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  1. look who is speaking about retarded. If u supposedly know cars then u should know manual or auto somehow the E55 AMG is faster to a 100km/h than the M5 so u r just talking a load of bulshit.

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    Ok.. can all of you guys just step into reality for a second? This M5 vs E55 discusion is rediculous. Mind my english, I'm from Norway. To compare witch car is the best based on witch one goes the fastes from 0-60mph is just stupid. We all know that the E55 is the fastet car here, but thats all, thats your arguement. BMW M cars are about the connection between the driver and the road. Mercedes simply( even Audi RS Cars) can't offer that kind of feeling. The M5 has it all, the steering feedback and feel, the feel trough the chassis, all the signals the car gives back from the road just makes it a really involving and rewarding car to drive. The handling is amazing. On the other side it also offers the kind of luxry of an ordinary 5-series. Don't get me wrong, the E55 isn't a bad car, it's only that the BMW does it better, in many ares not that much better. My piont is that the M5 is a better car, but not by far! When I read some of these post's I start laughing, because some of you are only interested in the 0-60mph time. Here in Europe, that doesn't matter as much as handling does. All our roads are twisty(almost) and when the getting gets to go, all that matters is how your car handles around the next corner and how good of a driver you are. Remeber just because you can win a drag race, dosen't mean you can win on a twisty road.

    Ps: Eropean cars are the best handling veacihles in the world, only beacuse we simply need the handling on an every day basis.

    The new BMW M5 debuts here in Europe in 2004, 5,0l v10 with 500hp
    The new 5-series debuts here in Norway 5th of July
    I just read a test of it (bil og motor)(it's in norwegian) where the title was"the new BMW 5-series is a sexorgie" an is better than the current E-clas and mahes the A6 look and feel old.

    Favorite cars(non super cars)
    Alfa 147, 156
    BMW 3,5,z4, x5
    Mercedes C32 staion wagon, s600
  3. first of all, the E55 is more powerful, obviously enough to overcome the auto. Unless the driver is a complete retard who cannot shift gears for himself, a manual will almost always be faster. and if not, why do all rally and racing cars use manuals? and before you say regulations, go to a rally where road registered cars can be entered, i.e targa tasmania in australia. 99% of the cars are manuals, even in cars that you can get in autos, like 911 turbos, WRX's carrera's etc etc
  4. Just to back up pornstar69's post (haha), guess what transmission EVERY car in what is considered to be the pinnacle of motor racing, Formula 1 uses? A manual gearbox!!! (incredibly enough) Sure, with the advent of modern technology, the gearboxes shift automatically, but it is still a manual at heart.
  5. yep, M5 all the way. enought said. :D
  6. e55 is owning and judging by the restyled m5 is ugly ( i like bmw) and the e looks great m5 lost
  7. Quote from Ferox D )who quoted 1q2w3e

    Quote from 1q2w3e
    to the M5 man, i'll ask again, why is the M5 a better car? Have you driven either? As i said in the Merc page post, i've driven both the CLK55 and E55, and theres a big diffrence between those two.
    the E55 is a saloon, big, comfortable and comes with all the trimmings like an M5, but no manual box? Big deal, you couldn't shift an M5 manual box anywhere near as quick as the auto, and if you want to say the M5 packs and extra what? 30 odd kilowatts, who cares? It doesn't do much with that extra horsepower. And Mercedes is bringout out a supercharged version of it anyway. I think they're just big, comfortable quick salon's there not a sports car.

    A manual gearbox isn't about being faster than an automatic, it is about being more one with the car, which no automatic gearbox can ever acheive. These two cars certainly aren't sports cars, but they should still be driver's cars, which the Merc is not since it has an auto.

    My comment:
    Hey, if there was a demand for mercedes to bring out a manual gear box (which they had done in the past but then customers were unhappy with it) but you think a company like Merc wouldnt bring out a better manual box if there was a demand for it (from customers) i mean its easy for us to say "oh they should have a manual box" but were not the ones buying it. And if mercedes wouldnt answer to a great demand if there was one, AMG definately would.

    I know this isnt with the topic brought up, but you heard of Brabus? They offer some of the worlds most powerful everythings (saloons, coupes etc) but most of thier cars are automatics too, coz not many customers really want to be shifting and all that.

    Its all about what the CUSTOMER WANTS, and not what WE would LIKE.
    (dads got an E55, i drive it, even though im only 16 and neither me or my dad woudld want it in manual.)
  8. Quote from snyper

    M5, simple, nothing to it. and with the supercarged version of the E55 that is cool considering that u need it even to come to close, oh and by the way the next gen M5 will have a naturally aspirated 5 litre V8 putting out about 500bhp, have a nice day

    Hey buddy, sorry to burst your bubble but ummmm M is bringin out an M5 in 2005 V8 with 500 bhp? So that still means that our 1998 E55 W210 chassis with just over 580 bhp will still beat the M5's? I know its not all about horse power, but Mercs and BM's almost usually near enough have the same weight, usually its the displacement that gives the torque values, so really its about the power under the hood right?

    I said this in one of these forums, BMW were the ones supplying McLaren all the engines for the F1s and all the rest. And only now M is coming out with this? If i believe correctly it was 1997 the McLaren made its appearance.....and now its 2005.....with just this? They can do soo much more.

    (But hey, at the end of the day, I love BM's especially M's, Alpina's and Snitzers but its ALL about GERMAN engineering! CANT BEAT IT)
  9. Hey listen, heres the M to AMG line up:

    [M3 = C32] The C32 beats the M3
    [M5 = E55] The E55 beats the M5
    [MZ3 = SLK32] I am not sure about the fight between these 2
    [MX5 = ML55] The MX5 beats the ML55
    [M7 and/or M8 = S55 and/or CL55] The S55 and CL 55 beat both the M7 and M8. Plus the AMG 60 & 65 are out.

    If my memory serves me correctly... 612 bhp from the 6.5 displacement and thats in the end of 2003/start of 2004. and in 2005 M will come out with 500 bhp?

    (not sure about MZ8 or MZ4)(has M done them @ all, if anyone knows please let me know).

    Im not sure if you watched an episode of Top Gear (an English program) where Jeremy Clarksson had viewed a showdown between an M5 and an E55, and the E55 beat it in all the categories given...all except in driver control (as as the E55 was an automatic and the M5 was a manual, givin the driver more "control" and "being one" with the car)
    Another thing is that the M7 can carry very good luxury and gove a good fight with an S55. Ive seen it happen. All the named above machines are truly amazing. germany rules as i always say.
  10. Bring in AC Schnitzer, Alpina, Dinan, Hartge, Hamann and the rest. All i would say is, bring on Brabus for mercedes. (but also theres, digitec, vath, carlsson, kleemam, renntech, lorinser and many others). Yup, you got it right, AMG is mercedes factory upgrade... but your forgettin that M is BMW's factory upgrade. nough said

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