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  1. Most Triumphant!

    Who else wants to take a factory 2 liter 4 cylinder engine that puts out 220 hp and make it get 750 hp? I do! I do! Wanna know how? It's called forced induction, and i guess the dumbass who built this car is an expert. With a huge snail under the hood that puts out almost a 4 bar boost, this car effectively multiplies it's unturbocharged power sevenfold; AMAZING!!!!!!! Also, it's a saab, thus it sucks!
  2. so if it sucks, why did it win the open class at pikes peak hillclimb.
  3. 0-60 in 2.3 seconds? Crazy.<!-- Signature -->
  4. That made no sense "Tiny"Wang<!-- Signature -->
  5. Although my initial post was, and still is, entirely lucid, with this sequential post, I seek to clarify my opions and commentary for the even the "special" person. In this case, that special person's name is "Grizz." Grizz, I hope that you are reading this, because I will offer you a textual explication of my first post. I simply began my post with a question in order to start slowly. Then, as the text gains momentum, through the use of iambic pentameter and multi-syllabic words, I start to paint a picture, a picture of what I like to call saabiness. In order to explain the true beauty of this car, I will use a real-life situation. Let's say that you, Grizz, are fighting a grizzly bear. The grizzly bear is kicking the shit out of you, so you take some pcp so that you get somewhat superhuman strength and lack the ability to feel pain. While drugged, you defeat the grizzly, and rejoice. Then, you have an anurism and die. This is like a massively turbocharged engine: It uses something foreign to get the job done. The normally aspirated engine that this car's is based on puts out approximately 110 HP. With the turbo boost in this car, it puts out 750 HP. That is almost seven times the power with no increase in displacement. I didn't know that snails came this big. In conclusion, I was simply extrapolating the mysteries of life and the turbocharged engine.
  6. lol, you got shut down grizz
  7. Not to mention, the analogy of fighting a bear while on PCP for a high pressure turbocharger= pure brilliance
  8. Dats one sweet car
    neva though Saab could get something of dis out
  9. right on thunderwang! Note to stupid people (God knows they're on this website): when he says snail, he's talking about a turbo
  10. i dont think they have only have adjusted the turbo, i`ll bet they have change the top and just about everything in that engine, execpt the volume of the cylinder!<!-- Signature -->
  11. all those peckers that put down Saabs are people that have no sense of originality. Saabs have thier own style. the typical person on this site is one who obseses over the viper, the mcleren, and the ferrari. i am not dissing those cars but why dont you open your horizons start respecting others opinions and liking unpopular cars. i think originality shows character.
  12. I agree completely!!! In fact, in honor of starting a new trend, my new favorite car is the renault le car!! I think it only has 12 hp, but after all, according to bobby liking shitty cars will make me original, or some bullcrap like that. Seriously, I can't believe you are trying to justify liking crappy cars, that just makes no sense.<!-- Signature -->
  13. It's not that I don't like original's just that I don't like original cars that are shitty...and saabs are shitty...I drove one for a little while...SHITTY
  14. hey ender, you say you agree with me and then say it makes no sense. that doesnt make any sense. anyways you drive a volvo. they are basically the same car as a saab, almost the same styling. the point is that ANY car company can make their cars look like ferraris and porsche's but they dont. if they did, how plain would the world be.
  15. So, let me see, if I go out and find a Porsche, BMW, or something of the sort and it runs like "shit", I drive it for a few days and it continues to run like "shit", then I will be able to bestow "shitiness" upon the entire brand, as well as every vehicle to ever come from their production facility? Hey! Here's an idea! Perhaps I could make my way over to Foxfire, a suburb around my area, and ask nicely, the guy over there that owns a Ferrari 308 GTS will let me take it for a drive. Then, if it runs like "shit", we can all say that every Ferrari that has come from Maranello is "shit" right? Then perhaps we can use catchy little synonyms for them as well. Perhaps we can start calling them all "fire-crotches" due to their "red-heads"? All of that is of course, basing everything on your own logic. Since you "drove one for a little while...SHITTY" and now you can say "saabs are shitty". Try and take note of all of the sarcasm used in this post, if you can comprehend it anyways.

  16. Re: Most Triumphant!

    Soo... you say turbochargings is like giving drugs? Let me tell you something... noz and stuff like that is drugs for cars. Turbo IS power. A sportscar suppose to be as light as possible. A large engine is not an advantage. You need as much power as possible out of a car that is as light as possible. I am really impressed that someone has managed to get 750 bhp out of a small 2l engine. I am not impressed by a big sluggish 5 liter (american?) V8 that puts out 300 bhp.

    And for the guys that says SAAB is shitty, ever seen a SAAB Sonett? Ever really driven a SAAB at all? If you think they look bad that does not mean they handle bad....
  17. Actually a turbo is not something foreign. The turbo uses exhoust power from the engine. So all the energy derives from the engine! With turbo your just using more of the power generated from the engine...
  18. A front wheel drive car with 750 hp, a 0-60 time of 2.3 sec, on dirt! The wheels must be always spinning! And knowing that Saabs have pretty bad torque-steer(when mashing the trottle makes the car either continue straight during a turn or head for the weeds when in a straight line), this thing must be hell to handle around a tight, winding dirt road. But on road it could also be the ultimate sleeper. I know that in it's current state of tune it is not road legal, but converting it to street legal (perhaps deletion 100hp in the proces-still 650 hp) would be the most fun car. It's bodywork appears to be basicly stock, so at a stop light!
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  20. O I didn't know that Sonnet, Supercars doesn't tell you and the thought never crossed my mind. Awesome movie by the way, this one I saved <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

  21. Re: Most Triumphant!

    Yeah the movie is nice. If you ask me the car feels more like an F1 or one of those rallycars the had in the 80s that put out around 800 bhp. What do you mean Saabs have a bad torque steer? Im not that good at english so could you explain it to me. My father has driven a little rally with some Saabs and he said there amazingly easy to through around on small forest roads. That FWD also means you can generally just let the rear have its on will... well... more or less anyway <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  22. Torque steer is when depresing the gas causes the steering wheel to shake and jitter, generally trying to steer in another direction. Most cars you can press the gas without hands on the steering wheel and the car will go straight. Saabs are famous for torque steer, and in them when you press the gas they will try to turn in a certain direction. I hope this was clear to you, it's hard to explain. If you have any more questions I will try to answer them. Here's a definition of torque steer from Car and Driver magazine.

    Torque steer
    A tendency for a car to turn in a particular direction when power is applied. Torque steer is common in front-drive cars because reaction forces created in the half-shafts can generate uneven steering forces in the front tires.
  23. That sig is WAY too long, please shorten it.
  24. top speed is to high for the Pikes Peak hill climb. the Tacoma Pikes Peak has its gearing done for acceleration (0-100mp/h in 4.9 seconds) (0-60 mp/h in 1.6 seconds) its top speed is 133mp/h and it only reaches that on one part of the hill climb.

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