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  1. Nationality?

    Is it German, Italian, or French?

    I can rule out Italian, but the plant is back in the original site in France. However, it is owned by VW

    I think it's German. Am I correct?
  2. Hi speeddemon7

    All I know is that the engine has been developed and provided by VW a German Marque and the Chassis by the Italian Marque Bugatti. We can exclude France as this is merely the location of the factory as you said. The Bugatti name is Italian, if it is own by VW as you said it will be an Italian company within a Germany company. All in all I 'think' the car will be regarded as being Italian.

  3. everything on this car is german.
    e.g. its design and so on.
    The name just tells somethiing about the italian origin...!
  4. i thought it was french<!-- Signature -->
  5. Originally Bugatti was 100% French. When Bugatti built the EB110, it had just been resurrected by an Italian business man. Now it's owned by Volkswagen. The factory has been relocated back to the original site in France. Bugatti has their own engineers, but the engine design is based heavily on the current VR- and W-type Volkswagen engines. So, how about French speaking German with an Italian accent? <IMG SRC="">
  6. No, it's French, that is all! French workers bluit this chassis !
  7. fkn french, im not sure what it is......its probabaly a bit of all of them.
  8. Its obviously a crossbread mongrel.
  9. its a frengermtalian
  10. ti is French, It is owned by VolkswagonAudi group which as you all know is German. The old factory is now being used by B Engineering where they are building the Edonis.
  11. the car is german at all. the truth is Volkswagen wanted to build an supercar but nobody will buy an Super-VW so they cancelled this plans. They bought bugatti cause the name has the right image for that kind of car. in reality its only the name they want. the germans decided the look, gave the money and the technic. In fact the only real exciting thing is the engine and thats 100% Volkswagen. the mercedes M-class is build in america but that not means its an american car at all. So its all about the image that sells and VW knows it. Who wants a 1 million$ VW? thats the reason the car is not VW labeld.
    sorry for my bad english ;(
  12. And Mexican's work on making Fords and Chevys in Mexico cause they barely have to pay them. Why gives a crap who the workers are. Owned by Volkswagon. Volkswagon mean "peoples car" in French. Oh wait no it doesn't. It means "peoples car" in German. German car all the way, smark man who does his research.
  13. What are you basin "nobody will buy a Super-VW" on? Its just not true!
  14. VW were planning the W12 which was apparantly canelled but they might re-start that project. The W12 was being developed at the same time as this. Your right to a degree why VW cancelled the supercar but it's not cos nobody will but it it's cos VW is the peoples car and a £150,000+ supercar isn't a peoples car, so they are leaving all that to Lambo and Bugatti. Also did you know SEAT is making a supercar called the Cupra GT. SEAT is also part of the VW Audi group.
  15. The W12 project wasn't a complete waste though as it yielded a wonderful engine for the Phaeton and Bentley Continental GT.
  16. what i wanted to say is Volkswagen hat the fear that somebody who has 300.000euro will maybe decide for a car manufactor with more tradition like Porsche or Ferrari. the image of a car manufactor is very important these days and thats why VW bought Bentley and Bugatti. The same discussion was about the VW Phaeton. Ppl discussed here very much about that car when sombody has 80.000$ me might chose the S-class or BMW 7 series instead of the VW because the image. I am German and love Volkswagen and i drive the Seat Leon 1.8T. Its from VW too and im happy with it. What i wanted to say is the VW reanimated Bugatti cause they dont had a car in that market. Its not frensh or italian its german. they decided the look spend the money for that project and developed the engine. Who cares where the car is build in france or whatever. Nike shoes were build in malaysia but its still an american shoe.
  17. Saying that why would someone buy a Bugatti. The comapny went bust on the early 90's after it resurected it's self from going bust earlier in the century. The reason was as I said VW are the peoples car and a supercar can't be a peoples car. Also VW own Lamborghini so they didn't buy Bugatti to make supercars. Have a look at some of the Bugatti concepts on this site. Theres 1 supercar concept, not counting the concept of this as it's going into production, and the rest are luxury cars like Bugatti used to make. In a way your right cos it is all to do with image if you go deep enough but it's a different reason why the image would'nt fit to people wouldn't buy it cos they can go else where for a supercar that is proven to be good.
  18. but Lambo is more for the real Sportscar buyers who like spoilers and hard suspension. The Bugatti more for the luxury. I dont know why VW buys 2 luxury manufactors didnt they have already Bentley and parts of Rolls Royce?
  19. VW and Audi are both part of the same group. In fact their whole company including all the manufacturers owned is VW Audi group. So theres more than 2 luxury marques in there. Other cars VW owns are SEAT
    and I think they own Bentley
    Also they own or used to own Porsche.

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