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  1. nah I think Schumacher will still be racing in 2003.
  2. Montoya vs schumacher.

    Who do you think will win. Montoya is a better driver i think.<!-- Signature -->
  3. no. montoya has alot to learn still. people think because he was successful in cart he's gonna kick ass in F1. well..i feel sorry for you. dont get caught up in the hype. Schumacher is a four time world champion, i think some people dont really know what that means. He didn't wind 4 world championships out of luck, he is a darn good driver, he's got skills, experience, and he is strong psychologically and he has the best* team to work for him.

    *Ferrari has won more constructor championships than anyone else in the grid. They have an amazing new car.(F2002)
  4. Montoya I like, but Schumacher has been in F1 for a longer time thus he has more experience. But I say that for the short time that Montoya has been in F1 he is giving micheal a pretty good challenge. Yes Micheal does have a good team, but BMW s no joke either. And with that BMW engine, which is believed to be the most powerful Montoya has no excuses when going against shumacher. As you guys should have seen in the Brazilian qualifiyng session Montoya broke Schumacher record lap. Shumacher did it in about 14 seconds while Montoya did it in 13. I think that this season is going to be very interesting. Montoya just needs to stay focused and used his head with every move he makes because he has a lot of talent but he lacks experience. Two very good drivers and two very good teams. With the experience of the BMW-Williams organnization Montoya should do fine.
  5. Montoya is by far the worse of the two drivers! Look at his record. Last year he finished about half of the races. This year he has crashed with schumacher twice. Last year people were letting him get away with shitty driving, but people aren't going to let him by this year, because of his unexperienced ways. <!-- Signature -->
  6. give Montoya a couple of years and he may be a better driver than Schumacher, I doubt it, but anything is possible.
  7. Just in this recent race when Schummi cut Jaun off it basicly destroyed Jaun's front wing. But that was no reson to call Schummi an unfair racer. In racing you do what you got to do to get the peice of pie. And if Jaun was in the same boat ..I'm sure he would have done the same.

    Long live Schummi and his Legacy!
  8. schumi didnt cut him off! montoya clearly drove into schumis rear tire. he had position and montoya started to make a daring move. both are excellent drivers but schumi is my clear favorite.
  9. Shumi is an experienced and matured racer. No doubt about it. The best in F1 "NOW". But remember Monotya is a rookie. Montoya has got immense natural talent. He'll put up a great fight with shumi this season(2002), though Shumi might still become world champion. This season Montoya will just pass time by fighting with shumi and setting new lap records on most of the circuits.

  10. going by montoyas recent driving, I'de say schumacher hasn't got anything to worry about<!-- Signature -->
  11. Schumacher is the king. All Montoya can do well is whinge and shoot his mouth off.
  12. schumacher is way better than Montoya because he has experience and has had over 100 podium finishes
  13. Ok so we are all agreed that Michael has no worries with Juan at the moment, but what about the other Schumacher?

    Ralf vs Montoya,

    Ralf has more experience, Montoya appears to have more talent. Kind of like Senna vs Prost, Prost used his brain to win races, Senna used his natural born ability (a big generalisation I know). I think Ralf might end up the year as the #1 Williams driver.
  14. Yeah. The way it looks now, Ralf will do all the point scoring and Montoya will qualify well and then fall off the road.
  15. Schumacher's contract will expire by 2004, and he'll probably retire by then. Ferrari will be looking for someone to replace him, and a very likely candidate will be... Montoya.
  16. could well be, provided JPM doesn't keep saying that he has no interest in driving for Ferrari.

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