Re: Mclaren F1 in disguise?

Discussion in '1999 Leblanc Caroline' started by Cosworth Nut, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Mclaren F1 in disguise?
  2. looks like it<!-- Signature -->
  3. With a 2 litre 16 valve turbo in it???????<!-- Signature -->
  4. lol dick head,
    it looks like one of the konigsegger's from the front....
    from the back it looks like people have been at it with sledgehammers
    Ugly car....why bother?

    try doing some ___"styling"_____ next time!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  5. shut the fuk up supersonic<!-- Signature -->
  6. Doesn't quite look like a McLaren to me but I think that a car this size should have a bigger engine?!
  7. Needs a Beamer V12, then McLaren in disguise
  8. the McLaren is a fantastic car ...
    this is NOT

  9. This car is lighter than a bike.

    Watch out for the wind.<!-- Signature -->
  10. 2.7 or 2.8 sec for 0-60? I dun care coz I've never had a chance to drive that fast
  11. Does anybody that made all the posts that the 1999 Leblanc Caroline should have a bigger engine have a iq level not in single digits???? Christ you guys have got to be the stupidest people on the face of this earth. Why in god's name would you want to put a bigger engine in this car when its already pumping 512BHP out of a inline 4 which has stock turbos when all you have to do is upgrade the intake, turbos, etc. and you would have well over 750BHP. Addign a bigger engine would defeat the whole purpose of the Leblanc being designed to be light. Hence the lighter the car is the faster it accelerates and faster top speed. For the illiterate people out there who would even compare this car to a Mclaren F1 or any other car which it doesnt even look remotely close to you should be thrown into a asylum never to be re-admitted into civilization again for all that will happen is people will simple become dumber by your presence.
  12. that is right.none can argue on this.
  13. No it doesnt that would slow it down, because it would then wiegh much more, and common this engin is awsome
  14. Not a fantastic car?

    Give me one good reason why it is bad. ANd dont say ugly design cuz that would be weighed up by that it is fast as HELL!!!
  15. guess're still a twat

    No argument excelt that the design is a bit wouldn't be able to see the design with the blistering speed it does!

    and, yes, the perfornamce IS great.....i'd love to see you beat this is your NAAWWWZZZ Geo with 25" Rimmzzzz

  16. and your stupid to think we dont know that
  17. Actually since you seem to know all of which i speak and didnt say anything at all before me that makes just about as stupid as the person who thinks the Leblanc should have a bigger engine. People before you make a clever witty remark with no thought to it whatsoever at least save your dignity and think about what you are going to post, have some facts behind it and you might sound somewhat intelligent.
  18. what are u talking about? its the contrary
  19. What are U talking about, they're both excellent.
  20. think about what you said in that line. what are you stupid??
    i understand that the part the lighter it is the faster it accelerates. but just becuase you slap one or two more turbos doesn mean you get a top speed of 210+ thats just simply stupid and imposible. i mean the cylinder heads cant handle the pressure. the displacement ist big enough. show me just one more I4 car thats doing 200+. then racers at F1 wouldn't spend millions after millions on the engine it self. look at the honda F1. its got a v10. it only has dimension or 3000cc. yea small combusion but they have enough cylinders to keep the accelerated speed constant at higher speed.
  21. lk9865,

    I will yet again try and explain this so that all of you "slow" people can understand. Back in the 70's in le mans while ferrari, lamborghini and so on were using v10's and v12's bmw was using a 1.5 litre inline 4 turbo with 1250bhp 1100 ft lb of torque on bar 10 out of bar 15 on the tubo boost. Want more proof that 4's make that much power? ok here's more go to your local store and get a magazine called Super Street in that they talk about how stephen papadakis has a celica drag car using a inline 4 pumping out almost 1500bhp and the motor still has more left to do. At first TRD ws using the lexus is400 v8 they were doing so well they were actually banned from using that motor which made them go down to the inline 4 which they managed to pull more bhp out of then the v-8 TRD motor they were using. Also i agree stock cylinder heads on say a 240sx cant handle all that pressure thats why you port the heads change heads do stuff like different cams different heads bore out the pistons the block etc. there is so amny things you could do to get more bhp and torque out of a motor the possibilities are endless. About the part where you said to just slap one or more turbos on the car and it could go over 210mph you took what i had said way out of context i stated "if you want to go faster you could simple change parts like turbos cams ignition exhaust system" but the car already goes 216.2mph which you would have seen lk9865 had you actually taken the time to read the post about the leblanc and not come on here with a bad attitude looking for something to go off about. As for the honda F1 the reason they are using a v10 is because thats part of the rules in f1 man dont you read anything? there is rules such as what type of motor you can use how much bhp you are allowed and no turbos whatsoever. Also remember the f1 cars are tuned for perfect handling bhp top speed torque suspension etc. very unlike street cars. So once again lk9865 and people like you before you come on here commenting on a car which you know nothing about save us all some time and read up on it.
  22. this car is amazing
  23. I agree but as if the turbos arent already pushing like 5+ bars of boost. To get anymore power out of this youd have to completely modify the engine internals. What i mean is evo has 280hp you change intakes, you increase boost, bigger turbos and then you have 500hp(ish). When your starting with 500 its another story altogether, cos they're already done all of that stuff to it. Im sure you can get 1800hp out of the Celica engine but do you think its even vaguely similar to a regular Celica engine. Hell no. That goes for all you Skyline Lovers aswell. I think the skyline is an awesome car and for sure it can get 1000+hp but dont think you can go out and buy one and in a weeks time you'll have a sub 10 sec car.
  24. Uh, I think you're looking too quickly... It has a totally different design than the McLaren, and it shows on the air intakes and rear.
  25. lols, I thought it looked like a kitcar.

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