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  1. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from R34chunksWRX</i>
    <b>ha damn how can some people be so dumb your talking crap about the 16/4 and you havent even seen alll the stats yet... the mclaren is a good car but im bure that this car beat it

    Engine Quad Turbo W16 0 - 60 mph est 3.0 seconds
    Horsepower 746.5 kw / 1001.1 bhp @ 6000 rpm 0 - 100 mph Not Available
    Transmission 7-Speed Topspeed 406 kph / 252.3 mph

    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->0-60 in 3.2 sec. 0-100 in 6.5sec. , ilove this one 0-185 in 13.9 sec. its at 190 by the time a hummers at 60mph.<!-- Signature -->
  2. I totally agree with those who disagree with the idiot that said that this gorgeous bugatti could not stand a chance against the F1. Give me a friggin break, HEY YOU MIGHT WANT TO LISTEN TO MORE PEOPLE THAT KNOW WHAT THEYRE TALKIN ABOUT!! So mr. mclaren i hope you realize how little you know about anything. OH byt he way the bugatti is the most gorgeous supercar ive seen in years. This car is what all supercars should be like, muscular, gorgeous, and of course POWERFUL, 1001 horsepower, YES!! Now that isnt a supercar I dont know what is.
  3. I love this car, i think it is gorgeous and if you'd like to no more about it type into your web address "bugatti 16/4" This car is like because it is made of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, like the F1, it has a better 0-60 than the F1, and it can go 0-300km/hr in less than 14 seconds!!!! Thats amazong. Its 4 wheel drive allows it to evenly displace the massive power and get better traction. An the 16/4, i didn't know this before, but it simply stands for the 16 cylinders and 4 turbo chargers pushing this beast. I would take this over any car in the world!!!!
  4. Personally, I like BOTH the Mclaren and the 16-4 <IMG SRC="">.

    P.S. I'm glad to you've moved out of the Delorean forum, Mr. Delorean DMC-12 Rocks <IMG SRC="">.<!-- Signature -->
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    I'm listening swedenturbo, but I'm not learning...OK, time to disect your statement:
    1)Impossible to accelerate from 0-300kmh in under 14sec? go here, scroll towards the bottom, open mouth, insert foot:

    2)McLaren beating a 16/4 around a track? I really like the proof you put here...lots of interesting reading =P

    3)Several other cars have beaten a McLaren F1 LM around a track, Porsche GT1 and Mercedes CLK-GTR just to name a couple, so don't try to make it seem as if it's impossible.

    4)1300kg = 2866lbs...According to Road and Track, the McLaren F1 weighs an entire 26lbs(11.8kg) less than that. Wow, guess the bugatii really is a porker.

    5)Neither was the McLaren F1...they only made a racing version due to owner demand.

    6)Try reading my last post...TORQUE is everything, horsepower is only derived from torque(hp=torque*rpm/5250). And, if I'm not mistaken, this is the most torque BY FAR in any production passenger vehicle. Nearly twice the available torque than the F1 has, and over a broader rpm band.

    Take it personal if you want to, but hey, you're the one who called me an idiot :D And , if you feel so inclined to rebuke me, PLEASE give some proof of facts.
  6. If you are talking about sprint racing there are plenty of cars to beat McLaren, if you are talking about endurance racing there are plenty of cars to beat McLaren, if you are talking about drag racing there are too many cars that beat the McLaren. Hell if you are talking about any kind of racing there are plenty of cars to beat the McLaren. McLarens kick ass, but there are better cars. Don't compare the McLaren Longtail to the Bugatti car. That is like saying "hey my 2000 Viper Team Oreca GTS-R can beat your stock GTS around the track". Of course a race car will be able to beat a road car. Stop saying that McLaren is the best and stop saying that McLarens could kill this car. The first is not true and the latter is impossible to prove at this time. Just read what Kaken has said and shut up.
  7. I'm sorry, but last I checked there were no official performance numbers on this car due to it being in the concept/development stage, and I can assure you that this car will bring the F1 to its knees. Its top speed will probably hit 260 or 265 due to it having 7 speeds. Also keep in mind that this car has SIXTEEN CYLINDERS, FOUR TURBOS and over 1000 horsepower. That is nothing to sneeze at, either. Bugatti intends to completely revolutionize the half-million dollar and up supercar class and top speed is one of its main objectives as well as good aerodynamics and cooling, which the F1 didn't even think about until the 1996 super-limited F1 GTR. I don't hate McLarens; I just think that people need to get their facts straight before using it as a lame excuse to mock every other car in the world with.
  8. Kaken944, thank you for having that evidence. Personally, as i have said before, i love Mclarens but i am pretty positive that this car will beat it in just about any situation. Also, take into account driving situations, in snow or rain, this new Bugatti has it all. Its more comfortable than the Maclren, and unlike the Mclaren, i'm pretty positive it has a radio. Also, everyone who is saying that this car weighs so much, i think you set them strsight, besides, even if it does weigh more, thats where the wider stance and thicker wheel base comes into play. Plus, with almost double the HP and tons more torque than , well, any car, it is as close to the "Ultimate Driving Machine" as i think any of us have seen in our lifetimes.
  9. Hehe, yeah, that's why I'd like to have this car more than a I could listen to traffic updates on a radio :D. Seriously though, I defend this car because I think it is the closest thing to the total package that the world has yet seen in a road car, the "Ultimate Driving Machine" as davidgil puts it. The McLaren might be the ultimate driver's car as of now, but its crappy A/C unit, lack of radio, and ability to radiate road-heat through the cabin keep it from being the total package. Still gotta dig the central seating position though :p

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