Re: No Mclaren road car has gone 231mph or 240 mph.

Discussion in '1994 McLaren F1' started by Scotti Ducati, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. OFMG!!!Thaz enough now!!!
    Wtf...the Speed12 is no production car!And look inside that is a pure race car!!!
  2. Yes, not many cars can neat it on top speed, but take the Ferrari Enzo, the regular F1 gets stommped by it, the Enzo accelerates, brakes, and handles better, and it can do 220MPH, but the LM is a race car though.
  3. Well I know that the Enzo is slightly faster than a standart F1 but I really don't know if it can compete with the LM!
  4. Yes, but isnt the LM more of a race car though
  5. ... so is the Enzo, that car is also more or less stripped. Plus the LM is a road car, so its a fair comparisson. But, im pretty sure this site has some wrong figures on the LM, im positive it does 0 - 100 in less than 6.7 seconds.
  6. It's still a road car, the LM was never raced. If he said GTR, then yes it would be a race car.
  7. Dude, u worry too much. The Macca is the BEST supercar ever FACT! It may have been the XP5 which was figured @ 240.1mph, but who cares, the reason no coustomer car has been figured @ 240 is because they haven't allowed there car to be used.
    The point u make about the F1 only doing 217 is rubbish. The fact remains that the F1 is a personalised car. If a coustomer wanted different gearing then they could have it. the same applies for the aero package.

    Even if you wish to believe that 217 is the fastes it has gone then so be it, it will still be the fastes car yet produced, remember the XJ220 only did 216mph. As for the Veyron, dont hold your breath, it is already 5 years late and has just had another set back- something to do with an inapropriatly place heater controll unit. That if you ask me sounds like an excuse.

    The MAcca rules.
    P.s why do you worry so much, sounds to me like you need to get out more. Or perhaps youre more suited to trainspotting.........
  8. im not shure but on a website wich tested a mclaren f1 they said that it was going 235 mph and was still acelaratin and had an xtremaly good control....
  9. hell yeah!!!
    I agree...
    scott ducati you do suck!!!
  10. you have a lot to learn idiot...
    The McLaren will cream the Enzo and the F1 also did 240+ mph without any tweaking so STFU!!!
  11. McLaren F1:
    0-60: 3.1 secs
    0-100: 6.3 secs

    McLaren F1 LM:
    0-60: 2.9 secs
    0-100: 5.9 secs

    The LM is quicker and more powerful!
  12. The production car was tested by japan's magazine Car Graphic, Issue 4/1995 and posted following results:
    0-100: 3,7s
    0-160: 6,3s
    0-200: 8,8s
    0-240: 12,2s
    0-300: 20,3s

    Clear andvantage to XP5 is in 100-200 km/h time, nearly 1 sec. better time.

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