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  1. I got one of them satalites I don't have a Ferrari yet though maybe I shouldn't of got the satalite that scratches my ass but now my finger doesn't stink
  2. ya know what I am gettin this car aswell handpinted by Jesus.<!-- Signature -->
  3. Oh..not this 550 guy again...he said that he owns a 550 in another forum before...BTW, how can you get a 360 GT driving in the city..?<!-- Signature -->
  4. first off this car isn't street legal. You can only drive it on the track because it doesn't qualify for emissions testing. Second your an idiot. And just think of the thought of you pretending you know so much about ferrari's makes me sick, your probably some pimpled face 12 year old, so you should just close your account cause your dont deserve it
  5. Come on guys, let him live his fantasy, lets all argee and smile <IMG SRC="">

    p.s. why would someone brag about it on the NET, isnt there some place he can go and actually show it off there, and if i had a ferrari....i wouldnt be here EVER, i would be 1.washing it, 2.lookin at it, 3. driving it, 4. getting laid in it/because of it, and 5.washing it
  6. If I had a Ferrari, I wont' even bother showing it off since I don't want to get kidnapped or shit.<!-- Signature -->
  7. why do so many people lie?<!-- Signature -->
  8. i can't stand this bullshit...
    a guy with that amount of money wouldn't be here bragging shit like you are<!-- Signature -->
  9. ur either unbelievably bored or mind-numbingly stupid to think well actually beleive u bout that crap.........ur probably this guy with no friends who needs to lie about his life just to get some cyber ur sad!!<!-- Signature -->
  10. yes we allll believe you...oh yes mmhmm...*nods* and on top of you two gettin this car, purple monkies have started to fly out of peoples asses. aint that cool?<!-- Signature -->

    And I'm getting my own sattelite in space that will scraqtch my ass with the push of a button using special radio scratching waves.
  12. How much will this beautiful car be?.<!-- Signature -->
  13. If you were so excited about getting this car, why would your thread be called, "My friend's gettin this car baby". I would think you wanted to impress us with your wealth instead of your friend's wealth. Admitting that you once lied but saying you're not lying now is pretty stupid.

    Also, I've got to imagine that someone with enough money to buy one of these has got to have some level of education, you know, CEO type, or pro sports. Obviously, you have shown your stupidity by using poor english and talking like a 14 year old on his first blunt. And I quote,

    "A wise man once said, Don't knock it til ya rock it"
    "u don't got the cash, u don't get no flash"
    "pretty tweak ride"

    Also, you'll be "cruising the hills of Italy" in the new 575M. So you're gonna buy both cars? My gosh, please give me some stock tips. I doubt you've been out of the USA.

    For my last roast on this guy, his AOL Instant Messenger handle is: joehello20 !!! Definately a man of high society! Do I have to say anymore...I don't think so.

    But I will. You are a little #%$got whose definition of car includes the word "Hot" and "Wheels". You have admitted to lying once, and you're doing it again. So few people are actually getting this car that I doubt your friend and you happened to both be able to pick one up. They aren't just there for everyone to buy. So take the Ferrari sticker off your Grand Marquis and get back to work, the Drive-Thru is getting backed up.<!-- Signature -->
  14. Yeah man, so you love ferrari's we dont doubt that,
    but this is a race car, and it's obvious you and your friend
    arent buying them, because you talked about street racing them.
    You're not even smart enough to realize that no one here was some
    american muscle, or japanese import ferrari hater, and yet you
    start blabbing about that stuff?? sigh....

    ....just quit the lyin,
    people pick up on it easily.

    <!-- Signature -->
  15. i believe him actually,cuz ive got a 8 car garage full of ferrari's and ive even got a lotec to top it all off i recently purchased the space shuttle discovery... #$%# that thing is fast
    dumbass...<!-- Signature -->
  16. I can't believe this shit. This car can be only used for racing on the track and first of all, Ferrari won't sell it to anyone. You don't have a million bucks and from how you speak, you're just a 14 year old who likes bragging. And the stupid with the 8 Ferraris and the Lotec Sirius. You are the stupidest person I have ever seen. The Lotec Sirius doesn't exist. It's just a concept and the pics from are not real. Those are just designs. The car doesn't phisically exist. So how can you have one? And 8 ferraris? What's up with that? Are you like Bill Gates or the Sultan of Brunei? There are less than 1 million people in the world probably who can afford 8 ferraris. There are 6 billion people in the world. So what's the chance of you having those? Let me do the math. The chance is 0.016 that what you're saying is true. So you're both lying about these cars. I don't like guys like you who lie all day and brag. You can stick your ferraris up your a** as far as I'm concerned. I don't like posers. And people who actually have Ferraris don't spend their time on posting replies on sites. They spend their time trying to make more money or playing mini-golf in their boss office. So f*** off with the lying and come to the real world.<!-- Signature -->

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