Re: No Mclaren road car has gone 231mph or 240 mph.

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  1. xp5 is production spec
  2. sorry. Guees what it's even in the guinness book of world records and I've seen it on T.V. The McLAREN F1 can hit 240.25 mph.
  3. They guy you quoted said it was aerodynamically unstable while he was going around a corner, which is entirley possible. It may not be as aerodynamic as it is good drag coefficient. You pointed out that the fast it went the more stable it was. See my point?<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

  4. Re: No Mclaren road car has gone 231mph or 240 mph.

    koenigseg still rules da' hood
  5. No it doesn't. Trust me on this. It is good all around, but cars like the McLAREN will always be faster.
  6. Yep, I've seen the interior on McLARENs at shows, but never felt it I don't know about the quality.
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  8. LOL Did you not read his post?? He says THE SPEEDOMETER IS WRONG! This means that if it reads 240MPH then your not actually doing 240MPH its actually 217MPH. I find this pretty funny.
  9. Moron! Do you read the post? The speed record is INDEPENDENT record!
  10. The rest of the Road and Track Article, it's funny how some individuals like to be selective in their choice of passages. As you'll see, the McLaren was imported by Dick Fritz so who knows what kind of modification he had performed to make it legal back then.(speaking of engine ). As you will also note, the car DID NOT have the factory rear-end ratio as well, and if the speedometer was not calibrated it would easily have read redline top speed as overrated to what it actually was achieving.Now on for the articvle, --
    "The next car to go out was the McLaren F1. This McLaren F1 was an actual US legal vehicle that had been Federalized for import into the US - although some of the European specification parts had found their way back on the vehicle including the headlights and bumpers. This three seater was the vehicle to beat. Everyone knew that similar vehicles in Europe had been claimed to achieve between 231 and 236 mph. Mario was soon out on the track testing the limits of the McLaren F1. As the small silver dot appeared on the far banking of the track and quickly approached, everyone knew that car was going fast. It screamed by at a radar indicated 217.7 mph. Very fast indeed but not nearly as fast as many of us were expecting. It would later become known that this car did not have the standard rear end ratio so that the car was at the 7500 rpm limiter in 6th gear at 217.7 mph even though the speedometer was indicating 240 mph
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    hiya dere, i think this may help...
    (according to some site bout mclarens... which seems to make sense [ )]])
    In april (1998), McLaren whent to Germany's Ehra-Leissen test track with their 5-year old F1. On The 3rd Run The V12 rev To 7800rpm @ 240.1 mph setting a new record. In 1993, McLaren set 231mph record at Italy's Nardo test track3 The McLaren that was used was identical to all the production F1's, it had the same side mirrors, same tires, standard tire pressure, the same suspensions setting.... the only difference is that the 7500rpm rev limiter was disabled.

    according to that, 240 is achieved by modifying the rev limiter and therefore it's not stock.

    kinda sucks cuz everyone has heard 240 as the high speed for production cars to beat for so long that dropping down now seems less than our old standard.

    and cuz everyone loves the mclaren and wants it to be really great (not like 217 or w/e the true euro car does isn't great) so that it's an easy choice to say it's the best... and it still is... just not as good as we've come to think of it.
    also... you can forget all of this and focus on whether the dauer's top speed truely is as stated because it will soon be production... and performance wise it will beat the mclaren (imo not lookswise :p)
  12. I may be wrong, but I think McLaren brought around a demo car to the GT races the F1 was in, allowing people to sit in it. I know someone who did that. Very noteable, as it is a McLaren and I'm envious as hell, but it was open to the public, so some of the mistique is gone.

    On to the road tests. 217mph is the top speed for a full-on production model. PERIOD. The XP5 is NOT production. Even if everything else is the same, the rev-limiter was aparently taken off. Do you think that Mercedes should claim top speeds higher than 155mph? They are all (a lot, anyway) governed there, but I've never seen a top speed run that had the limiters taken off. Why is that, you may ask? BECAUSE IT WOULDN'T BE STOCK. Same is true with the F1.

    On a counterpoint, if the only difference was (hypothetically) the removed rev-limiter, ALL production models are capable of those speeds. Removing a governor is not that hard (proven by CA...Schwar...nevermind). With as much money as the customers who buy these cars have, I don't think it would be too difficult for them to do that mod. Also, all McLaren F1's are custom built, so in theory, the XP5 is just as accurate to any other ones as the #42 that graced the cover(s) of R&T. Along the same vein, the GTR models were included in the 100-count production run, so those are just as "stock" as any.

    The whole point I'm trying to make is that everyone has valid theories. Unfortunately, that's all they are (including mine). I don't think anyone here who's arguing about this car's capabilities can say that they have driven the car up to its max speed, and been clocked by either trap, or gun. If you have, please come forward (with proof, preferably...)

    McLaren F1 RULES!
    Ferrari Enzo breaks the rules.
    Both wonderful in their own ways, though.

    By the way -
    I've seen one, hell...I've even SAT IN ONE.
    Hell...I've even driven one!
    Boo-ya to that! Yea!

