than probably any other racer that was or will be, thats what matters in F1. It's not simply being a refined driver, it's being a refined driver but always showing you have room to grow. At the moment, MS is done growing that much is obvious, he is not going to get any better. Before Senna's death, he was just as good as MS now if not better but he showed that he still had a huge amount of growth left, but he died so we'll never know.
    One thing to keep in mind is that Championship/Win count doesn't always make you the best. You also have to consider where you win and how you won. You can win a season by destroying the competition at the easier races but chocking on the difficult tracks. I'm not saying this is the case for MS, but its something to think about. Monaco is THE place, if you're anybody in F1, you've won monaco at least once. And if you're the best they call you "The Prince of Monaco", a title still held by Senna to this day even after his death because he's won Monaco more than anyone else and has done it with a huge margin. If you have good responses post away, otherwise be polite, or I'll come visit you during Xmas time. <!-- Signature -->
  19. SantyKilause,

    I commend you on being the first person to offer me a valid argument as to why Senna might be better than Schumacher , but you haven't changed my mind, you say Senna was still growing as a driver, I dispute that, given he was 34 when he died (older than MS is now), I think Senna peaked in about '91 when he would have been the same age as MS is now.

    You are right about your point that how you win a race is important, but I still stand by my contention that overall Senna had far superior cars to MS.
  20. you are right too about Senna's talent, I agree that he has more natural talent than MS, but talent alone doesn't make the best driver.

  21. By the way, I noticed some questions about how fast these F1 puppies go, numbers, etc. I can tell you these things have standing quarter miles well into the low 9s and a standing kilometer around 15 secs, maybe lower. Top speeds usually are geared to be kept around 220 but they can easily be modified for 250ish regions. I doubt they break 1000horses, 850 to 950 range usually, but with the kind of power to weight ratio that they have, that's some serious acceleration. Decelerations and turns have 3 to 4g values, which is hell on the neck. Also keep in mind these engines aren't the biggest ones out there, typically 3 to 4 liters perhaps, thats some excepetionally engineering at 200 to 250horses/liter. <!-- Signature -->
  22. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Bashar</i>
    <b>M. Schumacher sux, his team mate Barrichello is better than him its a sad thing that he has to put him self down so Schumacher could get his points and titles (come on man what happend to good friendly competion) seriously if it wasnt for the nicely set up Ferrari he'd suck as! and lets not forget Hakkinen and Coulthard could cream his ass.....</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    U r kind of right during the last lap of the Austrian Grand Prix they made Barchello pull aside and let Schumacher Pass. But Most of the time Shumacher is the better driver and MS doesn't suck<!-- Signature -->
  23. If Rubens is so much better than Shuemy... why wouldn't ferrari have HIM run for the points...gee, maybe because he isn't better? <!-- Signature -->
  24. I'll respond to everything at once.

    The Ferrari F1 car from the last few years has been among the best. But, except for 2001, it wasn't THE best. McLaren always had a better car, but the Ferrari was always more reliable (witness Irvine almost winning the championship in 99). MS didn't win in 99 because he broke his leg at Silverstone that year (even with the broken leg, he was very competitive in the points). I think he was leading the points at the time. MS had a huge part in making Ferrari what it is today. Ron Braun also deserves some credit. Ferrari was a middle of the road team in the early 90's. Ferrari currently has the best car and the most reliability. He is dominating with a superior car. He dominated last year with a superior car. In 2000, the Ferrari was close in terms of performance to McLaren, but Ferrari was better in reliability. MS won championships with a car that wasn't the best and dominated when he had the best. Hakkinen never dominated while having the best car, MS always gave him a run for his money. Same goes for Damon Hill and Villenuve. Keep in mind, when MS first joined Ferrari, Ferrari was about what a Jordan is now. And he still almost won.

    MS will win the title this year, unless there is a serious injury. He'll be favored to win for the forseeable future as well, barring injury. Ferrari will give him a great car, even if BMW and, eventually, Toyota have more money at their disposal.

    When all is said and done with, MS will probably be considered the greatest F1 driver ever.
  25. M Schumacher is easily the best driver of his generation, if not one of the best ever (though it's hard comparing drivers from different eras as the cars were different etc etc...)
    Statistics don't lie. He's won the most races, soon to have equaled for the most Driver's Championship, highest career points in a World Championship in his career, and second for career pole positions. Now don't tell me he could of achieved all that if he did 'suck'.

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