Re: No! No! New color please!!

Discussion in '2003 Chevrolet Corvette 50th Anniversary' started by Audi357, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. No! No! New color please!!

    Come on, Chevy! Ruby red is the exact same colour you selected for your 40th anniversary model! Whats wrong with you?! Are you're car painters too tired to switch paint colors? If I owned Chevy, I would force them to paint this Pearl Cream White. Sheesh. This things paint coat is BORING.
  2. I like it!
    A lot!<!-- Signature -->
  3. I aswell like this color alot! Pearl white would make it look asian. when i think of that color i think of 300ZX and 3000 GT not vette
  4. I beleive I saw one of these driving around yeaterday, or at least a Corvette with that color paint. This picture doesn't make the car look too attractive, but in person the paint is a briliant shade.
  5. Yeah, well my Daewoo Nubira Type R will smoke any Corvette!

    Sorry, I had to see what it felt like to post something that stupid.

    I like this color, and I think the best looking C4 was the 40th anniversary model, mainly because of the unique color.
  6. it is a heritage colour, actually, it is very similar to my camaro colour but a deeper colour to it.<!-- Signature -->

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