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    <b>what does the name have to do with it?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    You mean with the topic?
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  2. Don't argue about the name of Murcielago any more, because you are all right. The Murcielago was named after a bull that fought and endured close to 30 spears and continued to fight; because of this the Matador granted it's life, and that bull was supposedly bred and produced some of the toughest bulls.

    Bull fighting is from Spain, not Italy, and so the name of the Bull is naturally in Spanish. The name Murcielago means "bat" in Spainsh. That's also the case with the Diablo, also supposedly named after a fighting bull and means means the Devel in Spanish. If you ask me, wether these stories are true, it's still a cool tradition for Lamborghini. (Miura, Diablo and Murcielago are named after bulls, Countach is not).

    But this has nothing to do with the topic. I'm out...
  3. Me too.<!-- Signature -->
  4. Let's stick to the topic of which car is better the Carrera Gt or the Murcielago
  5. Better yet lets stick to the topic that the Murcielago is a better car and always will be....
  6. To put some knowledge into your brains... For one thing a Porsche GT2 can and will beat a Lamborghini Murcielago! The reasons I say this is because the '98 Turbo Porsche ran a 3.6sec 0-60 time... and the newer Turbo Porsche can exceed that or atleast stay with that mark... The GT2 has a better Turbo and a fully worked engine producing almost 500h.p. rear wheel drive... You guys think the rear wheel drive will matter it wont matter Porsche has traction... And on the other Fact like previously mentioned by others the CarreraGT has a better power to weight ratio then the 996 Turbo... Which means it will eat this car for LUNCH!!! This car will be produced So I believe because I know someone that has ordered one.... That is my 2 cents to this whole thread... Its kind of stupid though Porsche is in a league of there own!
  7. porsche is good, they r, but not as good as lambo or ferrari, they r the ones in a league of their own, and talking about the Porsche having a better 0-60 time it doesnt, because lambo always has and always will understate its numbers, for example, the Diablo 6.0 ran a 3.4 0-60, which is better than ur porsche, and that has a worse launch system and less power to weight ratio, and Motor trend has also said that this car could probably do a 3.2 0-60, so please shut up until u learn some new facts!!!!!, peace<!-- Signature -->
  8. I'm back now that we got back on topic! Can you name a porsche that can do a 11.4 second 1/4 mile like the Murcielago? Even the Porsche GT1 does the 1/4 mile in 11.6 seconds.
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    <b>hey CarreraGtRacer, did i ever say the carrera can't beat a lambo to 60mph. I simply corrected your mistake of saying that the carrera gt has more power.I know that the lambos name means bat. You also said that murcielago (bat) is a damb name for a car. That name is keeping the lamborghini tradition of naming thier cars after famous fighting bulls. I don't know what carrera means and i am sure it is not traditional. Tha lambo is also more practical to dive... does the carrera even have a top that can be fixed so no one gets in the car when parked?

    How do you know which one has better cornering? Have you personally driven both cars? Wieght is not the most inportant thing in cornering. Center of gravity is, and geuss what the murcielago has one of the best center of gavity around in a road car. Aerodynamics are also important. The amount of downforce generated is inportant.
    In A recent road test of the "bat" complements where given to the cars cornering and braking.

