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  1. Ive driven the Venom 650, and it handles pheonominal. I dont know where your at, but ive had it at over 150 MILES PER HOUR (I believe its 2.2 kilos to a mile, so then its 330 kilometers per hour) in California, and i could still control that SOB. Kilos are baby crap, when you get that car up to near 150 mph, it is scary. Ive never heard of a Dodge V10 braking down for something other than not maintaing the engine correctly, and yes, the Dodge 8.0 liter V10 and the Chevy 5.7 liter 350 are right up there alongside those Euro engines. I am an automotive engineer for a small modifying firm for American cars, specializing in General Motors and Dodge, and ive never worked on a properly driven Viper engine. The ones that do break down have been taken to 150+ before the engine is properly broken in. Viper Engines are very dependable, they've been in trucks for 15+ years, and they have the most torque in a car today. <!-- Signature -->
  2. The speed 12 isnt near effecient enough to hit todays streets.<!-- Signature -->
  3. i dont know what your brainwashed into thinking, but the McLarens handling really isnt that great. Im driving the 800tt Weds, so ill let you know how it drives. The McLarens handling isnt as good as a stock Viper, let alone a Venom. The Vipers handle better than all McLarens, Porsches other than the GT2, and then the Venom outhandles that. The stock ZO6 vette outhandles every McLaren, Lambro, and Porsche.<!-- Signature -->
  4. About the mechanic thing, im not familiar with the mechanic classes. Im not really a mechanic, im an engineer. I design supsensions, turbines, superchargers, etc. for American cars. So, i cant really give you too much advice on becoming a mechanic, other than to take the reccomonded courses that you local college/mechanic school offers. Now, abou the 800tt, I drove it for the first time ever today. That car is scary-fast. It does oversteer, and for anyone other than a race car driver, its very difficult to keep the back tires from peeling at 75 mph. But I also have never driven anything that sticky, and I have driven a Porsche GT2. You can throw that car through any turn, but the gas is what can screw you over. It is my new favorite car, previously the 1998 Viper GTS-R, and I cant wait to drive it with 900+ hp after were done.<!-- Signature -->
  5. For the love of god. I have had the privalage of driving the best car ever made... ever. I recently spent a few months in Europe and had the pleasure of actually driving a McLaren F1, there arent enough words in the english language to describe the experience. This car was the best handling and best performing car I've ever driven. I own a Z06, and it doesn't even compare, Im sure the 800hp viper wouldnt either. This car has the looks, the class, the control, and the power to make a perfect car. I don't care how fast your Viper does the slalom, we're talking all around handling, this car turns when you want it to, at any speed, no understeer at all, and it only oversteers if you really get on it out of a corner. The Viper's 0-60 time is WITH SLICKS ON A RACING TRACK. You couldnt go out on the road and pull off a sub-3 second 0-60, but with this car, its not only possible, its easy. All you people that complain about the price, are obviously too poor to understand, that at a certain point, the price doesn't matter<!-- Signature -->
  6. most of you guys seem like you have alot of money, mind giving a poor teen some CASH im living off of $800 A YEAR at 14 life sucks you cant get much in the line of jobs sheesh id sweep shit just to get more money than i have now.
  7. The McLaren may not be as fast, but that is not the point it is the ultimate drivers car, like a lotus elise. It's steering is direct and full of feel. Its brakes also have great feel. Now if you say the viper has just as good of steering and brakes (may not brake as fast in a straight line, but you need feel to race) is lying, the viper has power steering and brakes, that robs the feel. Hmmm a high revving NA engine placed in the middle of a carbon chasis or a front engined turboed up the wazoo tuner car. From everything i hear the F1 is a delight to the sense from the seats to the stereo to the gear shifts to the view from the drivers seat. These things the viper can not duplicate, in fact no car can because no car is not this well engineered.
  8. No offence to McLaren b/c it is a beautiful,fast, and amazing car but why would anyone spend 1mil on a car? how many people actually hae the million TO spend on the car. If i had the money it would be in my garage right now, but a dodge viper 800tt will be a fine car for me to dream about for now

