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  1. The Venom is a stock-car. It is a package that is ordered through Dodge. It not only competes with this car, it massacres this and costs roughly 1/4 the price. This is not the ultimate car, so im not sure why everyone likes this overpriced Euro-Garbage.<!-- Signature -->
  2. It is the ultimate drivers car, not the ultimate performance car. For ultimate performance car on a track I would like to bring up the F50, F50Gt, or Koenigsegg CC. Those three cars would show a venom a thing around a track.
  3. Dusty 427 explain to me why the McLaren F1 (LM to be exact) killed everything on the track during the last few years of GT1? I saw a four hour race at silverstone where the 7 (yes, seven) McLarens that were in the race wiped the floor with almost everything else. (I believe all 7 were in the top 10 finishers.

    There were 2 vipers there and they didn't come close cos the weigh too much. I'm fact I think one of them didn't finish.

    The car that beat this eventually was the Mercedes GT car. but for a least 4 years nothing could touch this on the track.

    Including Vipers.

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    A little research on F1 in races against Vipers. This site gives the LeMans Race results. I think everyone would agree that LeMans is about a prestigous race as you can get.

    1995 McLaren: 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 13th. Viper: DNF
    1996 McLaren: 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 11th. Viper:12th
    1997 McLaren: 2nd 3rd. Viper:14th 15th
    1998 McLaren: 4th. Viper: 11th, 13th, 19th 21st

    After that the GT1 class no longer existed.

    All available at

    I look forward to your next message where you claim this wasn't a fair test.
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  5. In case you numbnuts didnt realize it, the cars that race in LeMans, YOU CANT BUY. There are also separate classes for cars. The Oreca Viper also has close to 1000 hp, no production car has that, and all those cars are are Engines with shells, they are nothing like the real cars. That means that the McLaren should be labeled as a BMW, being that the only thing McLaren about the car in Lemans is the shell. Those cars could never pass any countries emissions and would never be Street-legal. And yes, the Venom Pisses on this car, check the #'s, they dont lie.<!-- Signature -->
  6. Those other cars dont compare to the Venom, It will piss on ANY CAR ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. The Venom 800tt is the fastest Street-Legal car in the WORLD, and it is the FASTEST PRODUCTION CAR IN HISTORY!!!!!! Your Euro-Crap have just met their match, and you know what, its a large-displacement, front engine, pushrod, AMERICAN CAR THAT COSTS LESS THAN 1/4 WHAT THIS DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  7. Think what u want but the Mclaren is still the best!<!-- Signature -->
  8. The Venom 800tt, ha ha ha, you make me laugh, I think I speak for all of us when I say that the McLaren is by far the best. It is as simple as this, you can get head from both sides. Ya gotta admit dusty, I got ya there.
  9. correct me if i'm wrong

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't a Viper 800tt catch fire in a comparison test *coughcrapcough* And vipers are know to be bad at handling. The henesy Viper is an independent tune abd that makes the vipers he tunes non-production cars. Also car and Driver did a comparision test between the Cobra-R(crap)The Corvette Zo6 and the viper(crap and it was stock) And the viper was faster but the corvette wo why? Beacuse it was better all around.
    Dodge seems to have been traped in a time warp and still thinks its the muscel car era when cars were all about being fast in a line but once you it the curve(ouch) Thats what the viper is, crap and it will always be crap. I don't care what you say it takes real skills to make a 240+mph car that has only 627hp! and to top it off i can hold 1 more woman than you (1 more man in your case) and its stock. but as you can see the year is no longer 1997 it is 2002 so that means this car is very old and is using old techonolgy so why don't you compare a viper (production one in 1997) to this car!
    I wonder who will win If you say viper your lieing that is a big lie .
  10. A prosche GT3 is one of the best handling cars in the world (and my favorite porsche), but I would say that the F50 would beat it. The reason porsche get such low times around the 'ring is that they are tested and developed there (and they are great handling cars). But the GT2 beat the GT3 around the 'ring ( I dont really like the turbo porsche, NA all the way).<!-- Signature -->
  11. this car doesnt go 240+, and the rumor about the vipers not handling is shit. The STOCK GTS (1.02 on the skidpad) outhandles this and it is a VIPER. This whoops the crap out of a McLaren in a corner, i've driven a '96 F1, and a 2000 800tt, and im not making this shochlate up. The Venom offers much better performance. And wtf is this shit bout gettin head from both sides, you only have 1 schlong dumbass. <!-- Signature -->
  12. Venom 800 TT is production eh?

    This cars top speed is much faster than the 240.1 MPH XP5 hit. This thing hits in the 250's no problem, only problem is that its an estimate. Unfortuneately McLaren doesn't have the time to go shatter the Sledgehammers record to shut up all the squabbling in here. <!-- Signature -->
  13. Shows how shallow minded you are dust. Get a fuc#ing clue, and get out of these message boards, because you can't handle it. Go Crawl back in your 800TT to the sh!t where you came from.
  14. you can't compare the mclaren and the dodge hennessey viper venom 800tt. production car vs amazingly tuned car. all i have to say is if you can manage to squeeze supers on this car, or give it racing slicks, or anything that constitutes tuning it, GOOD BYE VIPER VENOM 800TT.
  15. Porsche is the best sports car company ever, and everyone knows that so #$%# off you McLaren #$%#ers.......
  16. just a few words
    best street legal car ever.
    you porsche #$%#er<!-- Signature -->
  17. I just want to know, how many of you will ever even see this car? ok now that i said that, how many of you would spen 1 mil on a car, and actually get it up to 240. personally i wouldn't buy one of these even if I had the money, a corvette is plenty of car for me, but right now i drive a POS izusu trooper(1984). But i mean, 1 mil is alot of money, i bet i can get the same rush at 150 in a corvette as you guys in your maclaren at 240. Oh and besides a track, where are you going to get it up that fast without getting a massive ticket and getting your car impounded. Just a question, it seems like it would just be a million dollor joy ride.
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  18. Fine, the viper can win in "performance" but the mclaren is refienment. There is a video circulating the internet of a guy doing the record 240+ mph run. This man has most likely driven some of the best cars in the entire world. At the end, he says, "this is the best car ever made and will probably never be beaten". That says something, no one will ever say that the viper venom 800tt is the best car ever built. A mclaren can handle anything. It is basically the most superior car ever built and nothing out now can even compre. honestly, if i ever even saw a mclaren i would cry. Its like seeing something perfect. There are few things in this world that are perfect, and mclaren is one of them.
  19. The Mclaren was good for its time, but I hate to break it to you Mclaren lovers, the Mclaren is outdated! Another thing is that Mclaren cant even power the car. They have BMW to thank for the "mighty" engine. There are many cars that would wipe the floor with this car, and they cost 1/4 as much!<!-- Signature -->
  20. as you can see from the doubters of mclaren on this thread, drugs are a serious problem in the world today<!-- Signature -->
  21. ya`ll if i had that kind a money i would take a honda S2000 i would try to put half the money in the car.
    then the rest on a civic i would top out the mclearen
  22. I like Mclaren but its rein comes to an end in 2003 with the debut of Bugatti's Veyron.

    And stop comparing this car to the Viper...that’s an insult to Mclaren.

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