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Discussion in '1988 Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette' started by Bugatti driver, Aug 9, 2002.

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    these arguments r fun to read...

    some of them just plain pointless

    then theres the ones that theres one guy that get hammered with replies<!-- Signature -->
  3. All you people putting this car down can suck it... You don't own a car that can even remotely touch this car. Trust me if you did, you wouldn't be on this site wasting your time. I would love to have anything even remotely CLOSE to being this fast. I bet you have no idea what its like to even go faster than 170mph. Most people never know what thats like. So HELL YEAH THIS CAR IS SWEET AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. You are right, this car is nice. The 0-60 time has to be wrong, because w/ 880hp, this could do 2.3-2.5 seconds. I love it.<!-- Signature -->
  5. Just a question, do we know the exact conditions that the 410 kph speed was achieved? do we even know if it is petrol?
  7. hahahaha, good one moby
  8. The fastest road legal car is a Supermod, road leagel 5.0. It topped off @275 Mph.
  9. the thrust SSC was in a Road & Track magazine i can't remember what month but it said it had two rolls royce engines
  10. Actually, you can get one for a little over $45k - cheers!
  11. Thrust 1 isn't a car nor is it street legal.
  12. yes this car is fast, whoopdy do. driving around corners is more interesting to be quite honest, something that this car cannot acheive. i hate to say it but yeah, the car is an incredible technical
    acheivement, and yeah, it does go very quickly but a supercar should
    be about getting behind the wheel and being involved. 99% of drivers
    in this thing would be involved in an accident. i can have more fun at
    40mph in a bog-standard sedan than i ever could in this car, because i
    can push that to it's limits on real roads, with real corners. fast is
    not the be all and end all basically, it's just numbers.
  13. To all those that talk about cornering. I don't think John.L had that in mind when building this car. He built to go fast in a straight line. If we want to talk about cornering a stock Z06 could beat most of your euro's and jap's cars. so suck on it
  14. Amen, Car Man. For everyone else...

    This car can't handle. It's a FUCKING CORVETTE, #$%# yes it can handle, are you retarded??? Corvette invented independent rear suspension on rear-wheel drive cars, of course it can handle.

    As for the faster 0-60 time, considering the gearing it'd take to get up to 265 MPH, I'm sure it accelerates fast as hell, but not super fast, the gears are too long.

    Low tech, huh?? Corvettes were the FIRST CARS to be fuel injected, Japanese and European cars came in 25 years later with that technology, who's low-tech now??

    And an "Inefficient" 5.7 liter engine, right. That's why it's making almost 900 horses, 'cause it's inefficient. Wish my car was that inefficient..

    As for the fastest production car, it's the McLaren, ALSO an American car.
  15. Car Man says: "Or you can go the S2000 route and make like 100 lbs of torque but at 9000 RPM's that equates to 240 HP (torque * RPM = horsepower)." torque * RPM = horsepower eh? 9000*100 = 240? since when? sure you know stuff about cars, but go back to school and learn some math. But the Euros and Asians on the other hand make great cars AND are born with the skill to do math, yes, even multiplying 9000 by 100.

    Brown Doggie says: "As for the fastest production car, it's the McLaren, ALSO an American car." Seems you need to go back to school also and learn some geography. Since when was the United Kingdom in the U.S.?
  16. Since AMERITECH makes the McLaren, and since it's designer is a Yankee, same chap who designed the Prowler, 'ol chum!
  19. that is bull that the corvette has bad handeling its just bull.
    it is just the same as the other cars, and still how would you know? have you ever been in a sledgehammer? no so shut up.
  20. Copying one thing and pasting over and over again is just anoying, especially when it is just uneducated blabber. Thank you for ruining your credibility for me.
  21. arguing over the internet is like competing in the special olympics... even if you win you're still a retard. good job guys
  22. Not the fastest

    this was not the fastest car because this car was a custom car. only one was made which made it not a production car.<!-- Signature -->
  23. Actually you could buy this from Mr. Reeves Callawy, but no one ever did (I wonder if it was b/c of that $500,000 price tag...) But who care about the fastest production car ever, #$%# em, I care about the fastest STREET LEGAL car, production or not. Which by the way, was John Lingenfelter's 298 mph Firebird. Tools. Grow up.
  24. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Ferrari F60</i>
    <b>this was not the fastest car because this car was a custom car. only one was made which made it not a production car.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Callaway never claimed this as the fastest production car ever, that's the McLauren F1, it is the fastest street legal car ever. No other street legal car has gone faster, though I hear someone is working on a supra that is supposed to go 260.
  25. Are you guys stupid or just plain deaf? This is the third time Ferrari 60 has whined about it not being the fastest production car, NO ONE EVER CLAIMED THAT!!!

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