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Discussion in '2000 Ford Saleen Mustang SR' started by Ford4274V, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I think that everyone that doesn't like this car because they think it sucks is an idiot.

    First of all this runs 11.8, probablly slightly better then that since there haven't been a bunch of 1/4 mile test done it they just kept the 11.8 (with the few runs that it had) which isn't bad considering that the new lambo does 11.7 the new viper does it in 11.8, the s7 is an 11.8 the gt 40 is 11.6 (new time) This car costs less then the lambo, and the s7, equall with the gt 40 and more then the viper.

    It was built way before any of these cars(exept the s7) and at the time was much better then the 00 viper & lambo and it would out handle the living crap out of all those cars mentiond. Do you realise how hard it is to get 1.09 gs on the skid pad? The enzo only pulls a 1.01 according to road & track, 1.03 by motor trend i belive, and the porshe carrera gt doesn't do any better then that. & those are the top super cars right now. Stop your bitching for a 150,000 this is a great car. Yea there are better ones out there but are few and far in between. & Second who gives a shit? If everyone bought only the best car that ever existed then there would be no variety, everyone would be driving a le mans c5r or 550 marenelo (sp?) nah the hell with that everyone would drive an audi r8.

    There are also things like emissions & legal hp limits on the road, to be kept in mind, if you want tune the car and make it faster go for it, I don't think a lot of parts would have to be changed. Unlike if you were starting with a base vette, camaro, supra etc where everything would need changing, the rear end, the tranny, a lot of suspension work, major engine work, fuel rails & injectors... you get the point.

    Bottom line it's a great car & for it's time it was amazing, don't f#cking compare this to a lemans car that's stupid and a cowardly.
    Stock for stock as a regular production car it would go toe to toe with just about anything on the track.
  2. Probably because when you give Steve Saleen your money you actually get something in return...
  3. 6979ccV12. Haha... Good post. I agree with you completely. This is quite the amazing car. No, it' doesn't get up to 60mph as fast as some other cars. It doesn't run a quarter mile in the 10's... But then again, it's not meant to. The car was designed to run circuits, and that's what it does. Extremely well.

    (I do have to disagree with the part about the R8 being the best car in the world though. M5 for life.)

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