Re: My Viper can smoke this peice of s***

Discussion in '2000 Honda Accord Euro R' started by The El Man, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. good thinking
  2. Thats a good one, ASS!

    honestly isnt there a better name than SUPERSHIT or Japcrap you muscle car guys can come up with?
  3. another stupid kid that thinks he knows everything...
    B.Ur a typical little shit that only knows ferrari
  4. its a decent *new* family car, i say *new* because of all new cars it is, i prefer classic big body cars, much better... but with that out of the way, i dont know why honda likes to supe up the family sedan type cars, its only got 220 horsepower, whats the point? Im not getting it... if they're trying to make a type "R" - for performance, WHERES THE PERFORMANCE???? if they make something with a V8, at least 325hp, rear or awd, with the Honda badge, id give them some respect. Not this sport compact civic stuff etc, pushin around 200hp, its for kids. Plus this car doesnt exactly fit into any class it seems, sport compact not really, its kinda big, and bigger muscle cars, no, not enough HP... im not sure where this thing fits.
  5. My Truck would eat this little thing alive! Its been done.
  6. doubt it, unless your truck is the Lightning.

    and only mopar 4 me, this car weighs less than 3000lbs, which is almost the same power/weight ratio as the Mustang GT
  7. That's impossible, unless you live in Europe.
  8. 454ss

    My 454ss would kill this thing. 1/4 mile: 9.91
    Thats what i thought!
    The Ford Lightning isn't so great the SRT-10 would rip it in the hole so would my truck and i've seen a GMC Syclone let it have a 2 second head start and still kill it.
    Honda doesn't make a vehicle to compete with big power.
  9. Re: 454ss

    1) You don't know the 1/4 time for this thing, for all you know, it could be running mid 8's (though it's obviously not)
    2) Your 454ss is NOT that fast
    3) Though fast for trucks, none of those trucks are REALLY fast, and I sincerely doubt that, as the 1/4 time between the Lightning and Syclone is less than a second apart.
    4) The NSX competes quite well with cars that have 2x the power, ever heard of the Murceliago? Well, on a track the NSX competes about par, the only place the NSX doesn't gain on it is in the straights, and you know damn well there's not a single production V8 that can keep up with the Murceliago. The NSX-R is also faster than the Corvette, and Viper on many tracks. It's also faster than the CamaroSS and Mustang Cobra R in the 1/4. So think a little more before you think.
  10. Actually the Murcielago can be beaten by the Viper (not the SRT-10) and i don't know if u have ever heard of Saleen's S7 which does 0-60 in 3.3 sec. (Road & Track tested) which is an american v8 production car. Also way back in 1966 (almost 40 years ago) Shelby built a Daytona coupe Cobra and that would beat the Lamborghini.
    I don't even care considering my buddy has a hemi cuda that pulls in 1/4 mile times of almost half the time of these cars. (no NOS, supercharger or turbo)
    I admit the NSX is a rare commodity but it still doesn't do much for me (maybe if it had a bigger engine it would be able to outdo me that piss cutter engine it has will blow the @#$% up if it wants to compete)

    Jap piss cutters - would you like a beer?
  11. Cheers to the team who put together the 3.2 sec 1/4 mile hemi dragster
  12. You'll have to excuse me if I don't make sense at any point , I'm a bit inebriated, and in a bit of a rush, but...

    Yes I've heard of the Saleen S7, and as far as cars of its class go, it doesn't do anything for me, its handling is sub-par for cars of its class.

    The Shelby cobra was impressive, true, but it was also a purpose built race car, and would pale in comparison in the way of handling. The Viper is faster than the Murceliago, but doe show slightly slower times in the curves. Uh, huh, and how well will "hemi cuda"'s do in the twosty scetions?, congratulations, they're faster in the 1/4 (as a car designed for straightline acceleration) than a family car that offers reasonable performance in a lower class, you must be proud.