    -Keepin It Real
  9. i hate ignorance. you just blurt out stupid shit about a car you know nothing about. If you did some F*CKIN research, you'd see that the Viper has plenty of feel, the McLaren too has power steering, everything does, and the stock GTS outhandles this overpriced Eurocrap car. The 800tt OUTPERFORMS THIS CAR IN EVERY ASPECT OF PERFORMANCE. It outbrakes, outhandles, outaccelerates, and outruns a McLaren. It blows this car away. And the Elise, what a joke. It doesnt have near enough power to compete with the Big-Boys, its simply a toy. The Corvette ZO6 is better through a corner, because it actually can power out of a god-damn corner. The Elise is a f*ckin joke on wheels. I think i have proven my point.<!-- Signature -->
  10. You cant prove a point that is worng, because thier is no evidence. The McLaren does not have power steering. Once again the F1 does not have power steering. Ok you got that. How about the F1 not having power brakes, you want to argue that. This car would kill a z06 (although the z06 is one of the greatest current production cars). This car is about 750 lbs lighter than you venom. That makes a huge difference. The Venom would rape this car in a straight line, but on a race track it is a different story. Second, the F1 was never meant as a race car, even if it was designed by a famous F1 designer. The ride quality in an F1 is great, a viper on lowered and stiffened springs does not seem that comfortable. I have done my research and no one ever has said that the Vipers steering screams feel. Now this is a cheap blow. The viper has a tranny from a pick-up truck. How can z06 with 405hp out power a 627 hp car that is lighter. Here is where the viper loses out in my book, it is tubro (anyone lag?), it is front engined(notice how F1 got away from that in the 60s), and it is heavy (Colin Chapman, "Just add lightness."). If you are looking for pure brutality take the venom, if you want soemthing refined take the F1.
  11. the ZO6 im comparing to the Elise, and the 800tt kicks the crap out of this car, have you even looked at the slalom times and the skidpad? You need to research b4 you talk crap.<!-- Signature -->
  12. Slalom times and skidpad are not the be all and end all of handling.
  13. The venom is a modified car and really should not be compared to this car. Second even if the venom beats this car in performance, this is still the better car. The quality and design of this car is amazing (and it should be for over 1 million dollars). This car is a very pure design. The designer said once you add turbos, you have already lost the game. Once again this is a production car and should not be compared to a tuner car. The viper can not compete with the quality of the F1 no matter how many turbos are slapped on.
  14. The Venom is a stock-car. It is a package that is ordered through Dodge. It not only competes with this car, it massacres this and costs roughly 1/4 the price. This is not the ultimate car, so im not sure why everyone likes this overpriced Euro-Garbage.<!-- Signature -->
  15. It is the ultimate drivers car, not the ultimate performance car. For ultimate performance car on a track I would like to bring up the F50, F50Gt, or Koenigsegg CC. Those three cars would show a venom a thing around a track.
  16. McLaren F1 GT Forum rulez all.. even ferrari, lambourginhi, pors

    This car would tear other cars up in a race, it would friggen anal rape those crack smokers
  17. yep probably!<!-- Signature -->
  18. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from McLaren_Man</i>
    <b>yep probably!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE --><!-- Signature -->
  19. This car is better than all cars in the world currently...particularly the GTR version kicks ass.With a mind blowing performance,this car has the power to beat the best cars in the world at the best of times.An acceleration of 0-60 mph in under 3 secs and that from 0-100 in under 5 secs is marvellous.<!-- Signature -->
  20. This is one fine car.. A breakthrough.. Fast and furious and beautiful.<!-- Signature -->
  21. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from McLaren_Man</i>
    <b>This is one fine car.. A breakthrough.. Fast and furious and beautiful.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->word<!-- Signature -->
  22. Like me in a bumpa car. it would kill the rest!
  23. you'd have to know how to drive it if you wanted to win againts those cars ;) it's real easy to mangle a mclaren :p
  24. Too bad it isnt street-legal. Theres no doubt that its a phat car, but still for $1,000,000 you could have a Hennessey Venom 800 twin turbo, an Aston Martin, a Lamborghini and a Ferrari, and still have money left to burn. I mean, how many people can say that they can afford a million dollar car? Maybe its just me, but I would rather have a Hennessey Venom 800tt, or even just a ZO6. The only imports i would ever care to own are the Aston Martins. <!-- Signature -->
  25. He is definitely a moron. Why get a Viper? Especially that one. Have you seen the reliability record on it? Plus Vipers are so average. They aren't especially spectacular. Any company can throw 800 bhp under the hood, but it would be smart to be able to control it and get reliability. Anywayz, I'd rather get several cars if I had a million to spare(Still dreaming, hoping, working, & hustling for it). An Escalade(For partyin), a Porsche GT2(For fun), a Lamborghini Diablo VT(For an exotic), a Porsche 911 Turbo(For the week), a Lotus Elise(For weekends), an Audi S3(For a hatchback(I love hatchbax, so I'd need one and this is the best)), & a Mitsubishi Lancer VI(To rally). Grand total(Less options) = About $750,000 which means I have $250,000 to spend on options and other stuff(e.g. stereo equipment for the cars) Still, having a McLaren F1 would be sweet, I just think it'd be impractical.

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