Re: No, this or J Lo????????

Discussion in '2001 Ferrari 550 GT' started by 300ZXfreakk, Oct 4, 2002.

  1. Well I take this car any day over almost any woman. Not to mention J Lo is kinda an ugly woman. Now Leelee Sobieski or Reese Witherspoon,then we'd be talking. But I would take this car almost over any woman in the world,exept those two.hehe.
  2. This anyday and jlo is ugly anyways,lol but I would still take this over any woman on Earth.
    I would just sell it, get a f355 GTS and pick up girls in that
    and I'll still have money in the bank,lol
    Not that I need a Ferrari to get chicks but it can't hurt to have one,lol
    Besides I love Ferraris!


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