Re: Mclaren F1 in disguise?

Discussion in '1999 Leblanc Caroline' started by Cosworth Nut, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. It looks more like a 962 than a McLaren. For the main reason of aerodynamics. and if it looks ugly to you that is because it is not suppost to look pretty it is suppost to be fast. Function is from on this car and cars like it.
  2. Yes and i stated beforehand that to get more performance out of an enigne you have to change things, ie port head, bore cylindes, change pistons, cams, etc. lol dont try and compare the evo to this car man trust me it wont stand a chance. Have you even driven a evo before? lol they arent all they are cracked up to be, hence why more sti's and wrx's have been selling versus evos.
  3. I agree with you...
  4. lol at least someone does.
  5. No we don't have IQ levels in the single digits. I would just want the supercharged V8 for pure durablilty and power reasons. Do you really think a high revving 4 cylinder with crap loads of boost being pumped and constantly being wrung out by the driver will last for a very long time even if it was built right? Sure the V8 will weigh about 130 lbs more according to the LeBlanc website but it will still be as fast as hell and corner almost like an F1 car. And I would have more power and gobs more torque (512 hp to 540 hp, 379 lb-ft to 513 lb-ft). Besides, the supercharged V8 has gobs and gobs of low end torque for incredible launches.

    The 512 hp twin turbo I4 is one hell of an engine and engineering feat that I will not deny. You would have to modify a hell of a lot more than the intake and turbos to get 750 hp. Try a major engine overhaul instead buddy, in fact you would have nothing stock whatsoever if you wanted 750 hp. Why would you even want that much power in a car that already has 512 hp and weighs a feather light 1800 lbs? Your entire drivetrain would need to be custom made also and the chassis needing extra stiffening.

    About the weight issue. Formula 1, IRL, CART, ALMS and NASCAR all run engines larger than 4 cylinders and weight is the enemy for them too. They don't seem to be hampered by the extra weight at all. They all manage to break 200 mph without much of a sweat though they can be geared for speed or accelaration, either way they are awefully fast with that "extra weight". They run them for their durability and simply because they can get more power from more cylinders without having to add forced induction which is illeagal in all of the venues I believe.

    We are not stupid for wanting a bigger engine.
  6. Turbo i4 vs v12. Not really the same.

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