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Discussion in '1987 Strosek 928 S4 Gullwing' started by stellar, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. No Subject

    Like the look of this one, a little venture away from the ordinary looks.
  2. The first time I seen 1 and boy it looks great. nice doors.
  3. Hey, those doors remind me of the 1998 Porsche GT1. How many of these they put into production?
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  4. they were prodused several.
    I dont like 928 but this looks gooood<!-- Signature -->
  5. beautiful car. i always say that porsche kept it real in the 80s and didnt box out.<!-- Signature -->
  6. Awesome Car

    I don't normally like Porsche's, but I Love the way this car looks!!<!-- Signature -->
  7. i did see one for sale on ebay about a week ago it had like 800 Hp!
    and was going cheep.
    man what a sweat car
  8. The gull - no, BUTTERFLY doors give it a cool sort of persona. Its sporty as hell.<!-- Signature -->
  9. This is a unique take on one of Porsche's finest Grand Touring cars.
  10. Best Looking porsche ever....
  11. I love porsches but this is just an embarassment to the brand
  12. What the hell are you smoking,this car is sweet!
  13. this 928 is far from an embarassment!! this is about the baddest Porsche I have ever seen, I never would have guessed a gull-wing Porsche, let alone one that looks this damn good...this is awesome all around, not just on the doors but the overall body style is great....frikken' sweet!!
  14. Those rear wheels are insanely wide. I like it.
  15. Very nice indeed! Porche always has done a nice job from 1987 onward, they are the only car manufacturer that keeps on improving, the looks, the power, the handling, the G-forces, trap speed... etc.. I am so impressed. But who can afford one now-a-days?

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  16. this is awsome porsche should make something similer

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