Re: No Mclaren road car has gone 231mph or 240 mph.

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  1. It is time to finish the debate of what the top speed of the PRODUCTION model Mclaren F1.The car Mario Andretti drove was the experimental prototype 3(XP3)or the one Car and Driver tested.The XP3 was NOT a production F1.It differed in only one way: the final gear was much shorter than in the XP4, XP5, and the production F1.Therefore the XP3 had a lower top speed of 217.7 mph.Car and Driver also reached this speed in the XP3, and they said it was still acelerating.Gordon Murray(the designer of the F1)said "with a longer sixth gear ratio, it might be able to top 230".That is exactly what they changed in the production version.Keep in mind that none of the experimental prototypes were bought by customers.When the production version was tested in 1993, it reached 231.1@7500 rpm, but still was acelerating when it reached the 7500 rpm redline.Then in 1998, Mclaren took the XP5 which was EXACTLY the same as a production version except the rev limiter was removed for the top speed test.Andy Wallace drove the XP5 flat out at 240.3@7800 rpm.So all of the Mclaren F1's owned by customers have a redline limited top speed of 231.1 mph.Without the rev limiter, it WILL reach 240.3 mph.So whenever refering to the top speed of the F1, remember that its TRUE top speed is 240.3 mph.And the aceleration numbers recorded by road and track are not acurate because Ameritech had converted that F1 so it was legal to drive in the U.S.This in turn added 400 lbs. of extra weight to the car, slowing its aceleration numbers considerably.Most of the U.S. F1's Were then refited to stock specification by there owners after delivered.So here are the Mclaren F1's true aceleration numbers recorded by car and driver in the XP3, which was the same as the production F1 except for a shorter 6th gear, which doesn't change the specs except for top speed.

    0-60: 3.2
    0-100: 6.3
    0-150: 12.8
    0-200: 28.0
    1/4 m: 11.1 @ 138
    top speed: 231.1(redline limited)240.3(true top speed)
  2. yes they did they got 244mph out of one
  3. Right!They did severals runs and they took the average topspeed which was finally 241 mph!
  4. Right!They did severals runs and they took the average topspeed which was finally 241 mph!
  5. Well i'm apart of that .01%. i saw a Mclaren F1 at Symbolic Motors in La Lolla, California. It is the best looking car ever. i spent one hour looking over every part of the car.

    If you want an original super car -> Porsche 928
  6. I have also seen one. I saw it in one of the show rooms in London. I stood literally inches away and stared in awe. It is really amazing when you see one up close.
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  8. The one thing i will say about the video, is yes it shows a Mclaren going 390 kph. However it does not show which one. The main point of the arguement was that no customer Mclaren could go that fast. The video merely shows a Mclaren going that fast. I would be curious to know what was actually done to that car. I have also read the article in Road and Track and, as has been said, the car was maxed out at 217.
  9. Well bro',
    it was an XP5 = Experimental Prototype No5!!!It is a production line standard F1 car with the rev. limiter removed.
    Every F1 could probably go that fast!
    There was even an XP3 that had more than 680 bhp!Murray said this F1 could probably go over 400 km/h!But that's only theory.

    Fast,Faster,the Fastest->McLF1!^^
  10. HEY...and I even got the same video man
  11. each mclaren is customized to their own owner's liking. therefore different gear ratios or differences in each car still represents a 'stock' mclaren f1. in fact the experimental xp5 prototype could very be extremely close to a customer's. several mclaren f1 LM's were also sold to customers. LM cars have their redline limiters removed and are stated to made 679 horsepower (although this particular example from the christie's auction makes nearly 700).

    besides factory claims for top speed tests are made with prototype cars that closely resemble or are the stock car used. therefore it doesn't really matter.

    i dont see why top speed testing is so difficult? maybe i'm oblvious to certain facts, but such a test in my mind seems rather simple (aside from the driving aspect of course)

    a standard sensor attached to some sort of computer that measured wheel rpm would be needed. when combined with the size of wheel and adding a correction factor for heat expansion or other variables the information could be graphed and be modeled into a mathematical equation by a computer. from this data, acceleration, velocity, jerk (rate of change of acceleration) could all be measured. this seems a simple of matter of simple tools and a little bit of calculus for me. i dont see why this is so difficult to measure.
  12. Yes,for just one time!They made a few runs more and then took the average topspeed!Thats what they did!
  13. thank you!!! this car is not the fastest car in the world. The ferrari enzo is faster, also the new Mercedes SL500 McLaren is faster I hate it when people think that this is the fastest car. Its not. Ok it is fast, BUT it itakes it forever to get that fast, and when they tested it, the wind was blowing in the direction that the car was going, therefore making it faster.
  14. You are very stupid. To put it blunty. I have seen the McLaren F1 video doing 231 on the race track. So next time you say something that dumb, put down the joint and think.
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    Let me jump in... To solve this problem, let us take the gear ratios along with the final drive ratio and apply it to see how fast the car should go @7500 rpm.