    remember that mabey now the porsche is faster. but with cars other than the 911 porsche normally doesn't inprove them. lambo has a history of making all its good cars into better cars. so don't be surprised if the lambo is quicker, and faster in a few years. The diablo gt has a reported time of 3.2 seconds to 60mph. it will also hit 211mph. so an old lambo already has the potential of betting the carrera gt. And why did you tell the in the porsche form to come here?
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Well, being that Lamborghini is notorious for having bad handling compared to tons of other cars and the opposite is true for Porsche, I'd say it's fair game to say that the Porsche will out-maneuver the Lambo.
  10. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from speedeemon</i>
    <b>Did i mention that the murcielago also has all wheel drive. Improiving grip. helping acceleration and cornering. The extra torque that the lambo has should also help this cars 0-60 time.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->You obviously know nothing about cars. A Mid-engine, rear-wheel drive set-up is the BEST set-up for handling. The problem w/ all-wheel drive(Although I'd personally get it) is that it creates some understeer and is (dare I say) too stable during cornering. The only way that all-wheel drive will work in your advantage is a) difficult conditions b) Launches(Not acceleration because the weight from the AWD takes its toll eventually) c) When it is severely pushed to its limits(Which you won't do at 200 MPH) The Carrera GT, having an MR set-up, therefore, has an advantage over the Murc in handling, acceleration, and braking. If you'd like to argue that, answer me why F1, CART, LMP, and most supercars use an MR set-up?
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    <b>if u read around carreragtracer u will find out that the murcielago comes with an optional sixth gear ratio that allows the murc to reach a top speed of 217mph, the same speed as the coveted Ruf GTR, and this car is stock, and as for its conering it is alot better than the porsche, it is the only other production car next to ferrari f50 to set a nurburgring time in the 7:40sec range, so go and read up first!
    peace</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Haha, we Porsche fans were waiting for you guyz to bring up Nurburgring !! LOL, Porsche OWNS the Nurburgring ! Nice arguement !! LMAO
  12. Advantages of the Porsche

    Wider, giving it more stability while cornering
    Wider tires, giving more grip for better cornering, acceleration, and braking
    Weighs 400 kg less giving it better cornering, acceleration, and braking
    MR drivetrain
    Low placement of engine and transmission for lowest CG possible
    Superior chassis
    Far superior brakes
    Superior suspension
    Adjustable wing(At high speeds it goes up to ensure the back end stays as stuck to the ground as possible)

    The reason why an MR layout is better is simple. Take, for example, a golf club. It is much easier to rotate while holding the head of the club rather than hold the grip. The reason is that the less weight farther from the centre of the circle(In this case, the rear axle) the easier it will rotate(Or turn). Why do you think Lamborghini even states that its new weight distribution (42%-front 58%-rear) is an improvement over the Diablo's? The Carrera also uses a lot of Titanium equipment in their engine and, as many of you may know, Titanium is stronger than Aluminum, so this equipment will almost certainly last longer. Like Nas says, you gotta come w/ science(Although he really misused the term in that situation). Unfortunately, many Lambo fans ignore science because they know it screws them in the end.
  13. Porsche owns the nurburgring, right. They have the best lap times there. Actually, they HAD the best lap times. The only reason why the DIablo GT did not beat the Porsche GT2 on that track is because of the Diablo's high center of gravity. That was the Diablo's big problem. The Diablo GT destroys the GT2 on every other track; it has much more impressive lap times elsewhere. I hate it when people just label Lamborghini with bad handeling. It's not that simple, and in fact the Diablo has GOOD handeling. One who has driven the Ferrari F50, Diablo GT and Ferrari F40 has said that the Diablo GT handels in between the Ferrari F50 and F40. The F50 has extremely good handeling, as you probably know, and the F40 is a very good handeling car also with 50/50 balance. The Diablo GT handels even better than the F40. Now the F40 would not have a particularly impressive lap time at the nurburgring compared to other tracks, but will you then label Ferrari as having bad handeling? You shouldn't even label the F40 with bad handeling, because that's not the case.

    But high center of gravity is no longer a problem with the Murcielago. The Porsche GT2 will not be able to keep up with it even at the Nurburgring, let alone anywhere else. The Carrera GT will be closer, but it's hard to tell who will win. You can talk all you want about "science" (which most of you use incorrectly and wrongly), but the only thing that maters is lap times. And you don't have any hard lap times.

