Re: my geo could out run this piece of junk

Discussion in '2002 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron Preproduction' started by SIRSMACKALOT, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. hahahahahahahahaha

    i can't beleive you people let this idiot get to you! you know the more angry he gets you the more he's going to pull little pranks like this. my suggestion-don't even respond to infantile crap such as this.
    post script: i did see a metro beat a corvet once, but it was super-mod, and it was still ugly.
  2. Re: hahahahahahahahaha

    Man go stick your head in your ass and get more comments of wisdom, by the way this Bugatti could beat your Geo in first gear.
  3. hahah geo makes littel s$%^ cars that people that have 12000 to spend on a car.... this car costs 800,000 this is clearly a kick ass car. a geo has about 250 hp this car has 1001 soo i dont think you can even compare it to a geo sry
  4. shut up every one.
    its pretty obvois by now that their the same person
    and of couse a veyrom could kill a geo

    PS: next time you try to back your self up, try to have a slightly NOT similar name ass hole.<!-- Signature -->
  5. I find it funny that you actually thought this kid was serious. I mean, really, who actually takes a comment like that seriously, and gets all offended by what was obviously meant as a joke? I mean really, you guys must feel real big for taking something too seriously. Sheesh, find a sense of humor.<!-- Signature -->
  6. why do you guys even respond to these post, just dont reply and they will go to the bottom of the pile, i hate having to post this but i have to get this off my mind
  7. yeah, sure, your geo outran this? You have anything to back your story. This car IS THE SHIT. I give major cred to Bugatti.
  8. is it just me or was that you again under a different name?
    because you only have 1 post

    and no he is mot joking because he is trying to back himself up again]

    NICE TRY> BUT NOT NICE ENOUGH <!-- Signature -->
  9. You guys all #$%#in suck that say you dont like the Veyron I own one and let me tell you its the shits. I out ran the cops and a helecopter for crying out loud. Veyrons rule its the fastest car i have ever been in. Now im a fugitive running from the law and i always will if i still have my veyron. <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  10. lol

    I believe these fools were joking around. Damn you, SIRWACKALOT, You mexican, you!

    btw, it's impossible for any other production car to beat something like this. you'd need some serious expertise, and the Best of the best equipment to make a car that can smoke a veyron.

    there is NOTHING faster than this car. by the way, the Geo is a 3 cylinder, which kinda makes your original comment null and void.

    oh yes, one last thing, sirwackalot and sirsmackalot are one and the same. he (she? only a girl could be this foolish) probably has two accounts.

    someone please take this mexican off of the board!<!-- Signature -->
  11. camry smokes you

    their all the same person so PISS-OFF U_F_U_C_K_H_E_A_D_S_<!-- Signature -->
  12. What Kind of F**king idiots come to this damn site, "too much power",
    "Geos rule" I thought this was supposed to be a supercar site not a woussy site where people dont know what they are talking about, My mother knows more about cars than alot of the ppl on this site my grand mother even knows more now for the people that are saying more power the better thats great and keep it up, the ppl that are saying they dont know what a quad turbo is for and that cars have too much power Go back to visit Granny she needs a ride and it will take you all day to get there anyway... ... ... <!-- Signature -->
  13. holy geez, 7 speeds. i long for the day i can cruise down a speed-limit-less highway in Montana and jam this thing in 7th and cruise by at 250 mph. crazy cool.<!-- Signature -->
  14. Somebody was smokin some really good shit. And if anything is a piece fo shit its your geo. Not to mention the fact that the Bugatti has mor than 10 times more horse power, damn your an idiot. Hell, I could run faster than your geo, moron
  15. The only thing a Geo is Good for is an experiment of man powered Parallel parking! wow power steering option on a geo metro will in 1.5 turns to lock, shut the whole car down in under 3 seconds on a warm day. sad man.<!-- Signature -->
  16. just to straighten it out, a geo only has about 80-90 horsepower. thank you<!-- Signature -->
  17. The Veyron is a masterpiece. The tranny is especially amazing. It works with 2 clutches. For example, it can disengage 1st gear, and engage 2nd with the other clutch in about one hundredth of a second.
    The Veyron is a marvel of engineering, and has the best of everything except headers, which are shaped like the ones used on old model cars (saves on space so turbos will fit).
    First gear box: 1,3,5,7
    Second gearbox: 2,4,6
    What I wouldn't do for one like this.

    Geos are made of South American recycled plastic, and basically the cheapest parts available. I'd rather have a Walmart car if they made one. Even a K-mart car.
  18. some should ban the retard<!-- Signature -->
  19. LOL!! after reading all these replys it hurt to laugh! ya'll are really funny (the guys that are funny would be the guys deffending the Bugatti Veyron) congratulations on embarassing a 12 ur old from god knows where that couldnt even afford the geo he's talking about. as for the 12 year old idiot who wrote this, you should be kicked off and ur account should be taken from you. let me guess u ride the short bus to school?
  20. I like the design[from the back] but it is too heavy, and makes a bad use of it's power. It has nearly 430 more Hp but only goes 11 miles faster than The F1[1994-98], and it isn't even faster than the Dauer, a Car from 1994[800hp est.]. I bet if I put twin turbo's<!-- Signature -->
  21. camry smokes you

    I move that these names be banned from and the e-mail addresses be disclosed so everyone on the net can send this idiot mail about how dumb he really is.
    Kurrirrin, you DBZ loving bastard, do not defend such morons or you are just as dumb as him.

    Regarding Eagle or whatever you name is, dont say stupid shit about a car that only the evgineers know. No one knows the weight so dont say its too heavy. As for the top speed, this may be a little to complex for you to comprehend but in the top speed world, there exists an inverse square law. As such, a power increase of 46% (430 hp) does not mean a 46 % increase in top speed but rather more to the tune of 5-7% which equates to more then 10 miles. Oh wait, it does that doesent it. Think about this, A 20 HP 1900 Ford racer could achieve 60 mph. (3mph per hp) your precious Mclaren uses 627hp to achieve 231mph which is 1mph per 2.7 hp. Now which car is inefficient. Dont post stupid shit.<!-- Signature -->
  22. No the funny thing is sirwhackadick or whatever actually admits he drives a GEO! hahaha
  23. Saying a bunch of sh*t to get attention... you raced one of these, buddy you will never see one of these in real life cause no one in your piss ass town will ever have the money to buy one, go play with your geo (dont stick your cock too far up the exhaust pipe) LOSER!
  24. I laughed at this i seriously did LOL all you guys relax everyone knows that a geo can't even beat a turtle walking backwards.
    Peace guys!
  25. a geo starts whezing around 65 mph. oviously youve never driven one and never seen a bugatti, unless you saw its tail end streaking away with its 0-186mph in 14 sec!

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