    1st - gear ratio 3.2
    2nd - gear ratio 2.1
    3rd - gear ratio 1.7
    4th - gear ratio 1.3
    5th - gear ratio 1.1
    6th - gear ratio 0.93
    Final-Drive-Ratio 2.73

    Now you could get its top speed by going to and clicking on v/max getriebe kalkulator

    Enter the car's rear tire size = 315 then 45 then 17

    Enter 7500 (redline) in the last 3 boxes on the second page

    And enter the ratios above along with the final drive ratio on the third page and this is the table you should get by clicking on the box below....

    /min 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 6500 6800 7500 7500 U/min Verlust beim Schalten
    1.Gang 14.8 29.7 44.5 59.3 74.2 89 96.4 100.9 111.3 111.3 2578
    2.Gang 22.6 45.2 67.8 90.4 113 135.6 146.9 153.7 169.5 169.5 1429
    3.Gang 27.9 55.9 83.8 111.7 139.6 167.6 181.5 189.9 209.4 209.4 1765
    4.Gang 36.5 73 109.6 146.1 182.6 219.1 237.4 248.3 273.9 273.9 1154
    5.Gang 43.2 86.3 129.5 172.6 215.8 258.9 280.5 293.5 323.7 323.7 1159
    6.Gang 51 102.1 153.1 204.2 255.2 306.3 331.8 347.1 382.8 NaN

    It says 382.8 KM/H (239.25mp/h)@7500 given IF the ratios are correct. Now if these ratios were only in the prototype and not customers' cars, that is a different story... But this is a fact top speed

    Note: no inflation of tires have been accounted for.
  16. lol
    u are insane!
  17. Just read that the last new unregistered McLaren F1 is going for $1.8 million USD. And McLaren replaced chassis No. 65 with XP5 - the recrod-breaking version that hit 240.1 mph on March 31, 1998. It's in the new issue of Autoweek if anyone is interested.
  18. Where can I get it?
  19. Re:

    great link. thanks!
  20. no problem. Figured i'd share it. Ok. Let me voice my opinion on this. I'm sure this has been discussed countless times but since i'm a new member I feel i should voice my opinion. I'm sure my comment might make some people pissed off but here it goes. Sure it is nice for the makers of a automobile to have the claim of "worlds fastest car". But does it reall make a difference to you or me. The car is beautiful, the car is fast. But then again so is a Mercedes Benz E55 AMG. Sure the E55 does "only 155 mph" but where the hell on a public road are you gonna get to drive that fast and not have to worry about getting pulled over or in an accident. My simple point is WHO CARES IF THE MCLAREN DID 231, OR 240 MPH. Nobody on this board will ever own one and to constaly argue about it is pointless.
  21. Oh come on!
    I drove the actual E55 AMG!
    I just say...pretty nice!
    -And I have never ever saw or even driven an F1!I think I would die for it,really!
    This car isn't only fast it is perfect!!!
    It is the best car ever made!
    I have to say this again and again because people aren't aware of this fact!
    There is just ONE car that beats the's the F1 LM!Bring it on!
  22. Firstly there is no real difference between a prototype Mclaren F1 and a production one, they were all hand built in the same production facility to differing customer spec. It s likely that one day the XP-5 will be sold to a customer (probably for millions) at that point does it become a production car vehicle.

    As for the rev limiter question. The rev limiter is piece of software in the ECU that tells it to cut fuel when the engine hits 7500 rpm. To change this you simply need a laptop and a coaxial cable, change a value in a look up table. No doubt some of the customers cars will have had this setting from the start.

    It could be considered that by changing it you are merely freeing up the cars true potential rather than making a physical modification to the vehicle that enhances the product.

    I'm sure nobody would claim that a de-limited BMW M5 was non-stock; in the UK at least your local BMW dealership will actually do this for you when you buy the car if you want.
  23. Elise s2 said there was no other production car that could do 240mph besides the mclaren. This is not true. The Tvr Cerbera speed 12 can do atleast 240mph and the koeninsegg can do 245 mph so get your facts strait. not to mention all the other cars that are coming out next year that will be able to top 240mph.

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