Re: mclaren wuld crush this thing!!!!

Discussion in '1991 Mazda 787B' started by DUFFMAN, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. mclaren races? WTF?
  2. Mclaren races? WTF?
  3. This car would eat the mclaren itz light and has mor hp (itz an LM racer)
  4. so...who cares if it beats the mcLaren the almighty Escudo can take this thing
  5. WTF?? escudo that's a special made pikes peak car..a rally really have played to much GT3..learn from cars..and not in a video game...and if you look at the facts..
    and yes a mclaren f1 gtr would win it on a super you call that ''RACING'''???damn...cmon..
    the 787 has 300kg less weight
    the 787 has a lot more power and torque, accelarating out from a corner is an easy job for the 787,the 787's height is 7 cm lower
    just ''some'' facts...well i think it would be definitaly a very fast race..they both scare the shit out of you of when you drive those monsters,and is there something in the world(except the formula 1)that's faster and more complexed than these 2 cars

    i hope some rich man put them together(or top gear)to see who's winning, i would go for the 787

  6. they're in different classes and the Escudos about 6 years newer than the 787B. it would be a fair match up. the Escudo is also turbocharged.
  7. WTF? Would the GTR win over the 787 on a speedway?? Couldnt u just change the gear ratios on the 787?? Wouldnt it totaly destroy the meclaren??
  8. It certainly would not, considering that the 787B is a whole race class ABOVE the McLaren F1. That should be enough to answer your question.
  9. you have a good point, but there are still "super speedways" and many test courses around...
  10. That would totally not even be a fair comparison. I think we all know who'd win.
  11. someone sounds like they dont know what they're talkin about
  12. Gas mileage is 50L/100km, and they said it could have been put back to the track and race another 24h when they opened the engine and checked it... Mc Laren crushing this? Just put less downforce, different gear ratios->400km/h. They do 350km/h with 600hp nowadays on LeMans track, so think how this does with a long straight and less downforce than race setup<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  13. In general, people need to stop thinking that its logical to compare completely different cars to one another, purely on the premise that all the cars are in the same videogame.
    If the Escudo were to race the 787B, the Escudo would be killed, if for no other reason, by the fact that fuel consumption was not a concern in its design (as opposed to it being a major factor in an endurance racer), and would likely have to refuel every 3-4 laps.
    In addition, i believe the power output for the Escudo was only around 800hp, but then again I didn’t get that from a videogame, so im probably wrong.

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