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  1. Most sucessful racecar

    This very model is the most sucessful racecar ever built, racking up over 1000 race victories. No doubt a record that will never die!
  2. This is one of the coolest looking and best performing
    race cars of that time. It's supercharger and
    aluminum wheels made it one of the most technically advanced automobiles of that
    period. <!-- Signature -->
  3. I am not to familiar with bugatti history I just know that I wouldn't pass a chance to own this art. Bugatti made history and will write history.<!-- Signature -->
  4. This car is the shit!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  5. This car seemed to came out from an advanced alien civilization , its perf was simply unmatched.<!-- Signature -->
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    someday i hope to own one of these, i can just imagine driving on a curvy mountain road with the wind blowing in my face as i reach 100, this car would take it. i think one is currently for sale on
  7. Then I hope you've got plenty$ because this car isn't going to come cheap!
  8. I bet that Bugatti's opponents probably felt like all of the Formula 1 teams feel like when they go up against Ferrari, except the feeling would be worse because this car had won over 1000 races, and was probably unbeatable at the time.

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