    By one, I mean a '90 CRX DX 1.5L wonder, of course.
  13. if a slight;ly different XP5 mac F1 can do 240+ then a customer wouldn't be much slower. and yes all car companies distort top speed figures - the XJ220 had it's cats and exhaust removed for its top speed record attempt.
  14. No Ducati is right I have that exact issue where mario Andretti tested the production Mclaren F1 and it only got to 217.7 mph.. Still #$%#in fast bue hey what can you do
  15. Straight from the source: Mclaren Cars homepage "In March 1998, the F1 confirmed that it is the fastest production car in the world, achieving a record top speed of 240.14mph." There you have it folks, it did reach 240. Another thing, there werent 100 f1's sold. Only 64 F1's were sold. McLaren sold 36 more cars as follows.

    F1 LM: 5
    F1 GT: 3
    GTR 95: 9
    GTR 96: 9
    GTR 97:10

    You cant argue with facts taken from the actual company. Just face the truth and realize that the McLaren is the fastest production road and street legal car and still is and will be.
  16. I have not read all the replies here, I can't be bothered, sorry if this has been done! However, I will add my bit!

    The Guinness book of world records says that the MacLaren F1 road car achieved 240 mph+. They don't just print any old rubbish in that book you know!
  17. Only 64 cars were sold for the public
  18. isnt it Andy Wallace driving at the VW track? Im sure it is. Jonathan Palmer drove Nardo.
  19. Re:

    isnt it Andy Wallace driving at the VW track? Im sure it is. Jonathan Palmer drove Nardo.

    Andy Wallace was actually quoted as saying that during the VW 241 mph run the car had actually stabilized somewhere above 200 mpg again and was as smooth as a baby's ass even at 241 mph.
  20. SORRY SCOTTI!!! but i think you have been proved wrong through facts not opinions. maybe next time buddy <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  21. ok why are you guys so stuborn? scott said nicely that the car was doing 240 mph accord to the dashboard but using a radar it was clocked going 217 mph and then he gave some examples of how radars can be wrong. Then he said MCLAREN DID REACH 240MPH BUT IT USED A PROTOTYPE XP5 WHICH DID IS NOT A STOCK MCLAREN ok we got that cleared boys? so mclaren uses propaganda by bullshiting its top speed. Like for example a ferrari (348TB) when u try to max it reaches top speeds over 300km/h but in reality its max speed was 260km/h only the dashboard was wrong and even ferrari said this in 1993. so yeah mclaren sucks enzo ferrari is better.!
  22. Maybe someone in this forum has said this already, as I haven't read all of the messages, but the car that Road & Track tested back in 1997 wasn't a stock F1, it was a crappy "americanized" version, since the euro-spec car isn't street legal in the States.

    I have read on many occasions WRONG gear ratios for the F1, even in the original Autocar road test, the only genuine test ever, they quoted incorrect gear ratios which suggested the car would redline in top at something like 225mph. Now, they introduce the concept of tyre growth to account for the discrepancy, which I don't buy. If the tyres' radius increased, the ground clearance would also increase, which would greatly affect the ground effect aerodynamics. Tyres are always specified not to be affected by speed for this very reason.

    The F1 which reached 240.1mph set a new PRODUCTION CAR WORLD RECORD, recognised by the FIA and Guinness world records, which either means it was bone stock, or as near as makes no difference.

    I fear this argument may never be settled, due to the large number of Ferrari zealots out there who can't accept that there was a car made in 1994 that is faster (and a better drive according to the one and only Martin Brundle) than an Enzo.
  23. just because the f1 set a record in the hands of testers doesnt mean that anyone who own one has ever driven it that fast, the only one we are aware of are the ones that set the record in the hands of test drivers, i think that is the point, that no customer car has ever gone that fast.
  24. "Again No customer Mclaren F1 has done either 231 or 240.1 mph"

    scotti, scotti, scotti, you brought up a good point and it may be true (NONE OF US KNOW FOR SURE) but does it really bother you that badly. its recognized as the fastest production car at 240 mph by the manufacturers not just the fanboys. i know i know, you probobly have some other car you like more and it just pisses you off till no end that the mac f1 is faster. ya know what? dont worry about it. all that you need to know is that its really fast period.

    plus to bring in stupid facts about magazine tests and quibble over the driver further shows that you are reaching for justification in your own mind. first off the mag tests are all very flawed for numerous reasons and they will tell you that(usually in fine print somewhere.) The infamous road and track test was performed on a plus 100 degree day. hardly good test conditions. beyond that though you never know, there may off been customers that have gone 230 in their cars they just dont feel they need to tell the public. whether or not andretti could or not is mute because fyi there are about 10 million other drivers qualified enough to drive really fast in a straight line(sarcasm intended)

    .......i know that there will be people out there that will argue till no end that the mac f1 is junk. they are jaded and uneducated but it will still happen. im not saying that is the greatest car every built but any intelligent automotive fan should recognize it as an extremely capable car and in terms of total package it should be harolded as one of the greatest production cars every built(whether or not a customer has taken it over 230mph)
  25. Actually stock it did 212.3 i believe then w/o the cats it his 217.1 and on a flat straight road it could breach over 220 w/o cats.

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