Re: m3 gtr or porsche 911 gt3 r?

Discussion in '2001 BMW M3 GTR' started by tiger005, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. depends on the restrictions of the m3. last year the m3 won 6 oout of 8 races and took the manufactures championship even though porche outnumbered bmw 4 to 1 at most races. this year however the m3 will carry a 220 pound weight penalty and a smaller resticter do to the fact that they have only produced one version of the street legal version. bmw says that with these restrictions it would make the car so no competitive that it wouldnt even bother racing the car. but clearly the m3gtr was the superior car last year.
  2. I Think i would take the GT3 because it looks cooler, and because everyone knows that Porsche makes the best cars.......
  3. I'd take the GT3-R <IMG SRC="">)
  4. If it was just wide open racing i would definetly chose the M3 GTR. It has a V8 so it would pull around corners better and have more power down the straights.
    The GT3 also has excellent handling though. They need to get a bigger engine.<!-- Signature -->
  5. the M3 gtr is far superior to the GT3
    the m3 has a much better engine and has brilliant grip. a review of the m3 stated the m3gtr had soo much downforce that it could not be driven without power steering
    the m3 is not only better at strait line excelleration but is also better around corners

  6. 911 GT3RS,
    the BMW costs over 160,000USD more!! and is actually more than the corvette C5-R<!-- Signature -->
  7. M3. Porsches are everywhere now, and like I said in another thread, I'll never forgive the Porsche racing program for killing off the M3 from ALMS competition. I'm sick of all the 911 GT3 Rs in the GT Class.

    Besides, seeing that beautifully sculpted BMW body blast by at 120 mph and then downshift, belching out a dramatic flame, was heaven. It was a rolling work of art more than it was a race car.<!-- Signature -->
  8. M3 GT-r, definately!<!-- Signature -->
  9. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Type R</i>
    <b>which one would u pick?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    r u crazy? porsche cudnt handle this shiyt this is in a much higher class than that porsche. i consider porsche A+ this wud definitly qualify as A+++
  10. M3 all the way
  11. PORSCHE ALL THE WAY! the best bmw IMO is the Z8.. and bond wrecked it in "the world in not enough". bastard
  12. M3 GTR all the way
  14. m3 GTR - samish weight, by the looks of it - more downforce better weight distribution, more torque and power down low for out of corner acceleration but honestly just theorising haven't driven either like everyone in this thread i'm guessing. but GT3-R is still awesome. my dream car is a 996 GT3, maybe 3.8L one when it comes out and my dad has an E46 M3 so i luv both cars and their derivitives
  15. m3 gtr hands down
  16. How can you not take the M3 GTR? It is the better handling, fater, and more balanced car. Not only that but what is realy impresive is that the Porsche is based on a road car that was designed to be made into a racecar. The M3 is a racecar that was made from a true GT car. Granted the first version of the car was built as a racecar for the street, but that was 15 years ago.

    To all of the people who took the Porsche:
    Porsche is a big baby. Why can the Porshe have .4 mor liters, and a very limited prodution run of the car it is based on, and the BMW not have that advantage ever? It took Porsche nearly a year and a half to get the road version of the car out there, and BMW has only 9 months to a year? That is some major bullshit.

    My username is just my e-mail since it was the only one that I could get that had M3 in it, and was not insanely long.
  17. GT3-R!!! This car's not bad though!!!
  18. Porsche, easily, different racing leagues.
  19. Would love to see this car up against the Nations Cup Holden Monaro (7.0L Chev) in the Bathurst 24hrs. Seems that might happen.
  20. lay off becuse the M3 GTR beat the shit out of the C5-R

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