Re: My dad just bought one of these and put Nawz in it

Discussion in '2003 Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG' started by IMPREZA 1, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. But I think this guy's post is funny as hell. The site needs entertaing people, you guys need to learn how to take a joke.
  2. heheh i agree its funny. i actually enjoyed reading it. the world would be a better place if ppl would relax and take things less seriously. he maybe a kid, he may be 30, WHO really cares? take what he said for the way its meant to be taken; LIGHTHEARTEDLY. mclaren f1 is the ultimate mode of transportation.
  3. LOL kids...
  4. Yes youre right he is a big darking stupid 6 year old DORK!!!
  5. My god, this is sad...
    A bunch of knuckleheads ready to attack anything in range that moves but not recognizing that they hit their own feet...

    I don't know much about cars and i'm also not that interested in them - i just enjoy driving cars that feel good in- and outside. To be honest i can't think of many things as meaningless as bashing each others head just because someone posts that "his" car's 0-60 time is 0.2 seconds lower than the one of "my" car or whatever nonsense you can read here permanently.

    WHO THE **** CARES !

    What i like at this website is that you get info on fancy cars and some insights on them by - unfortunately only very few - people who really know what they are talking about. The huge rest is nothing but a neverending "special olympics" - and an incredible amount of participants deserve gold.
    I mean, come on, the post of "legendNH" was that obvious - and still some guys started whacking him - so please tell me: is the general idea of euthanasia really that wrong ?

    However - thanks "legendNH" for giving us an example of primate-ethology.

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    My dad just bought one of these and put Nawz in it

    You loser, if you're gonna make stuff up on this site, at least learn to spell. It's NOS, spell it with me N-O-S, retard, go back to special ed. You are such an idiot. Everything you say on this site is gay, just like you, and your daddy. 12 gears on a car, ya, mabey on your bike, and your nos is just apple jus in your sippy cup loser. Holy crap, retards like you should be pinned on the ground and forced to eat my dogs shit.
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    You're an #$%#ing IDIOT!!! Wake up and stop making shit up!!!

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    My dad just bought one of these and put Nawz in it

    Retard, get a real car.
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    Your a #$%#ing retard!!! Amen to CArTheif!!! Also tell yourself and your dad to GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  10. Re:

    And a car.
  11. Re: Re:

    LOL you guys are so mean! He is a retard my spelling NAWS like that, which by the way is gay. Who needs four f50's? A murcielago could take one no prob.
  12. No I believe him. I put a noz in my dad's BMW Williams F1 when he was alseep, and he was really pissed when he woke up. But I can jump stuff as well. In my Maclaren F1 i don't need a Noz, coz i took the engine out and put in my civic. See, i don't need an engine in my maclaren F1, i just parked it outside school and i sit there with the stereo playing so all the chicks can dig my 111" alloys. Yeah that's right baby, i've got a monster truck MacLaren F1. I've used the Maclaren f1 engine in my civic, and with it's Asian lightweight frame i can outrun the spaceshuttle. Seriously, i am now employed by NASA. Oh yeah, and last week i supercharged my face, and strapped a turbo to my head and i can now do my geometry homework 0.5 seconds faster.
    Is anyone on this site older than 11? Don't people get annoyed when you take photos of their cars and claim that their yours?
  13. sad sad lil boy.
  14. No, really, nos works, my dad uses it on his audi R8s and his GT1s, it even works on semis, you can make em do 400mph, but anyway my dad just bought a Ferrari F2002 and put nos in it, then he got in the driver's seat and strapped me to the top and we went 3000mph down the highway and everything blurred and we flew into the air and were going past cars and then we crash and were falling down somewhere and we couldn't hear nothing, I think we were dying and then suddenly it was all dark and scary and we ended up here, cause we were bad little boys and didn't obey the rules.
  15. J00 th1nk j00 gais' k4r can bit minee?? MacLaren Ef On3, j00n3d by G3mballza to 1200 Horsies w/o NOZ.

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