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  1. how about R32?<!-- Signature -->
  2. Both of these cars are great, I've had the privelege of driving both a viper and an NSX and they're both awesome...but out of the two..i'd have to go with the VIper. In my biased opinion the Viper is just all around the greater car. If feels and sounds great when you take it out and the interior is awesome. As for American cars falling apart, all cars fall apart, nothing lasts forever. My friends Tercel is having so many problems we're counting the days until it just falls to pieces. I don't know why people think American cars are such crap. Ford and Chevrolete pioneered car making and brought about the image of the muscle car. My 1990 Thunderbird has only had one minor problem with the tranny out of the entire time i've had it. The interior is in awesome condition with just a little wear on the leather from all the friction. My friends 72 Mustang is in great shape as far as how it runs. Keep an open mind when thinking of cars. Just because the NSX has a smaller engine doesn't mean it's the better car. Dodge opted for a larg displacement engine, it's just the path they chose.
  3. I know, NSX doesn't have as much power also, but you said sounds great? Maybe due to it's burning of ?L of fuel in a V10.<!-- Signature -->
  4. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from buzzbomber</i>
    <b>the NSX should be compared to a WS6?...MUAHHAHAHAHAHAHA...riiight.

    okay, and let me make a point. a viper with a supercharger can get 1000hp. (what a conveniently even number). while Hennessey, with TWO TURBOS, can only get 800 hp. hmm...think about it</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Well I agree sorta with this guy at least he is thinking a little better Compairing speed wise But ive seen a WS6 Eat up a 97 NSX and id haft to say it wasnt really a far race because the simple fact the NSX didnt have the spects to compete with the Forced air V-8 the NSX held its own at 130+ but through start and mid was no compairing the two.
    Id haft to say a good race with an NSX would probably be early 90's vette or maybe like a 93 95 Camaro Z28 Ive seen many street runs and they seem to be almost equal in preformance. At least this guy was on to somthing . Dont get me wrong the NSX is bad ass but its not a Car God I wouldnt even think of trading my RT on one Ive seen these things in action.
  5. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Chii</i>
    <b>not even the rally car drivers.^^</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    I hope you have driven both cars to actully talk. You claims that viper always spins? No one has the talent to handle one? Personaly i think your blinded by somthing .I think you are just for your imports and cannot see past it. I can tell you I have raced 3 different NSX's
    in the past year I raced 2 in my RT and one in my 3000gt. I have seen what NSX does to Viper first hand and it is nothing to brag about both times where on the street started off at a stop light which leads into 4 turns by the after the 3rd turn wich is about 700 M I could see the
    mini figure of the NSX in my mirror. I wouldnt even compare them .
    Dont get me wrong i drive Imports and race them I have many times raced for my friends that think before they get into a car and run. I may be stupid for racing alot but Its my passion Ill take any chance to hop into a machine and see what it can do. I must say this isnt a fair comparison And for the people that say Vipers break down 24\7 tell me you actully own one before you say this the only problem i have ever had with mine is the constant Tire wear and Oil changes. Other than that i have had No Problems. My 3000gt Vr4 on the other hand Has had 3 new trans put in which have costed me alot. The first time i got it replaced it costed more than 3k a waste of money but that car is my baby so I had to break down and replace it. NSX - VIPER shouldnt be compaired Great cars but Not to compair against each other.
  6. I said that because rally car drivers drive 4wd in dirt and the cars are totally different, but for the viper racing the NSX in a few corners, yeah the NSX might lose, because they ONLY have 280 hp as the limit, they can't put more by the factory.<!-- Signature -->
  7. But don't you get that was a joke?<!-- Signature -->
  8. Ehhhm, well, NO!
  9. Maybe she should delete that post... hehe... but I think she meant people get used to one car, and they might have hard time to get used to another car?

    but refering to another post about vipers... put on a supercharger and it produce 1000hp? is that true? since I've only heard of turbos for vipers....
  10. Re: Huge

    Why did they ever allow rednecks to have internet access?
    Go back to NASCAR boy.
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    I've heard also about several supercharged vipers, one of them is the BTR viper, making more than 1200 h/p with S/C. You can check it at:
  12. That's fun, but why SC?
  13. Supercharging is always the best technique to get the best power output from an american big-block. You get more raw, brutal and screaming power from a supercharger instead of turbos. Take the NHRA drag-cars, for example. They use superchargers instead of turbochargers.
  14. But why not both?

    BTW, go to the 2002 NSX fourm at "smoked one" sometime...
  15. That's a good idea, a very good one, but I bet It will cost you a testicle and a half, too expensive!!!

    I'll go to that forum, if I found it.
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  17. Well, in that case, it can be a sucsessful modification w/out too much bucks.

    I said expensive, because I was refering to the viper.
  18. but vipers are good for forced induction right? since the engine is huge. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    Personally, I'd take the NSX and not think twice, but I'm HIGHLY biased to Honda's (I'm working on being more 'open-minded'). I don't hate American cars, but they do leave something to be desired in the modern world of internal-combustion vehicles in the way of handling and reliablility. Power, America has hands down, but as a large country with straight roads making up a LARGE portion of our street system, of course the domestic cars are going to haul ass in a straight line! A problem with American cars arises when you go to turn the steering wheel without taking your foot off the gas pedal... not a good idea in most cases. That and the lower-end American cars aren't as fun to drive. After driving a '89 Honda Accord, my '91 Honda Accord, and a '94 Pontiac Grand AM (yeah, I know it sux... no need to tell me... I'm trying to compare low-end cars here...), the Honda's handled SO much better, had better throttle-response, and was just funner to drive. I haven't driven any real high-end cars though, so this forum is kinda out of my league, but I've read PLENTY of knowledgable sources (not on this site or in ANY forums) state time and again that Japanese cars aren't all show, aren't all go, but godDAMN are they fun to drive, and they're very well balanced (in the way of 'show and go'). The higher-end Japanese cars are quick, but they don't have JACK against the loads of torque American cars put out (on a straightline course, that is).

    One more thing: I LOVE THIS THREAD! I haven't read too deeply into it, but this has to be the most intelligent conversation I've even seen on the forums! It was a pleasure talking with you all!

    PEACE! I'm out!

    P.S. Yes, the price tag is high, but just remember: You get what you pay for. And when Honda loses money on NSX's, you even get a little sugar on top! ^_^
  20. I would choose the viper for sure. Something a bout large displacement and a lot of torque that seems so nice. Although if I had either i would sell them and buy a vette. The Z06 tested to be only marginally slower than the viper SRT 10 across almost all aspects of performance. Plus with the extra money saved you could upgrade to the Katech 427 LS6. For all of the people who complain abou wasteful american engines, it will run 490 HP at the rear from a an N/A small block.
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    You guys have to watch this.

    The NSX-R is only 0.8 seconds slower than the GT2 and 2.8 seconds quikcer than the Carrera 4S at Sugo. That is not slow, and is performance way beyond what its hp should allow it to do. Ehemm...Evo Magazine said the Corvette cannot even take on the 4S and has iffy high speed handling.

    Enjoy the video while it lasts!

  22. I wanttt bothh of them dammit NSX be my daily driver car and VIPER my weekend car hehehe ( if i won lottery ) both are damn good love the sound of viper roaring engine and love the exotic looks of NSX
  23. Man, I love the sound of the NSX so much more.
  24. Tough choice. I'd prefer the viper on the freeway and most stoplights, but the nsx on tight roads and twisties. The viper's power on the freeway can be described as just THRUST.
  25. jaja it's legal to marry a car! JJAJAAJA, ke chistoso! ke chistoso :D :D :D :D

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