Re: Murcielago, F60, Mercedes SLR, Carrera GT, McLaren F1

Discussion in '2002 Lamborghini Murciélago' started by Arcanjo, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Murciélago for me.<!-- Signature -->
  2. My personnal opinion is that the F60 will smoke the others. Murcielago don`t stand a chance vs the other 4 cars. Maybe vs the SLR the Lamborghini has a chance.

    F60 RULES !!!!
  3. Lambo will rape them all eventually<!-- Signature -->
  4. Mclaren F1 can not compete well against F50 and Murcielago on a track. Has soft suspension and no downforce!
  5. The only car 'alive' in your list is Murcielago, isn't ?

    So you had no choice !

    If you got 'the money' you'll buy the Murcielago and next year you'll think in next year !

    Murcielago is the faster today (205mph).

    In europe you'll play in autobahn, No in small streets !! So Top speed is really important !!

    Much more important than the first 0-60, 6 or 20 secs...

    Murcielagos will smoke anything as his brother, Diablo, did.<!-- Signature -->
  6. Top speed is not important, cause needs many Km. Anyway F1 is faster than Lambo... I think handling is very important, and Murciélgo isn't the best (ovviously is a very very very good sportcar), cause weight (1850 Kg with fuel...), cause is based on old project. I'm waiting for Fx's tech specs....


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