Re: My dirtbike would woop this car

Discussion in '2001 Peugeot 206 WRC' started by Dodge viper gts, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. My dirtbike would woop this car
  2. You must be one of the stupidist human beings I've seen in a long time, not only would this car kick the living shit out of a viper it would also beat your dirt bike on its own terrain.
  3. Maybe it's a DAMN FAST DIRTBIKE!!!
  4. "Dodge viper gts" is just another American with a brain of bird
  5. Ok, just because you don't like this car doesn't mean you have to say
    retarded things like that. Dont be stupid, and respect the cars, or
    they will find you and run you over.<!-- Signature -->
  7. id love to see one of these (or any car) beat a 250 round a motox trak!<!-- Signature -->
  8. Hey stupid, the peugeot 206wrc is 2 times the rally champion so please shut up, and don't get me started on dodge viper coz that car would die on offroad, i guess this is why u said that your bike would eat shit from this car and not a dodge viper coz your bike offroad is better then the viper offroad!

    Even though i like Viper for the design and for the good car it is on the road!
  9. i'd still like to see a pug 206wrc beat a 250cc dirtbike round 10 laps of a motocross track!<!-- Signature -->
  10. bird are pretty smart they can see everywhere at once
  11. What a retard<!-- Signature -->
  12. On flat land the peugeot would win (even the 1/4 mile), but on PAVED flat land the Viper would definitely be the victor.
  13. So would I!
  14. the peugeot would run your ass over. This would probably beat a viper around a paved circuit, or a narrow tarmac mountain road as well as off road.
  15. it's not that good, the dirtbike is far more agile. the Viper has a much higher top speed and would thrash this on a paved circuit. This excels on twisty roads, and on logging roads, would probably beat a Viper in straight line acceleration, then it would hit top speed and keep on going.
  16. i dunno about killing a viper, but this guy must b some kinda crackhead thinkin this car can b beaten by a freakin dirtbike!
  17. oh, yeah, "stupidest" isnt a word; u could b more stupider than the guy that done writ this post (but i really havent never thunk that)
  18. car vs bike

    just watch next years paris - dakar ( or similar ) event
  19. For one, stupidest is a word, and the 206 WRC would kill a Viper anyday, even despite its limited top speed, unless you raced flat out for a long time, but otherwise, the Viper can kiss this car's ass.

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