    Unless, snyper, you can tell us where you got those lap times for the Murcielago. They look pretty fast. I've heard 7:52, and 7:40 and such, but I don't know which to believe.
  14. though carrera gt is a much power full car and is much better than the Murcielago in many terms if not in all but lets not forget that the Murcielago will be having faster road going version in some time like the diablo which had very power full diablo gtr its all a matter of time. never under estimate the power of the fight bull....... THAT IS WHAT THE Murcielago IS ALL ABOUT.
  15. C'mon people, why are you flamming each other so much?

    Both cars are excellent, and both are made by two of the most respectible car makers of all. They sure are fast, exotic, expensive, and beautiful. So chosing between them will end up being a matter of personal preferences.

    I prefer the Murciélago, but I'm a huge fan of the Carrera GT.<!-- Signature -->
  16. All you people out there i'm amazed of your ignorance. looks like snyper is the only one taking sense in this forum. You cannot compare a lamborghini to porsche. the only manufacturer that has the same level as lambo does is ferrari. They are just the top manufacturers producing perfect supercars all around. I will definately take the Lamborghini without any hesitation.
  17. The Porsche GT is better than Murcielago and I'll take the GT if the Porsche give the with Anjelina Jolie ! <IMG SRC="">
  18. Why can't Porsche compare to a Lamborghini or a Ferrari? The Carrera Gt is better then MOST cars in both those companies so I think should you give Porsche a chance after all it is a Porsche!<!-- Signature -->
  19. carreragtracer, youre just wasting your time, everybody knows that the murcielago is the BEST!
  20. i really like the carrera GT...
    but.. i must confess that the Murcielago makes me weak..
    both are beautiful cars(some of the most beautiful i've seen), but i'd vote for Lamborghini
  21. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from flamehead</i>
    <b>carreragtracer, youre just wasting your time, everybody knows that the murcielago is the BEST!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    It seems like your wasting your time because Carrera Gt will beat the Lambo any day! Don't hate cuz the Carrera Gt is a lot better in looks, turning and comes from the company that has racing in its blood!<!-- Signature -->
  22. Here is a minor detail that all of you forgot to bring up...the Carrera Gt is supposed to sell for an estimated $375k while the Lamborghini is selling for over $100k less than that. As far as performance goes they are both competitive yet for some reason Porsche thinks that their car warrants a nearly $400,000 price tag, why is that. The better car, hands down, is the Murcielago.
  23. Allow me to elaborate on my previous statement. The Murcielago is selling for $277k while the estimated price on the Porsche Carrera Gt, if it makes production will be in the neighborhood of $350k. Both are very expensive cars obviously but the Porsche is quite a leap higher. To the guy who said that Porsche builds cars without passion....are you kidding me? Porsche engineers are known the world over for being so passionate and genius, the company even rents their engineers out to other car companies. (There is an article about this in February issue of Forbes magazine). Lamborghini on the other hand, although I do believe makes great cars, has a decidely inconsitent history. While they produce some marvelous ideas they also tend to ignore minor details which end up causing problems. For example, they chose to use a hard plastic shifter knob on the 2000 Diablo 6.0 which frequently became scratched and marked when the driver wore rings while driving the car. Also, unlike Porsche and Ferrari who have very extensive racing programs Lamborgini has a very small and relatively inexperienced program. Ferrari and Porsche have tested their cars for decades on tracks and in harsh racing conditions yielding the models that we see today. Lamborghini put together a bunch of artists and engineers and while they produce beautiful powerful machines their heritage is not nearly as bright at that of Porshce. Also, the murcielago was designed in part by a bunch of german engineers since vw bought them a few years back. The last fully Italian designed Lambo was the Diablo. Any questions?
  24. No questions, thanks for the insight.

    But still, If I had 500K to toss at cars, I'd go for the Murciélago. It's just mean. It's the kind of car that scares people when they see it at their mirrors.

    It's a raging bull!<!-- Signature -->
  25. No doubt about that. With All that I wrote in the above message I left out the most important thing, which car I like best. I would go for the Lamborghini, there is just something about a lambo that makes me want it more. <!-- Signature -->

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