    With the bigger engine the NSX would not be as good a car as it is now, the NSX is perfectly designed as far as V6 NA cars go, a larger engine would throw off the perfect balance of all performance aspects of the car, it would have to be re-designed with a larger engine added. As it is, with just 280hp, the power delivery is so good, that it is faster in the 1/4 than cars with upwards of 390hp, which is quite impressive, and I sincerely doubt you're running faster than 12.5 in the 1/4. Being not designed for straightline acceleration, but ratherfor overall performance, the 1/4 time is VERY impressive for the NSX, and even the lowly NSX-T would walk all over you around a racetrack, or on a circuit using public roads.

    BTW - I know of a 6 cylinder engined car that would leave the S7 in its dust before the first 100m was up, it's called the Dauer 962 LeMans, and yes, it's street legal, and your V8 S7 wouldn't be able to hold a candle to it, in ANY test of performance. The point is, it doesn't matter how many cylinders it has, any car can be designed to be fast, schmuck.

    "Jap piss cutters - would you like a beer?"

    WTF??? I dunno what you mean, but if you're insinuating that Japanese engines are weak, think again, they work harder than the Majority of V8's, and they perform just as well as cars in the same class with a V8 (compare the STi or EVO - both with 4cyl. engines - to the V8 Mustang SVT Cobra). Likewise, if you're insuating that the Japanese are pussies, I reiterate, think again, the Japanese have perfected the VERY masculine art of drifting. Rather than bullying their way to high speeds, they do so with precision, and expert entineering, which is certainly nothing to criticize.

  13. I know v6 and smaller engines can be fast i used to have a dodge stealth rt tt (modified) and it would beat most v8 cars and it was good at handling too. but then i realized that all i did was race in a straight line so there was no point in having a 4 wheel drive car that could handle good.
    Plus i love the symphony of a big cylinder and 8+ cylinder engine. It is pure excellence. Peoples cars shake when i rumble up beside them at a traffic light and can those cars lift the front end off the ground when the gas is punched in every gear.
  14. Yeah, the MITSUBISHI Stealth was a pretty good American car, probably a good decision regarding the AWD for drag racing (though AWD's can help you get off the line quicker if they have the torque).

    Does your V8 actually have that much torque? I find that difficult to believe, are you sure it's not just the suspension flexing up? You have to get a fair bit of height before the tires actually lift off the ground.
  15. Actually yes i tested it on a dyno an it came to 842hp and 909 ft lbs
    It obviously isn't stock as i said i was running high 9s
    Peolpe beside me estimate that i get a 1 ft lift.
    My rear tires are also 2 times plus the width of the stock ones.

    U should see the looks on peoples faces after they get absolutely destroyed by a truck!
    I'm still trying to conquer my buddies Cuda though
  16. OMG LOL....
    I cant believe this topic is still at the top... PLZ STOP REPLYING LOL ITS A STUPID TOPIC. I cant believe a New Member with 3 posts can start a 91 reply topic. This topic has been at the top of the list since early 2003. Don't buy into his stuff he is just trying to provoke yall
  17. Um, in case you haven't noticed, the discussion has absolutely nothing to do with what the topic was originally about.

    btw - you don't exactly have a high post count yourself.
  18. i hope a v10 viper can beat a i4 accord. it would be pretty sad if i couldnt, ha so much for american muscle then. and a viper losing to a civic hatch. thats #$%#in halirous.
  19. Give me about 2-3 years, and my EF chassis Civic will by that time be ideally modified for Rally racing, and be very capable of beating a Viper in a drag race.
    See that quote above me.... explain to me how that has nothing to do with the topic of this discussion....

    My point exactly....

    As for my post count.... thats 200 dumbasses beaten down....
  21. OMG Prsche911GT....

    That's the first post in what, like 4 pages of posts that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic.

    As for your post count: 200 posts (whether you think they were "beating dumbasses down" or not) is still not a lot of posts, which gives you little justification to ***** at someone for not having many.
  22. y the hell would u bring up the idea of ur so called "Viper" beating this accord? of course it would and if u couldnt beat it id have to smack u! and plus the viper would probably beat any japenese sports car in a race. jap cars suck so much!
  23. Perhaps you should change your username to Stupidafgan, it'd be more representative of your true self.
  24. your a retard, just because its in doesn't make it a super car, its simply a "sporty car" in a diffrent category, for example in the sports compact car category.
  25. i could run faster than your viper

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